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British Sri Lankan newsreader George Alagiah invites Nisha to a Sri Lankan lunch at his family home. I want to share with you the best recipes and things I can do. I'm Dhanish and welcome to my blog "My Sri Lankan Recipes" a collection of my favorite recipes & food related thoughts! As a vegan in Sri Lanka you can have a whale of a time just trying the different fruits. Put all the “roasting vegetables” ingredients in a large mixing bowl and mix everything together making sure the vegetables are well covered. Beautiful scenery, lovely people and simply exquisite food! Feature image by BlueOrange Studio via Shutterstock. Hot, greasy and satisfying, it’s a vegie burger, but not as you know it. 11. These ropey delights look like a birds nest and are usually covered with kiri hodi, a delicious coconut gravy. I’ve just finished up 4 weeks of travelling through the incredibly beautiful island of Sri Lanka. Many kottu chefs sing as they work, making up their own songs as they chop and fry the meal. In a saucepan, heat oil over medium heat. Eggplant & Green Banana Curry. Masala Bean Curry. Some of our favourite curries are aubergine (wambatu), okra (bandakka) and potato (ala kiri hodi). I love writing about cooking and serving great things! “If I’m an advocate for anything, it’s to move. Sri Lankan Vegetable Recipes. This is a Sri Lankan vegetarian recipe using Zucchini. These days i have started a lot of baking since everyone is... Sri Lankan Kadala Curry | Chick Pea Curry, Mushroom Masala RecipeI How to make mushroom Masala, Adai Recipe | How to make South Indian Adai. Across the ocean or simply across the river. Luckily they go quite well together. Check out our range of small group adventures now. Sri Lankan Muttai Appam Recipe is an authentic appam made with the addition of an egg in the center of the appam. Listen out for the rhythmic clang clang clang of metal on metal. It has a nice level of spice, creaminess with the coconut milk, and a great texture with all kinds of different vegetables. Sri Lankan food is rich and very filling, so unless you want to eat Sri Lankan rice and curry all day everyday (like me! These banana peppers (aka capsicums/maalu miris) is stuffed with a delicious, lightly spiced vegetable filling. I want to share with you the best recipes and things I can do. Here are some of our favourite Sri Lankan vegetarian and vegan dishes to order on your next trip to this foodie’s paradise. It can be made with chicken, fish, beef or vegetarian filling, so it’s very versatile and easy. Zucchini Curry – Sri Lankan Vegetarian Recipe. I love writing about cooking and serving great things! SRI LANKAN VEGETARIAN CHICKPEA CURRY (KADALA CURRY). EAT EVERYTHING (ALMOST) SRI LANKA HAS TO OFFER ON A 12-DAY REAL FOOD ADVENTURE. In turn these traders left their own mark on the local cuisine. Gotu kola mallung is a super green salad that packs a punch of vitamins. Eggplant Pickle. While much of the local food is seafood based (one of the perks of being an island), Sri Lanka is also one of the most vegetarian-and vegan-friendly countries in the world. Click on the boxes to access a selection of Sarogini’s delicious recipes. Add curry leaves carefully and mix in. RELATED: THE 7 BEST DESTINATIONS FOR VEGETARIAN TRAVELLERS. Curry puffs are a popular snack that’s sold everywhere in Sri Lanka. As you travel around, you’ll find that meals come in one of two groups – a quick, light meal grabbed from a street vendor, or a sit-down banquet with tables filled to the edge with curries, rice and sambol. Curry is served as part of almost every meal, with sides like pappadums, coconut sambal, onion sambal, shallots and red peppers. 4 Vegan Sri Lankan recipes packed with coconut and bags of flavour. You can also find it on page 115 in ‘Mildreds the Cookbook’ Sri Lankan Curry. Add the onion, carrot, celery, and fennel. It tastes great with any South Indian curry and can be made for your everyday meals. It’s another Sri Lankan dish you can easily recreate at home. It’s a more modern version of Sri Lankan patties or Indian samosas – using puff pastry instead of homemade dough. Chickpea Stir Fry. I'm Dhanish and welcome to my blog "My Sri Lankan Recipes" a collection of my favorite recipes & food related thoughts! It was one of the best trips we have ever been on. When I’m not writing (or travelling) I’m busy teaching my two boys how to do both. Copyright 2020 My Sri Lankan Recipes. Usually, Sri Lankans prepare this dish for breakfast, but you can have this for lunch or dinner as well. I'm Dhanish and welcome to my blog "My Sri Lankan Recipes" a collection of my favorite recipes & food related thoughts! SRI LANKAN VEGETARIAN CHICKPEA CURRY ALSO KNOWN AS KADALA CURRY – AN EASY DISH TO COOK UP FOR YOUR MEALS. Including lots of vegan goodness. You can post your favorite recipe. Apart from the salty, satisfying dough, the best part of eating kottu is the entertainment. SRI LANKAN STUFFED CAPSICUM RECIPE. Pour the flavoured “roasting vegetables” on to a lined baking tray and put them in the oven, at 180’C for 30 minutes (turn the cauliflower over half way through). ), fruit can be your best friend. Prawn Curry . View Recipe. Whether you leave Sri Lanka with an added glow or not, gotu kola mallung is definitely good for your tastebuds. 