steps in threading the lower part of the sewing machine

… Next, you need to lower and raise the needle to pick up the bobbin thread. Try this amazing Parts Of The Sewing Machine quiz which has been attempted 8267 times by avid quiz takers. Alright, with that in mind, let’s get started . Thread guides take care of the thread tension which, in turn, allows to form even and beautiful stitches. Especially as a beginner that’s a good precaution. The process might seem rather confusing and complex at the beginning but believe me, it will be a simple routine after you’ve done it a few times. Slip it in between the two metal discs of the tension mechanism and then pull it back upwards. Slide Your Thread Behind The Two Hooks Next to The Needle. Welcome to HelloSewing where you can find all sorts of sewing projects, ideas and product guides powered by creativity and passion. 2.4. Always, always raise the presser foot lifter before you start threading the machine. Deformed needles can cause machine jamming as well as damage to your fabric and your overall project. Today, we want to cover one of the most important basics: how to thread your, Important☝: the details might vary slightly depending on the sewing machine and model you’re using (I have a. : I recommend you purchase a set of empty bobbins as part of your basic sewing equipment. 1.5 Finally, thread the needle, then hold the thread in your left hand and use the right one to turn the hand wheel. One that many beginners struggle with is putting thread on the bobbin, which is often referred to as bobbin threading or bobbin winding. Hold the bobbin and the thread so that it shapes the letter “p” (see picture). Stitch length dial: Stitch length dial is used to control the length of the stitch. 2.1. Sewing machine parts name and their functions are described below. Thanks so much for all the love for my self-drafte, What do you think: should I chop off the frill and, Tadaa, my first tiered dress✨ Love fast and eas, Taking a little break from #london Feeling gr, So in love with this #fabric that I've already mad, My favourite thing about autumn? Step 6: Pull it through the lower thread guide. 8. The last thing we need to do is to draw up the bobbin thread so that it’s sticking out on the surface. Place a spool of the recommended type of good quality thread on the spool holder of your machine. so I figured out how to load the top part of a Brother LX 3014. If you'd like to feature our work, you may use only ONE (non-collated) image and must provide a credit and link back to our original post. Watch for any thread to flap around. Even though you can find instructions on how to thread a sewing machine in your manual, it can be challenging. How are you doing so far? 14. Pull the thread to the top through the hole on the bobbin from down. Well done, you’ve made it As mentioned at the beginning, this will be a super easy process after you’ve done it a few time – it just needs a bit of practice. 5 Foolproof Projects Guide your thread through the eye of that hook before going down through the second split. Therefore it’s the first topic on our new How To Sew series here on Tip Junkie. Most machines stop automatically when the winding is done. 14. My second piece of advice☝: while threading your machine, think about making a capital “N” but the other way around, so starting at the end line and moving toward the front line of the letter. 13. However, there are some general tips to keep in mind when threading the top of your machine. Take your empty bobbin and pass the end of the thread through the tiny top hole of your bobbin. Here’s a step-by-step guide (note that this might vary slightly depending on your machine): Before you start threading, make sure that your, In case you removed your spool, place it back onto the, Guide the end of your thread around the so-called. Most brands, however, operate the same way. Last but not least, keep in mind to cover the bobbin holder again with the plastic cover. 11. In order to lock the bobbin in place, slide the pin to the right. Low quality thread will cause lint to get stuck in the mechanical parts and can clog your machine and ruin your project. Once you learn how, though, the whole process will take you only a few seconds and you'll be on your way sewing together anything you need. Your machine is now threaded and ready to use! 1.1 Lift the presser foot to an upward position. Parts of sewing machine and their functions: There are two major parts of the sewing machine. Then we start the “N” from the back: go down through the first split in direction needle and guide the thread to the left to go around the. When we are sewing, we always work with two different types of threads: an upper thread that we call the spool and a lower thread that we call the bobbin. Foot pedal: It controls the speed of the machine which depends on the force exerted on it. The fabulous seamstress Andrea is here to show us step-by-step with pictured instructions on the best way for threading a sewing machine. Then it goes up from right to left over the take-up lever (the silver thing that’s moving together with your needle). Tip 2: there is a slit on the left side of your sewing machine that you can use to cut your two threads to the same length. To catch the thread, turn the knob on the side of your machine once or twice. 