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Today we continue this special series of meditations by Tim Keller — "Trusting God in Difficult Times." Sometimes when trusting God in hard times, we need to give up our right to understand everything, turn on our faith, trust Him and receive His peace. Please send it to your friends. 4. Yet I've been through some devastating experiences over the past year. It's not about facing bad times but how we respond when we face… “Trusting in God during these difficult times” An interview with Chief Apostle Jean-Luc Schneider on the implications of the corona crisis Zurich. Lesson 3: God’s Sovereignty over People 249 Lesson 4: God’s Rule over the Nations 259 Lesson 5: God’s Power over Nature 267 Lesson 6: God’s Sovereignty and Our Responsibility 275 Lesson 7: The Wisdom of God 285 Lesson 8: Knowing and Experiencing God’s Love 293 Lesson 9: Trusting God for Who You Are 303 Lesson 10: Growing through Adversity 313 Lesson 11: Choosing to Trust God 323 32: 27], and anytime we call upon Him, He is ever willing to show us great and mighty things that we do not know [Jer. We know that in all things God works for the good of those who love Him, who have been called according to His purpose. You are not where you were, and you are not yet where you are going to be. God is bigger than your circumstances. ... really an extension of the prolonged struggle where there has been a prolonged period of time in which the blessings of God given in an earlier time seem to have been removed. God is our refuge and strength, an ever-present help in time of trouble. When you trust in the Lord, you'll feel as if the weight of the world has been lifted off your shoulders. As I recall, preparing for my mission trip to Nicaragua in 2011 was one of the most difficult yet impactful times in my life. God wants you to go to Him with your circumstances. Therefore we will not fear. He is … ... A Prayer for Trusting God in Hard Times. No, you can have all those things and still not be blessed if all you are doing is seeking what you want and not God. Trusting in God has fallen on hard times. Like Habakkuk, we must wait in faith until the time when the world will be “filled with the knowledge of the glory of the . I want to talk to you this morning about how you can trust God’s process for your life. 8. It is a child-like confidence that God will … Biblical Commentary Children's Sermons Hymn Lists Psalm 37 Trusting God in Troubled Times The Rev. complaint to God but ends with one of the most beautiful songs in the Bible . Sermons: TRUSTING GOD IN DIFFICULT TIMES. Elder Quentin L. Cook of the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles has taught: “Life is not easy, nor was it meant to be. While this is probably a good rule of thumb to prevent the pulpit from simply being a source for political commentary, sometimes God’s preachers must bring the Word of God is present amid the bad times as well as the good. 10 Trusting God When Times Are Tough that God comforts us in our troubles, not necessarily from our troubles (2 Corinthians 1:4). How can I hold on to my faith in God when things go wrong? Trusting God in difficult times forces us to seek His guidance, and to trust in Him. I have witnessed God’s power many times, simply by putting him first! We know He’s our shepherd and will be with us even when we walk through the deepest valleys, but still, when things go south, we find ourselves struggling to exercise faith and trust. So before, during and after difficult situations – in all circumstances – we can trust God. Job was able to win over suffering because he had strengthened his faith in God before the evil days came. But realize this, that in the last days difficult times will come. I am! Sermon Psalm 37 Trusting God in Troubled Times A response to the Newtown, Connecticut school shooting. The Bible is full of stories of people going through trials and tribulations. Focus on his attributes. Are you ready? I want to trust Him 100 percent with everything I have and everything I am, but at times I have struggled to do that. God is faithful and He knows us, He formed us in our mother’s womb (Psalm 139), He created us, He saved us, He called us and He knows how to redeem us. ... expressing the personal faith struggle of a believer who experiences difficult circumstances of real life in a sin-cursed world. May the Lord bless you and the people close to your heart. Trusting God in Difficult Times Today we continue a special series of meditations by Tim Keller — “Trusting God in Difficult Times.” This new series is meant to encourage you to trust God more deeply and to meditate on his word and what it promises, to give you strength and hope in difficult times. God does not only live forever; He also has everlasting strength. • trusting God. Trusting God in the Hard Times. The times we are living in are difficult. May 18–24 SABBATH—MAY 18. God will make something beautiful of your life, but he needs your trust in him to do it. THE IMPORTANCE OF TRUSTING GOD (A key to fulfilling life’s potential in Christ) 1) WHY WE CAN ALWAYS TRUST GOD IN EVERY AREA OF OUR LIFE: i) His proven faithfulness in the past (The Old Testament is full of accounts of God’s great faithfulness to His people) – Some examples include:

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