1 Sri Lanka Vegan Travel Tips. Check out Sarogini’s quick and easy guide to Sri Lankan spices. Kavum is a deep-fried Sri Lankan sweet made from rice flour and palm treacle. Finally, your kottu is served with spicy curry dipping sauce for you to dunk into or just pour over the top. The yellow pumpkin curry is slow-cooked over with spices with coconut milk which gives this Sri Lankan vegan/vegetarian recipe its creamy gravy that you can serve as a side dish with rice or your favorite carb. So please take a few minutes of your time and post your favourite recipe here soon. Malay Pickle. Made with rice flour, coconut milk and a pinch of sugar, they look like pancakes but come with a kick. (egg hoppers contain an additional full egg). The ‘mallung’ part of the name simply means ‘mixed up’. This red lentil curry is cousin to the Nepalese and Indian versions, but has a distinctly Sri Lankan flavour. When hot, add the mustard seeds and let them start to pop. Sri Lanka, the beautiful spice island once known as Ceylon, is a rich melting pot of cuisines. gluten-free,vegan,low-carb. While the main ingredient is the same, this dhal is made with coconut milk and more spices than you can poke a pandan leaf at. Polos Curry. Sri Lanka has a whole host of vegan sweets, cakes and desserts which are shockingly sweet but very tasty and largely vegan. More … But the end result is distinctly theirs. View Recipe . Their food is a celebration of fresh fruit and vegetables like pandan, okra, beans, aubergine, cashews, beetroot and even potato. Devilled Kankun. RECIPES. Potato Stir Fry. A note about hoppers. Enjoy meat-free eating at its best on an adventure through Sri Lanka. The eggs in the batter are used for convinces when making commercially and isn’t a part of the original recipe. RELATED: HOW TO EAT LIKE A LOCAL IN SRI LANKA. This staple of Sri Lankan cuisine is eaten breakfast, lunch and dinner. This week we’ll be sharing the recipe for our Sri Lankan Curry. Spice Guide . Sinhala Pickle. Drumstick Murunga Curry. Sri Lankan Vegetarian Recipes Pumpkin Curry (Sri Lankan, vegetarian) Island Smile cumin powder, chilli, tomato, onion, curry leaves, oil, cardamom pods and 6 more … SUBSCRIBE TO INTREPID’S NEWSLETTER FOR COMPETITIONS, TRAVEL INSPIRATION & MORE. Don't you think it would be quite useful if we have a collection of Sri Lankan recipes. The sweetness from the dish comes from kitul juggery, a thick, rich treacle made from the sap of the kitul palm. The end result is a looser, soupier version of dhal with layer upon layer of flavours. There were only two things I ever wanted to do – travel and write. View Recipe. It’s a sure sign the kottu roti isn’t far away. VEGAN TIP – Like many of the other items on this list you should ask before you buy as some may use milk products. Delicious recipes, home living and cruelty-free beauty sent directly to your inbox Get the latest direct to your inbox. It’s lightly fried and served as a side with your curry. While they can be served with sweet toppings like curd and honey, the savoury ones are more popular. Add the fenugreek seed powder, stir and cook for 5 to 10 seconds. 3. If you believe the press, it’s said to be good for your eyes, hair and skin. 2. Come into my world and do not forget to follow me on our social networks! Fruit. SPICE GUIDE. Then they’ll mix it with whichever vegetables you choose. Eggs are cracked into the hopper to cook and topped with a spicy sambol of onions, chillies and lemon juice. Surely just being in Sri Lanka is a special enough reason to try it. People make this tasty chickpea tempered salad in different ways and this is one of the easiest ways to make. Hoppers (appa) are a Sri Lankan classic. Cashew Curry. RELATED: “IS THERE MEAT IN THIS BEEF?”: A VEGETARIAN’S GUIDE TO BEIJING. They’ve made a cracking start and if I play my cards right one day they’ll be buying my plane tickets not the other way around. All rights reserved. Another favourite is the string hopper (idiyappa). Let's all get together and create a whole collection of wonderful recipes, that all of us can enjoy. As for eggplant curry you need milk, cooking oil, curry powder, red pepper powder, pinch sugar, onion, vinegar, and salt. 