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Defeating him unlocks him as a Dream Friend (alongside Magolor, Taranza, and Susie) at the Dream Palace of each level. Golems (Dragon Quest) | King K. Rool | Sidesteppers | Despite his solitude, Meta Knight is shown to be very caring about those dear to him. Meta Knight dashes forward for a much greater distance. His cape can turn into wings, which gives him the ability to fly. Burt the Bashful | Mimikyu | Anyone … Anyone … After rescuing Peach and Zelda, the trio continue on to the control deck. I thought of a neat idea, though. First Appearance Dark Matter | He meets up with the others and they explore the hull. While Meta Knight's rushing through the air like a drill, you can adjust his direction. After a while, Meta Knight will slam the captured character on the ground, which is a signal that he will soon throw them at the wall in a dark ball that damages anyone on contact. Resident Evil 2: Leon Gameplay - Familiar Faces Trailer. Vanish, teleport in any direction, and then attack when reappearing. After a brief sword clash, he and Marth quickly realize they aren't enemies as they are both surrounded by Primids. His mask also appears in Paint Panic. The wings' first prominent use is in Kirby Super Star, where Meta Knight chased Kirby near the end of Revenge of Meta Knight. Dr. Wily | Meta Knight often waits on high platforms such as this while waiting for Kirby to grab the sword. With every battle, Kirby's strength and skills intensify. Spoopy Meta Knight. In Kirby: Nightmare in Dream Land, he was made bigger than Kirby and given a yellow strap to hold his mask in place. Hyness | The Three Mage-Sisters (Francisca | Flamberge | Zan Partizanne) | Void Termina, Subspace Army Z-Super Mario Maker(Mobile) Super Mario Maker(Desktop) How many levels are in Kirby Triple Deluxe. Gold Bone | Meta Knight never appears story-wise in Kirby: Canvas Curse, but after unlocking King Dedede, the player can buy him as a playable character in Medal Swap for 25 medals. With the both of theme reenergized, they continue the brawl with Kirby and his buddy. Agahnim | O'Chunks | E-123 Omega | Mother Brain | In Revenge of Meta Knight, Meta Knight intends to take over Dream Land to put an end to its lazy lifestyle. Kip | Master Hand | None shall pass! Master Belch | Mugly | Due to the fact that Meta Knightmare is a sub-game, the player is unable to save throughout the adventure and must complete it in one sitting from the beginning to the end. He is shown to passively observe events, and only interfere when needed. Bosses Balrog | It turns out that the chest didn't contain the shortcake as Kirby thought, but instead the Lord of Darkness, Dark Nebula. Fly into the air and strike, and then strike again after looping. But fans have also speculated that Meta Knight and similar characters could be grown-up versions of Kirby's species, meaning that the species changes appearance during the growth phase, like growing actual arms with hands, becoming able to communicate with others and speak instead of making noises and perhaps grow wings in order to actually fly instead of floating by inhaling air. Meta Knight's cape is blue in all instances except Super Smash Bros. Brawl, where it is purple. First introduced way back in Kirby's Adventure, this warrior takes the spirit of chivalry to heart. Similar to Chop/Overhead Slash, but performed horizontally. #4 is King Dedede with five, and Pit and Dark Pit are tied at #5 with four. Meta Knight's version of Spin Slash; he winds back his sword while charging, then twirls rapidly with it outstretched, hitting enemies to both sides in a close range. This makes him the only boss to have an entirely different splash screen, while others like. In this sub-game, Meta Knight plans to end the lazy lifestyle of Dreamland by force by using the Halberd to take it over. In Smash Bros., his quick sword skills and aerial agility set him apart. After thwarting Magolor, he and his friends return to Popstar, where they bid goodbye to Landia. Attempted hostile takeover of Dreamland Yin-Yarn | Fangora | Hot Wings | Squashini | Capamari | King Dedede | Meta Knight, Haltmann Works Company Entei | The reveal of Meta Knight's mask in Brawl in the Family has been treated this way multiple times: In the second-to-last part of the Gooey Bomb arc, Dedede suggests taking Meta Knight's mask off while he's asleep, to which he wakes up and threatens them. Meta Knight doesn't do “standard attacks.”. Passage of Time Affiliation The cape allows him to warp and teleport short distances, and it can be used to surprise an opponent, catching them off guard by teleporting and attacking from behind. After Dark Meta Knight literally breaks into pieces, Kirby gets sucked into a Warp Hole which leads to Dark Mind. Somethin from an essay i wrote. ROB | Monoeyes | Hammer Bros | Baby Bowser | Kirby boards the Halberd, which infuriates Meta Knight, so he ends up blasting him down into the ocean below with the Halberd's jets. Plasma Wisps | Meta-Knights, Kirby, and King Dedede In Kirby Fighters 2, Meta Knight is shown to have a very close bond with King Dedede, due to both having the shared aspect of never being able to win against Kirby. Meta Knight was one of many newcomers in Super Smash Bros. Brawl. At the 50th floor, Kirby and his buddy reach the Summit. During the final battle, when Yin-Yarn turns into Mecha Yin-Yarn, Meta Knight drops a Tankbot metamortex for Kirby and Prince Fluff to transform and defeat the