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Additionally, an AquaDura coating has been applied to the exposed elements and seals have been incorporated in the lens design to benefit working in harsh environmental conditions. Super wide-angle lens with excellent lens! The combination of three “F” Low Dispersion (FLD) elements and four Special Low Dispersion elements help to achieve a marked reduction in chromatic aberrations, while a pair of aspherical elements, with one positioned in the rear of the lens, minimize a variety of additional distortions and aberrations. I believe you will love it! In order to help you get a professional-like shot, here we list the top recommended and most suitable native full-frame L-mount lenses for Sigma fp mirrorless camera including leading prime and zoom options from wide-angle to telephoto, which covers the best choices for video, portraits, macro, wide-angle, wedding, landscapes, street, events, sports, wildlife and more.You can just choose the one you need! The lens has one aspherical element for minimizing distortions and spherical aberrations, while its two ultra extra-low dispersion elements and two extra-low dispersion elements reduce chromatic aberrations and color fringing. Native ISO range of 100-25,600 8. Here are our top recommended L-mount lenses for Sigma fp mirrorless camera. Constant f/2.8 maximum aperture is well-suited for working in available light conditions and provides greater control over depth of field. 1. The latest is the Sigma fp, made by Japanese company Sigma, traditionally known for camera lenses. Complementing the imaging capabilities, the lens sports a Hyper Sonic Motor to produce quick, smooth, and quiet autofocus performance with full-time manual focus override. The Leica Super-Vario-Elmar-SL 16-35 f/3.5-4.5 ASPH offers uncompromising imaging performance and is ideal for a range of photography including landscapes, architecture, wedding, event, concert, reportage and documentary photography. The focus peaking function highlights the edges of the parts of a scene that are in focus in a particular color. Combined with a heat dissipation coating applied to the outer surface, the SIGMA fp achieves highly effective heat dissipation. I have already lived an entire life myopic, and contacts corrected my vision, … The SIGMA fp is designed to minimize them in pursuit of a system to adapt to a variety of different shooting scenes. It prevents overheating at high temperatures or in long hours of use. Additionally, a rounded 11-blade diaphragm helps to achieve smooth, pleasing bokeh and the lens also sports a weather-sealed design for working in harsh conditions. A great alternative to the Panasonic Lumix S PRO 24-70mm f/2.8 lens, great value! ARRICAM/ARRIFLEX, ALEXA LF/ALEXA Mini LF, ALEXA SXT, ALEXA Mini, AMIRA, ALEXA 65, ALEXA XT Making the most of the optical and mechanical design advantages of a short flange back, each of them is a unique mirrorless lens with high performance and distinctive … Well-suited to astrophotography and low-light outdoor shooting, this Sigma 14mm f/1.8 DG HSM Art lens presents a unique blend of a broad perspective and fast, flexible performance. The lens achieves a maximum magnification of 1:5.3 with a minimum focusing distance of 9.8 inches. Small enough to take along for casual use, it is a perfect camera with which to enjoy full-frame quality images in everyday snaps. 11-14-2020, 02:40 PM. Designed and inspired by those used on professional cinema cameras, a large-size heat sink is mounted between the LCD and camera body. These are all companies and products to look out for in 2020 and beyond. As a member of the esteemed Art series of lenses, this short-telephoto prime is also distinguished by its sophisticated optical design that makes use of two FLD elements, two SLD elements, one anomalous partial dispersion/high refractive index element, and two aspherical elements to limit both chromatic and spherical aberrations for high clarity, sharpness, and color accuracy. The f/2.8-4 maximum aperture benefits working in a variety of lighting conditions and also offers greater control over focus position for working with shallow depth of field techniques. Thanks to the mechanism that suppresses focus breathing, smooth and high quality video recording is made possible. World's smallest and lightest full-frame camera With overall dimensions of 112.6×69.9×45.3mm and body weight of 370g, without battery and card, the SIGMA fp is the world's smallest and lightest full-frame mirrorless camera*. 