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Lunch Recipes Vegetarian Recipes Healthy Recipes Healthy Food Stuffed Capsicum Vegetarian Capsicum Recipes Food Videos Cooking Videos Sri Lankan Recipes. It’s so full of flavour and you can make big batches of it so easily, so that you have great leftovers for busy days and work lunches. Reduce heat to low and sweat for 5-10 minutes or until the onion looks pale and translucent. We discovered a country brimming with wildlife, beautiful beaches, glorious mountains and fantastic food! We’ll be sharing vegan recipes every Saturday in January in support of Veganuary! Chickpea is one of the well-known breakfast dishes in Sri Lanka. Do you love chocolate chip cookies? The main flavors from this curry are zucchini, garlic and coconut milk. This two hundred year old recipe, a Sri Lankan Mixed Vegetable Curry, is inspired by a popular restaurant in Colombo. A traditional Sri Lankan Curry can be made in different ways typical with curry, turmeric, coconut milk, garlic, cumin, ginger, chili and a lot of vegetables. This is a yummy way to use up all those zucchini from your summer garden, and you will like this recipe more if you like garlic. pumpkin curry. Malini's Kitchen - Collection of Sri lankan recipes. I love writing about cooking and serving great things! The only preparation here is to soak and grind the appam batter and allowing it to ferment. View Recipe. Add onions, cinnamon stick and a pinch of salt. LANKAN … Find out how to make delicious Sri Lankan Style Curried Cauliflower with this vegetarian recipe from Live Green & Good. Nowhere is this best friend better than in Sri Lanka, as the exotic fruit on offer is diverse, cheap and beautifully tasty. A very famous vegetarian dish is Sri Lankan Rolls which are cooked with tofu, potatoes, red pepper, onion, oil, curry powder, salt, flour, milk, eggs, and bread crumbs. It's my favorite because it is a humble meal in itself. One of the most popular dishes among Sri Lankan Muslims is Watalappan, a Malay-influenced egg custard, spiced with cardamom and nutmeg. View Recipe. This Vegan Sri Lankan curry is my new favourite though. Watalappan is so popular it is the go-to dessert for any special occasion. It is not only delicious but also a healthy Sri Lankan vegan dish. A word of warning: some places will add fish flakes, so be sure to ask first. It’s these spices that lured the traders hundreds of years ago. A few years ago, we spent two glorious weeks travelling through Sri Lanka. It’s dessert time! Instead of including only my recipes I thought it would be great if all of us can share all of our favourite receipes. View Recipe. Jump to Recipe - Print Recipe. It’s the spices you first notice in Sri Lanka. You missed my favorite. Spiced Fish Koftas. I want to share with you the best recipes and things I can do. Come into my world and do not … A kid-friendly vegetarian . 99% of “plain” hoppers tend to contain eggs in the batter. In Sri Lanka you could eat curry every night and not have the same one twice. The smell of cardamom, cinnamon, fenugreek and cumin reaches out from every dish whether you’re eating in markets, restaurants or houses. Dinner and a show! Egg hoppers are probably the most common version. Come into my world and do not forget to follow me on our social networks! Veganuary Recipe Share: Sri Lankan Curry with Sweet Potato and Cashew Nuts Posted: 13 January 2018 Sri Lankan Curry with Sweet Potato and Cashew Nuts . A TASTE OF SRI LANKA. And I’m not talking about the chilli ones, although they definitely make themselves known. As far as you can see, as much as you can. Kottu vendors cook to order, chopping roti bread into fine pieces over a stove, until it looks like fried rice. The salad is made by mixing the leaves of the gotu kola plant with onion, coconut, lime juice and green chillies. If you ever wondered about a village-style Sri Lankan soup, here's one recipe from the deep south. Stir regularly to prevent catching. Heat the oil in a large saucepan over medium heat. Saved by Jana Rose. Whichever you choose, you can be sure there are plenty of vegetarian and vegan options available and the memory of the flavours will stay with you long after you’ve left. Spicy Chicken Curry. Sri Lankan food takes inspiration from the Portuguese, the Moors, the Indians and even the English.

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