sorcerer. MB | Metacritic Users Pick the Best of 2019 (and the Decade) Published: January 9, 2020. His Mach Tornado special can mix up multiple opponents in the fray. Alraune | In-universe, Meta Knight is famous among the residents of Dream Land, and has many fans, including Bandana Waddle Dee, as shown in Kirby Battle Royale. He can be seen standing on a ledge behind the Quest Board, staring out at the sea, occasionally taking flight. Natah | Carmilla | In Ice Island, after Kirby defeats Daroach and reclaims the chest presumed to hold his Strawberry Shortcake, Meta Knight snatches it away and flees to the Secret Sea. Meta Knight | Marx | 0 | 0² | Dark Mind | Drawcia | Dark Nebula | Necrodeus | Yin-Yarn | Magolor | Queen Sectonia | Dark Crafter | Star Dream | King D-Mind | Void Termina | Galacta Knight, Other Bosses Kirby Super Star’s release in 1996 features him as the villain of his own sub-game named Revenge of Meta Knight. The three join up. The entire system is deployed on a Google Cloud server with 32GB of RAM and eight virtual CPUs with 2.6 GHz each. Dark Mind | Dark Meta Knight | Shadow Dedede | Parallel Susie | Dark Taranza | King D-Mind | Parallel Nightmare, Yin-Yarn's Forces Moley | UWAAAAAAAAAAH! Meta Knight appears at the end of Ice Island. When the player fights him, he is being controlled by Yin-Yarn (via magical swords) and his eyes flicker rapidly between purple and yellow when he is not attacking, possibly indicating that Meta Knight is trying to resist Yin-Yarn's magic. Kirby's Epic Yarn artwork and stage preview He is very loyal to his superiors, even choosing to stay with them when the ship is going down. Captain Syrup | He secretly constructs the Halberd throughout the years under Castle Dedede, which requires more crew than he currently has allies, to prepare for the eventual confrontation against Nightmare, but this is not revealed until nearing the series' conclusion. Nruffs | Meta Knight is standing silently on a hilltop one day, and (like in previous appearances) is among the first to notice the mysterious new invaders attacking Dream Land. Meta Knight releases three water droplets that splash onto the ground, one in front of himself and two behind himself. Galacta Knight seemingly destroys Star Dream by slashing it and engages Meta Knight, only to be defeated and resealed back into his dimension. The passageway to the Secret Sea is blocked by a door that can only be opened by collecting the five sacred Star Seals. As the name implies, each episode has a 60-second fight animation between two characters. With the help of Dyna Blade, Kirby boards the battleship once more, and destroys it piece by piece. Thanks to the recent newcomer trailer, we got an awesome showdown between unlikely competitors; in this case, Lucina and Robin (FE) vs. … After defeating the beast, Magolor reveals he used the heroes' generosity to get the Master Crown, so Meta Knight and the group band together with Landia to stop him. Meta Knight is the playable character of the sub-game Meta Knightmare Returns. Shadow Bugs | The enemy, on the other hand, will not enjoy facing you! Giga Bowser | His Final Smash is known as Galaxia Darkness. The Halberd inexplicably reappears and still ends up being destroyed, however. Emerl | He needs eleven hits to defeat. Mach Tornado is based on Meta Knight's Tornado Attack from. However, in many games following this, Meta Knight appears as an ally to Kirby. Shortly before the boss battle, Meta Knight reactivates the Halberd, which flies him and Kirby up into Gamble Galaxy. Mecha Ridley | Donkey Kong | Meta Knight wearing a mask to hide his hideous face. If their damage is low, try a dash attack and then a front air attack. Spoopy Meta Knight. Meta Knight's version of Sky Energy Sword; he holds his sword upwards, charging it with energy. Kirby stared at the river. The Java Server Faces (JSF) technology is used as a high-performance web framework. Meta Knight speaks with a smattering of random English words in his Japanese. Meta Knight appears in Kirby's Epic Yarn as the boss of Space Land, and he shares his name with the stage he appears in, which follows Stellar Way and precedes Moon Base. In the Kirby of the Stars Pilot, which is the pilot episode of Kirby: Right Back at Ya!, Meta Knight appears as one of the enemies that appear out of the plumes of smoke when the sky turns dark. Birdo | Ridley | After being defeated, his mask breaks and he quickly departs to recover, giving Kirby time to escape with a dutiful Wheelie that he freed earlier. He appears to lack a sense of humor, or at least that of King Dedede's, as in the title screen of Kirby's Return to Dream Land, when Dedede makes an amusing face, Meta Knight simply shakes his head in disdain. Riding into the Sunset: Kirby after sinking the Halberd. Lord Nightmare | It's absolutely disgusting to take more than 15 damage in the face on Turn 5. It's a clash between bonds in a battlefield among the stars! Galactic Fiend Kraken | Meta Knight leaves a trail of sparks on the ground behind him. Andross | Whispy Woods | He is slightly faster and stronger than he was in Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS/Super Smash Bros. for Wii U. Spiders | Petey Piranha | Rip. In the story, Meta Knight is sitting on a hill reading a book, briefly glancing at Kirby being chased by King Dedede and Bandana Waddle Dee, before noticing the Lor Starcutter coming through a portal in the sky and crashing.

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