2: 3: Sigma fp Users Forum is now Sigma Forums! Sigma fp has a Leica L lens mount and currently there are 33 native lenses available for this mount. This lens enables a creation of artwork with astounding resolution and large bokeh effects, such as portraits that make use of a shallow depth of field. In addition, this Sigma 35mm f/1.2 DG DN Art lens includes a large Hyper Sonic Motor to produce quick, smooth, and quiet autofocus performance with full-time manual focus override. Sigma, popularly known for its lenses, recently launched a brand new mirrorless camera called the Sigma fp, which is now available in India. This Sigma 50mm f/1.4 DG HSM Art lens is ideal for many types of videography and photography, including portraits, landscapes, studio work and still-life. The Panasonic Lumix S PRO 50mm f/1.4 is a bright lens that provides an ideal combination of speed and quality optics for L-mount mirrorless cameras. To coincide with the announcement of the SIGMA fp, SIGMA announced three new lenses: 45mm F2.8 DG DN | Contemporary, 35mm F1.2 DG DN | Art, and 14–24mm F2.8 DG DN | Art. All of these are housed in a lightweight, rugged, and weather-sealed design that’s resistant to dust, water splashes, and freezing for worry-free shooting even in harsh weather conditions. The Sigma 35mm F2 DG DN | Contemporary lens shown paired with the Sigma fp camera. Two mount converters, the MC-21 and MC-31 have been developed to enable photographers with Canon EF and PL-mount cine lenses to be attached to the fp body. 1 2 3 … 27 Next » Advertisement: Tested: Sigma FP with TTArtisan M21mm f/1.5 lens. (Optical Image Stabilizer) in the lens effectively compensates for hand-shake movement, making it easy to shoot without a tripod, and the lens sports a weather-sealed design for use in harsh conditions. HDR shooting The sensor, shutter, and video capabilities. Benefitting the optical assets is a stepping motor, which delivers fast and quiet autofocus performance, and a floating elements system maintains consistent imaging quality throughout the focusing range. \"World's smallest and lightest\" full-frame mirrorless ILC 2. is an L-mount telephoto zoom characterized by a bright f/2.8 constant maximum aperture and sophisticated optical and focusing performance. As part of the Art line of lenses, this Sigma 135mm f/1.8 is designed for high-resolution rendering, and utilizes FLD and SLD glass to control chromatic aberrations and color fringing for notable clarity. With this function, the SIGMA fp is capable of creating unique imagery, where parts of a still image keep moving, in-camera. This provides greater freedom in how one use the camera, from mounting it on a tripod in portrait orientation with the fixing removed, to attaching a strap for use in portrait orientation after screwing the fixing into the hole on the base. The lens utilizes a double focus system that has both a linear motor and a stepping motor for quick, but quiet and precise autofocusing. The Face/Eye Detection AF function allows the SIGMA fp to focus automatically on the eyes of a human subject. An ideal lens for covering events and shooting portraits! It also has a rounded 11-blade diaphragm that helps produce smooth bokeh and comes with a lens hood to protect the front element and help prevent lens flare. At the flick of a special switch, it can move back and forth between the two modes. Versatile and scalable design with numerous optional accessories, including an LCD finder and grips 4. A Super Multi Coating has been applied to lens elements, too, to reduce flare and ghosting for higher contrast and color fidelity. Debuting the world’s first 1.8 wide-angle lens, the Sigma 14mm F1.8 Art incorporates the same groundbreaking aspherical element as Sigma’s critically acclaimed 12-24mm F4 Art. If you already own the Sigma fp body, there are some other attractive options below. This gives you better color-accuracy and sharp contrasts in your images under various lighting conditions. Director's viewfinder Developed to be the workhorse for events, portraiture, and other mid-length subjects, the Panasonic Lumix S PRO 70-200mm f/2.8 O.I.S. Check out the images on their website! The wide focal length and consistent