1.4 Now, find and thread any other thread guides down towards the needle. The hand wheel is located on the far-left side of the machine while the stitch selector remains on the front lower right side. Hold the needle thread (so the upper spool thread) with your left hand. Thread the machine by guiding the thread along the path indicated by the number on the machine. Pull the thread through the lever of the take-up mechanism by either pulling it through the hole, or if your machine doesn’t have one – slide it in. Make sure you always clean and oil your machine before use. Even though each sewing machine is different (just look at the variety of beginner models here:, the principle mechanism used for the stitching is the same – it makes stitches on the fabric by combining the upper needle thread with the lower thread fed by the bobbin. Threading a sewing machine is often a beginner’s nightmare. All content, instructions, and templates are for personal use ONLY! This will make the thread go downwards on the left part of the take-up lever. or to the back of the machine behind the needle. . Hand wheel is used to raise and lower the need, which is situated in the right side of the sewing machine. This way, the needle will hook up the bottom thread and the top thread. Hello and welcome back to SewingBeginner! Step 6: Pull it through the lower thread guide. Watch for any thread which is loosely flapping around. Required fields are marked *. That’s the small pin usually on the top right side of your sewing machine. The upper part contains of Head, Arm and Bed. Step 7: Thread the needle. A pic-heavy tutorial with some good tip for all the wanna-be sewist around the world and a read now - pin later for everyone who like to sew! Step 1: The bobbin is the plastic wheel that holds your thread. If this is the case, you have probably misses a guide or more. Use a ruler or other flat object to push the thread strands to the back of your machine. To do that, just slide the little switch to the right and the cover opens. Each part will have step-by-step instructions that are easy to follow so that you can do it yourself at home. You will find that by doing several repetitions, you will soon learn to make it quickly and properly without any mistakes or hassle. Place a spool of the recommended type of good quality thread on the spool holder of your machine. A special bobbin mark symbol should appear on your display after you’ve done this. The spool holder is located at the very top of your machine and you will be able to see it easily. Once you have learned to thread and operate one brand, you can operate any of the other brands as well. If for one reason or another you don’t have a manual with the machine, you should take the time to look up your model and brand online – it is very likely that there are online instructions and even better videos showing the proper way to thread your sewing machine. Or in other words: you need to get some of the thread from your spool (upper thread) onto your empty bobbin (lower thread). The majority of the sewing machines have a tension disc on the top left side located near the tension wheel and the take-up lever, and the spool pins as well as the bobbin winder are typically located on the right side. That’s just behind the bobbin winding tension disk. THREADING THE LOWER PART OF Sewing Machine 12. You can get them online (e.g. 2. 2.7. COPYRIGHT POLICY: All images, downloads and text are copyrighted. Threading a sewing machine can be difficult at first. Today we are going to go through all of the different parts of threading your sewing machine, as there is more than one aspect to the process. Traveling from the spool holder, across the top of the machine, look for a minimum of one thread guide. The bobbin thread should be looped into this thread. If this happens, you have probably missed a thread guide. If unsure, always pick up your instruction booklet and look it up in there. You need to do the following to insert your bobbin: Take Off The Plastic Cover from The Bobbin Holder, Pull The Thread Through The Front Notch; Pull It To The Left. Get the tail end of the thread and pull, extending it to the bobbin through the thread winding guide ( The thread guide is a mechanism through which you extend the thread to the bobbin). Sew Basic Series: Threading your Sewing Machine in 3 easy steps! I'm a hopeless craft and coffee addict. Keep in mind to return the bobbin pin by sliding it to the left. Insert the thread in the thread guide(s). By threading it properly, you will ensure that the stitches are attractive, straight and secure, so that your garment or other projects looks well and holds on together well. The Spool on The Spool Pin with The Spool Holder, Guide The Spool Around The Bobbin Winding Tension Disk, Pass The End of The Thread Through The Hole of Your Bobbin, Put The Bobbin Onto The Bobbin Winder Spindle, Hold The Bobbin Thread for The First Few Rounds, Remove The Bobbin and Cut Through The Thread. Press down the foot pedal and your machine will start winding. Step by Step Sewing Machine Threading: 1.1 Lift the presser foot to an upward position. To thread your sewing machine, you need to prepare both threads. Then place or rather slide the bobbin into the bobbin holder. Arm- The upper part of the head which may be curved or straight that contains the mechanism for driving the needle and handling the upper thread is called Arm. Since stitching machines vary widely, it is impossible to give one single generalized instruction on the proper way to thread your sewing machine. Tip: I recommend you purchase a set of empty bobbins as part of your basic sewing equipment. Remove your bobbin from the winder spindle and snip through the thread. Start with a straight simple stitch to monitor for any problems in the stitch. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Place Your Spool Back Onto The Spool Holder, Guide The Thread Around The Upper Thread Guide. When you purchase a thread, you will usually just get a spool which means that you will need to wind your own bobbin. Stages of threading the upper thread into the sewing machine The upper thread is the one that passes through the coil to the needle, and is inserted into the needle hole, called the eye. Practice makes perfect! As you do this, you should see the bottom thread come up through the machine base. This is how you thread the top part of the sewing machine. This wheel should be placed towards the sewer direction. Vertical threading - raise spool pin and place felt and thread onto spool pin. So, I will walk you through some basic steps to master the technique faster. 7. My first piece of advice☝: turn off the power switch of your sewing machine before you start with the threading. Threading the upper thread. That said, the steps might vary slightly depending on the make and model of your machine, so it’s always prudent to have your manual close by for reference too. Just slide it into the hooks on the left side and push it down. The spool pin can be located either on the side near the bobbin winder or on the back of your machine. Locate and thread any thread guides, leading down to the sewing machine needle. Plus, bad quality thread is prone to breaking and knotting which too will stop and mess with your work. What are the steps for each of these stages? Most sewing machines also have threading diagrams printed directly on the machine, so it’s super-easy to thread them. To thread a sewing machine: Place the presser foot in the upward position. If you notice, that during the test the stitches seem uneven, then probably you will need to adjust the tension of the thread. You can get them online (e.g. Here are some basic steps which will give you the confidence to get you started with the threading and proper use of your machine. Step 1: Remove the bobbin case pulling on the bobbin case latch. Thread guides are usually numbered so that you know in which order to proceed. Guide The Thread Around The Check Spring Holder and Then Up. The best and recommended piece of advice is to follow the threading instructions provided by the manufacturer of your specific model. Step 1: Remove the bobbin case pulling on the bobbin case latch. Horizontal threading - place spool of thread on spool pin and slide spool pin holder/cap firmly over the rim of spool to prevent the thread from tangling. Your thread should then come out from the side notch of the bobbin holder. If your sewing machine has arrows for the threading, follow those. . 1. 10. Note: This post is part of a series called Starting to Sew.This series is intended for people who are either new to sewing, have limited sewing knowledge, or need a plan of action to teach their child how to sew. Raise the presser foot on your machine by lifting the lever. 10. Only on Learning how to fill the bobbin, thread it and insert it is equally important, so make sure you follow the instructions of the manufacturer, and to perform several tests of the quality of the threading before proceeding with the sewing project you have planned. If you are new seamstress or are getting to know how to work with a new machine, it is recommended you start with a simpler project in order to get used to the speed and functioning of the machine before proceeding with more complicated sewing projects. Or in other words: when you look at it from above, the thread should be running off counterclockwise. Notify me of follow-up comments by email. 1.3 The next step is to find the take-up mechanism, which is the part in the front of your  machine which will move up and down as you turn the hand wheel. Always invest in good quality thread of the type recommended by the machine manufacturer. Learn how to thread your sewing machine and wind a bobbin. Last but not least, you can finally thread the needle from your sewing machine (from the front to the back). Locate the thread guides (there is minimum one on each machine) and insert the thread through it or through them. This video shows us how to thread a sewing machine step by step. How are you doing so far? Thread The Needle From Your Sewing Machine. Important☝: the details might vary slightly depending on the sewing machine and model you’re using (I have a Janome CXL301). The lower part contains of Band Wheel, Band Wheel Crank, Pitman Rod, … Step 2: Remove the bobbin from the case and wind the thread. Step 2: Remove the bobbin from the case and wind the thread. Pull the thread from your bobbin through the front notch of the holder and pull it off to the left. Place your spool (upper thread) onto the so-called. Above your needle is another hook. Things You Will Need. You should use some leftover fabric scraps for these initial tests before proceeding with your actual project. Reverse stitch lever: The machine will sew in the reverse while the lever is pushed. You need to do the following: Hold The Needle Thread With Your Left Hand, Lower and Raise The Needle To Pick Up The Bobbin Thread, The Bobbin Thread Is Looped Into The Upper Thread. Head of the machine has two main parts: 1. Hold that in place and put the bobbin onto the. The 4 Steps. Pass the thread through the eye of the needle from the front to the back. Before threading the machine you plan to use, study the instruction booklet. Threading Your Sewing Machine Basically a sewing machine will sew a stitch by 2 parts, the upper part where the thread goes, and the lower part where the bobbin goes. 5. It is a good idea to thread, test and unthread your machine a couple of times when you are first getting familiarized with it.

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