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Dr. Juan Sanin is an Industrial Designer with postgraduate studies in Aesthetics (Ms) and Cultural Studies (PhD). For over 70 year’s industrial design at RMIT has offered aspiring designers ground breaking experiences through technical, theoretical and applied immersions into the diverse and dynamic fields of industrial design practice. Please do not limit yourself to design related activities, we are interested in a broad range of experiences. Your application will still need to be assessed and accepted. The way we interpret the promise fulfilment carried by design is often a subconscious act, mixed with our own experiences and emotions is a key focus of his approach to designing. Mick’s own creative practice research is currently exploring relationships between performance and mobility, creative collaborative processes, socially engaged art and live art. You must have successfully completed an Australian Year 12 (or equivalent qualification). You must have successfully completed an Australian Certificate IV or above (or equivalent). She is currently undertaking postgraduate research entitled “ThingSpeak” on the meanings in crafted objects and narrative construction in design. In addition to tuition fees, you will be charged an annual student services and amenities fee (SSAF), which is used to maintain and enhance services and amenities that improve your experience as an RMIT student. Mick teaches co-design and participatory design methods to generate designs that are informed by, enriched by and valued by end-users; scenario-based design methods to envision and develop designs for new paradigms; ethnographic and auto-ethnographic design techniques to develop designs appropriate for their specific cultural context; and reflexive design practice techniques to develop innovations in design projects through the uniqueness of circumstances and opportunities in which they exist. Sound or Movement, projects that explore the ideas of embedded narrative and communication, projects that explore the ideas of Craft and the re-emerging Designer-Maker paradigm, or projects that tackle ethical issues around material, cultural property and production processes. If you are applying to RMIT as an applicant with higher education study, you may sit the STAT multiple choice if you: You must have successfully completed an Australian Year 12 (or equivalent qualification) and meet the stated prerequisites. You may satisfy the academic requirements by completing the STAT multiple choice. Mick’s current activities at RMIT include coordinator of postgraduate research in Industrial Design, director of the Design Action Program (DAP) and coordinator of Methods in Design Research and Practice. Apparently RMIT doesn't offer this Bachelor without honours anymore, Does someone know if I would still have a regular Bachelors degree if I just stop after completing the 3 year? Gyungju Chyon is a lecturer in Industrial Design and a principal of little wonder design studio. Working on real-world problems in industry and community contexts, this hands on educational experience culminates in a year-long honours design research project. Industrial design students have the opportunity to do exchange at partner universities in India, China, South Korea, and other centres of manufacturing, or work with industrial design students from other parts of the world. Her areas of expertise and teaching experience include design theory and research methods for design; design for sustainability and socially responsible design; design for business and service design; food systems and sustainable package design; and design management; and design thinking and innovation. Students and graduates of the Bachelor of Engineering (Sustainable Systems Engineering) (Honours)/Bachelor of Industrial Design(Honours) may be eligible to become members of the following Professional Associations: Design Institute of Australia (DIA), the peak professional body for designers in Australia. As a designer maker based in Melbourne, Jaclyn has also worked on an array of projects with RMIT including various research outcomes and ateliers with international designers including Antonio Aricò and GT2P. 1 comment. This could include projects undertaken within formal study, hobbies, and volunteer or paid work, or any relevant activity that gives an insight into your design capabilities. Sorry, this program is not available for international students intending to study on a student visa. Past students have partnered in the design and research departments of the following industries: Technology (Philips, Spatial Architecture), Industrial design (Charlwood Design, Catalyst,Buro North), Manufacturing (Crumpler, Knog, Planex, BlackMagic), Service design (Deloitte, Victorian Legal Aid, Vic Roads, Australian Taxation Office). All undergraduate and honours degrees have Commonwealth supported places (CSP) available. Final year projects: Honours. Find out more about RMIT’s commitment to admissions transparency. Dr. Scott Mayson is a Lecturer in Industrial Design and Research Leader – Product Design, Centre for Additive Manufacturing at AMP RMIT. Industrial Design Honours Stream (100 credit points), students select one of the following streams for their honours year. Within the field of Industrial Design Scott’s research and teaching explores interaction design, networked objects and data rich environments. Elliot Staley. Design outputs (derived through observing things, people