image quality make this lens especially suitable for landscape, interior, architectural, and astrophotography applications, while the fast f/1.4 maximum aperture deems it ideal for natural and low-light shooting. Shooting that requires precision where even the tiniest shake is to be eliminated; shooting without ruining the ambience of the scene; and shooting with good response, without missing the perfect shot. This is a reliable lens engineered for precision, performance and ease of use. The SIGMA I series features full-frame compatible lenses that offer new value to mirrorless systems. An ideal lens for street, landscapes, snaps and portraits. Three lens elements are made with FLD (“F” Low Dispersion) glass, which is equivalent to calcium fluorite in performance, and four SLD (Special Low Dispersion) glass elements, which reduce chromatic aberration. It lacks for nothing but better AF and an articulated screen. Sigma 45mm f/2.8 DG DN Contemporary ($2,199 for the kit, Panasonic Lumix S PRO 24-70mm f/2.8 ($2,197.99), Panasonic Lumix S 20-60mm f/3.5-5.6 ($597.99), Panasonic Lumix S 24-105mm f/4 Macro O.I.S. Sigma fp doesn't have a sensor based image stabilization system but 5 of these lenses already comes with Optical Image Stabilization. It is my go-to-camera for manual focus lenses, anamorphic and filmic colour science. Aspherical, UHR, and ED elements are used to produce well-corrected imagery with high sharpness, accurate color rendering, and notable clarity throughout the zoom and focus ranges. Member Introductions. Topics: 4 Posts: 11 Last Post: Sigma 150-600 stability on the OS element without power on long exposures for astro. It supports cameras by major manufacturers commonly used in filmmaking. Unleash your artistic creativity. Shutter shock, sound, and lags: these are disadvantages of mechanical shutters. Leica Super-Vario-Elmar-SL 16-35mm f/3.5-4.5 ASPH. Color mode “Teal and Orange” One color grade style that has been widely used in Hollywood films has inspired a new color mode introduced in the SIGMA fp, called “Teal and Orange.”This new color mode is about creating high contrast between orange colors, which are found in human skin tones, and teals (cyan blue), which are their complement, for visuals that are highly vibrant and deeply dramatic.It can be used in both the Still mode and Cine mode. The area in focus is extremely sharp, while the area out of focus features a beautiful bokeh effect with highly natural colors, making this lens a powerful choice for portrait photography. L-Mount* is a mount optimized for mirrorless cameras, characterized by a short flange focal length, large diameter, and superior durability. Looking for the best lenses for Sigma fp? It has a series of low dispersion and aspherical elements that minimize both chromatic and spherical aberrations throughout the zoom range, rendering clear, sharp, and color-accurate photos. In terms of optics, the lens incorporates a series of aspherical, high refractive index, and low dispersion elements to control a variety of aberrations and realize a high degree of clarity and sharpness. A fast telephoto prime, the Leica L-mount 135mm f/1.8 DG HSM from Sigma pairs bright and sophisticated optics with intuitive handling and design. Additionally, making it an ideal lens for portraiture, the bright f/1.8 maximum aperture pairs with a rounded nine-blade diaphragm to benefit selective focus and shallow depth of field imaging with smooth bokeh. Constant f/2.8 maximum aperture is well-suited for working in available light conditions and also provides greater control over depth of field when using shallow depth of field techniques. The Sigma fp is, as of July 2019, the world's smallest full-frame mirrorless digital camera. I have no doubt that travel & street photographers and anyone shooting in low-light conditions will absolutely love this lens. ($1,297.99), Panasonic Lumix S PRO 50mm f/1.4 ($2,297.99), Panasonic Lumix S PRO 70-200mm f/2.8 O.I.S. That led me to the opportunity to work as a junior art … Second. Coupled with its ability to soften the periphery of blurred images while enhancing the three-dimensional impression of an object, its 9.5″ minimum focusing distance makes it suitable for snapshots to tabletop photos, or any imagery where you wish to make your subject stand out. Delivering excellent image quality while optimizing size, as well as weight, the lens’ fast f/1.2 aperture helps to achieve shallow depth of field as well as extremely selective focus effects and is also suited for working in very difficult lighting conditions. * The feature of playing CinemaDNG footages in-camera is to become via firmware update scheduled at a later date. The optical design incorporates a pair of aspherical elements and three extra-low dispersion elements, which reduce both spherical and chromatic aberrations for high sharpness and clarity throughout the aperture range. The lens also integrates a unique double focus system that uses linear and stepping motors for ultra-fast, quiet, and accurate autofocusing performance. At present, we provide delivery and pickup services in Pune and Mumbai. Not only can it use native lenses from all three companies, but also adapted Canon EF or Sigma SA-mount lenses via the Sigma MC-21 adapter. In addition, the Sigma 45mm f/2.8 DG DN Contemporary lens has a high-speed and highly accurate yet quiet AF thanks to its stepping motor, and comes equipped with a lens hood that protects the front element and prevents lens flares. ($1,697.99), Sigma 100-400mm f/5-6.3 DG DN OS Contemporary ($949), Leica APO-Vario-Elmarit-SL 90-280mm f/2.8-4 ($7,095), Two New Sigma 150-600mm F/5-6.3 DG OS HSM Lenses Announced, Sigma Announced the Price of 18-35mm T2 and 50-100mm T2 Cinema Lenses: $3,999, Sigma Unveils Five New Global Vision Lenses for Photokina 2018, Sigma 14mm f/1.8 Art, 135mm f/1.8 Art, 24-70mm f/2.8 Art, 100-400mm Contemporary Lenses Announced, Sigma 14-24mm f/2.8 Art, 35mm f/1.2 Art, 45mm f/2.8 C Lenses for L-mount and E-mount Announced. There are also 24 lenses with weather sealing for that you can couple with its weather sealed body. Comprised of 15 elements in 11 groups, the lens design includes two “F” Low Dispersion (FLD) elements, five Special Low Dispersion (SLD) elements, and two aspherical elements to significantly reduce chromatic and spherical aberrations, as well as limit distortion for clean, sharp, and evenly illuminated imagery. Robust & lightweight aluminum body Making the most of the optical and mechanical design advantages of a short flange back, each of them is a unique mirrorless lens with high performance and distinctive characteristics. Kit Lens | Wide-angle Zoom Lenses | Wide-angle Prime Lenses | Standard Zoom Lenses | Standard Prime Lenses | Portrait Lenses | Macro Lens | Telephoto Zoom Lenses | Lens Adapters. Preserving the distinctive “feels” of SIGMA cameras including dials and QS (Quick Set) buttons, the SIGMA fp has a specially designed operation system and displays for each of the Still mode and the Cine mode. Using Fill Light allows adjustment of the brightness of an image by adding extra light energy into the shadow regions without altering the exposure of highlight regions. Multi-layer coatings have also been applied to limit flare and ghosting for increased contrast when working in strong lighting conditions. With eight focal lengths offering F1.4 brightness from 20mm to 105mm, plus the 14mm F1.8 and the 135mm F1.8, these Art Prime … Sigma fp e mploys a back-illuminated 35mm full-frame image sensor with 24.6 effective megapixels and a full-time electronic shutter, enabling to shoot virtually without sound, and no camera shake due to shutter shock. It has solid compatibility that makes it a perfect camera that fits right into filmmaking settings. When combined with a dust- and splash-proof lens, the SIGMA fp is capable of shooting in rain, sandstorms, and other challenging conditions. It also has a surprisingly amazing internal mic. By including three FLD glass elements, two SLD glass elements, and one aspherical lens element, the optical system minimizes axial chromatic aberration to deliver extremely high resolution along with ample peripheral light volume. There are 123 lenses for Sony A7c's Sony E mount, on the other hand there are only 33 lenses for Sigma fp's Leica L lens mount. The Sigma fp ($1,899, body only) is billed as the world's smallest and lightest full-frame camera with support for interchangeable lenses. Truly wide and truly fast, the Sigma 24mm /1.4 Art lens is ideal for capturing a variety of photography subjects, including cityscapes, mountain ranges, astrophotography and weddings and is great for videography work as well.

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