and systems followed by a process of experimentation and iterative design exploration) might range from installations, experimental objects and experiences, to entirely ‘practical’ and ‘market ready’ products, system or services that seek to re-shape (change agent), enhance or play with peoples understanding or experience of the world, encourages behaviour change, or alters habits. Throughout all levels of this course you will engage in creative, industry partnered and research-led learning through design studio projects. Maximum size 4MB, The file name must be in the format: Experience_your surname (e.g. Timothy Harrison. Examples of this work include: Dr. Liam Fennessy is a Lecturer of Industrial Design in the School of Architecture and Design at RMIT University. MA (ID) 2-3 year full time by research Pre-requisites: Bachelor of Arts in Industrial Design with Honours degree or its international academic equivalent. Scott is interested in supervising projects that explore the emerging Internet of Things (IoT) paradigm. Provides the challenge of defining and demonstrating an area of professional engagement through a year-long, research-led and industry-engaged design project. Industrial Designer at Katapult Design, Adrian Spagnuolo  Credit, recognition of prior learning, professional experience and accreditation from a professional body can reduce the duration of your study by acknowledging your earlier, relevant experience. Scott is interested in supervising projects that hold people at the centre of their enquiry, underpinning an inclusive design method that strives to improve the lives of people of all ages and abilities through designing for purpose. The Bachelor of Engineering (Honours) at RMIT University Vietnam is a four-year program (full time). Digital Design Studios. It focuses on developing innovative designers to practice in emerging technological, sustainable and social domains of industrial design. Industrial designers have the ability to affect change and create powerful solutions that improve both human and environmental health and wellbeing. Judith is interested in supervising projects that have either a strong material and process exploration or socio-cultural agenda and that relate to: object design and the craft/design nexus (and particularly ceramic production that explores traditional techniques with new twists of technology and materials); projects that look to explore gender, sexuality or sexual commodities; projects that explore socio-cultural scenarios such as ‘narrative’ through a continual making process; and, projects that focus on design in developing products for batch production. – Design: Industrial Design, Architecture & Landscape Architecture The proposed project needs to identify a specific sustainability problem, which requires students to investigate the issues and develop an innovative solution to the problem. Past projects have included working with the Royal Childrens Hospital and the Philippine women’s collective … Vice President of Global Design General Motors, USA, Laura Morrison and Jaide-Scarlet Begg Service Design Analysts at Deloitte Digital, Kyle Armstrong RMIT is committed to providing transparency to the admissions process. Provide a username or password if applicable. Simon’s research considers design innovations for mobility service provision, systematic re-visioning, addressing wicked problems and emerging technological scenarios. If you are applying to RMIT as an applicant with vocational education training, you may sit the STAT multiple choice if you: are 19 years of age or over as of 1 January in the year in which you will start your studies and, have not been enrolled in secondary studies for at least two years and, have no prior secondary school (Year 12), VET studies, HE studies or relevant work experience that can be considered for entry, or these do not meet the minimum academic requirements for the program. Your share of the fee (student contribution) is set each year by the Australian Government and is determined by the discipline areas (bands) of the courses in which you enrol, not the overall program. I'm a recent graduate of RMIT Industrial Design (Honours) and am open to opportunities to learn and grow as a young designer. Cross-disciplinary designers work in emerging fields of design practice, others start and run their own design or product-producing businesses. Sophie Gaur is an industrial and graphic designer with a studio practice focused upon object making, digital design and illustration. The Australian Government has introduced changes to university funding and student contribution fees under its Job-ready Graduates Package. You may satisfy the academic requirements by completing the STAT multiple choice. Please ensure that you have checked the admissions requirements and apply page before applying. You may be eligible to apply to defer payment of the Student services and amenities fee (SSAF) through the SA-HELP loan scheme. Victorian Bluestone has a rich history, which is embedded in the architecture and streets of Melbourne, as well as many rural towns in regional Victoria. Frank Feltham is a lecturer in Industrial Design at RMIT University and the coordinator of the Honours Projects 1 and 2. $1,412 per standard (12 credit point) course, Law, Accounting, Administration, Economics, Commerce, Communications, Society and Culture, $14,500 per standard year An Honours degree provides a distinctive competitive advantage in the international job market. The Australian Government provides financial assistance via the HECS-HELP loan scheme, which allows eligible students (such as Australian citizens or holders of an Australian permanent humanitarian visa) to defer payment of up to the full amount of their student contribution. Design outputs of a variety of scales and types, such as utensils, furniture, jewellery and installations are possible. You may also be required to purchase other items related to your program, including field trips, textbooks and equipment. You're viewing program information for international students. His research, teaching and art practice engages with a diverse array of fields including exhibition practice, public sculpture, interactive objects, landscape architecture and architectural interventions. The course prepares graduates to undertake Masters by Research or PhD after successful completion of this degree. If you use SA-HELP, the amount will be added to your accumulated HELP debt. Sees an increase of the technical, technological and contextual complexity by which design activity is to be considered, and provides avenues of choice in industrial design practice. save hide report. Would you like to create change? His focus within interaction design is the relationship between technologies, networks and humans, including social media and its transformative effects on communities, and the re-thinking of product/service frameworks to address the entangled landscape of design and digital technology. If your institution has a pathway arrangement with RMIT you may be able to receive credit and reduce the time it will take to complete your preferred RMIT program. “My design approach focuses upon proposing a future that contains preferred/ visionary products and services. Luq Zainal . The title of the project and the year(s) with an image of the finished work, A short description of the work (if you don’t know what to write- start with What is it, Why did I do it and How did I do it?) Through extensive research and exploration, Maddison discovered that perceptions of food waste were a root cause for the vast amounts wasted each day by consumers. Projects that engage with the physical dimension of the IoT and attempt to make sense of this emerging space within the complex world of material culture; and , projects that ask, how does the IoT engage, challenge and change our relationship to the objects around us? The design studio model emulates the best practice of design firms. *ATAR refers to the lowest selection rank to which an offer was made (including consideration of any adjustments) for current and recent Year 12 applicants. At RMIT we've got your back, with a range study options to help you achieve your goals, no matter your ATAR. RMIT is situated in the knowledge precinct in Melbourne CBD, one of the design and knowledge capitals of the world. Learn more about fees for undergraduate study. He endeavors to foster students’ learning how to allow design development processes to emerge from the uniqueness of each project, how to develop confidence in one’s capacity to creatively design one’s way of designing, and to make projects that resonate with significance. You will develop a design practice through: Centred around a design studio model, you are equipped with unique ways to explore ideas. The annual tuition fee for 2021 is AU$40,320. Projects that aim to respond in this way – by wrapping that promise in emotion and memory to underwrite the product experience – might include, but are not limited to, sustainable transit systems; domestic alternate energy use; recycling products and systems; healthcare products and services and products for outdoor leisure. His teaching and research explores intersections between design, consumer culture and everyday life. Read more. You only start repaying your accumulated HELP debt to the Australian Government once you earn above the minimum income threshold for repayment, which is set each year by the Australian Government (this also applies if you are still studying). Have you considered a career in industrial design? You'll also challenge conventional paradigms through engaging with local and international design practitioners and build industry networks throughout your studies. Film or sound based: Ensure that file types are common (maximum size 4MB). Initiating this strategy through design requires us to uncover a story – and like any good story it needs promise, character, relationships and engagement. Activity. Malte is interested in supervising projects that explore object design, furniture, environments and experiences – material or immaterial – and particularly those that focus on perceptual and sensory design: on how design shapes – on a micro level – our daily experiences and – on a macro level – our relationship to the world, and in turn how we (as designers and society) come to shape such objects as a result of our ‘understanding of the world’. She has a lasting passion for design in all its forms and enthusiasm for creative challenges. He encourages design project propositions to act as agents of change. fees for Commonwealth supported students. Each project file must include the following: To study this program you will need to complete one of the following English proficiency tests: For detailed information on English language requirements and other proficiency tests recognised by RMIT, visit English language requirements and equivalency information.

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