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The most important of these ranges is the Tian-shan or Celestial Mountains, which form the northern boundary of the Gobi desert; they lie between 40° and 43° N., and between 75° and 95° E., and some of the summits are said to exceed 20,000 ft. C. Baber, who, in 1877-1878, unravelled the geographic mysteries of the western provinces of the Celestial empire. In order to refer back to the Physics, the De Coelo, and the De Generatione, this work begins by stating that the first causes of all nature and all natural motion, the stars ordered according to celestial motion and the bodily elements with their transmutations, and generation and corruption have all been discussed; and by adding that there remains to complete this investigation, what previous investigators called meteorology. Although they represented celestial movements far better than the Alfonsine Tables, large discrepancies were still apparent, and the desirability of testing the novel hypothesis upon which they were based by more refined observations prompted a reform of 1 F. He long adhered to the traditional belief that all celestial revolutions must be performed equably in circles; but a laborious computation of seven recorded oppositions of Mars at last persuaded him that the planet travelled in an ellipse, one focus of which was occupied by the sun. Celestial quotes from YourDictionary: Happy those early days when I Shined in my Angel-infancy. His Christology was in the main orthodox, though he rejected terms (such as Trinity) which he could not find in Scripture, and held a Valentinian doctrine of the celestial origin of the flesh of Christ. The stars, therefore, cannot themselves be inhabited worlds any more than the Sun, and at a stroke the whole of the celestial luminaries within the furthest range of our most powerful telescopes are removed from our … Anais stars in the Michael Ninn project of celestial sexuality and unworldly powers. In his speculations as to the physical cause of the celestial motions, his mind, though not wholly emancipated from the tyranny of gratuitous assumptions, was working steadily towards the light. It shows the influence of the Sepher Yesirah, is marked by the teaching of a celestial Trinity, is a rough outline of what the Zohar was destined to be, and gave the first opening to a thorough study of metaphysics among the Jews. In the actual problems of celestial mechanics three co-ordinates necessarily enter, leading to three differential equations and six equations of solution. Some shutterbugs simply can't resist photographing the moon as it hovers in the night sky surrounded by stars and other celestial bodies. The equinoxes are the two points on the celestial sphere where the ecliptic intersects the celestial equator. All Rights Reserved. Meanwhile, the elementary requirement of making visual acquaintance with the stellar heavens was met, as regards the unknown southern skies, when Johann Bayer published at Nuremberg in 1603 a celestial atlas depicting twelve new constellations Bayer. The Chinese astronomers first created Ten Heavenly Stems (the celestial ch'i and providence) and Twelve Earthly Branches to give some kind of chronological order to the world and allow them to predict earth changes. Nearly all sundials have a gnomon (which casts the shadow) pointing to the Celestial Pole. In astronomy, the "celestial equator" is the name given to the great circle in which the plane of the terrestrial equator intersects the celestial sphere; it is consequently equidistant from the celestial poles. 238+1 sentence examples: 1. associated with a spiritual paradise or heaven.Since I am an atheist, I do not believe in a celestial afterlife.My grandmother is eager to die because she knows she will join my grandfather in the celestial kingdom of heaven.When Jim woke up from his month … Top Answer. In his home tradition recounts he enjoyed the celestial. If you've ever tried to soothe a sore throat with a cup of Celestial Seasonings Wellness Tea, then you know that getting better never tasted so good. Neil Armstrong was at the cusp of the Apollo programme. The ecliptic intersects the celestial equator at two opposite points, the equinoxes, at an angle of 23° 27'. (See Photography: Celestial.) There has been constant controversy as to whether China tea is better than that of other growths, but the verdict first of all of Great Britain, and subsequently of all the other large consuming countries, has relegated the produce of the Celestial Empire to a very subordinate position. It is shown in the article Astronomy (Celestial Mechanics) that the mean distance and mean motion or time of revolution of a planet are so related by Kepler's third law that, when one of these elements is given, the other can be found. You can see celestial bodies in the night sky. Sentence with the word Celestial. The aboriginal inhabitants collect a kind of tea called t`ien ch`a, or celestial tea, which looks like the leaves of a wild camellia, and has an earthy taste when infused. ); while aether (aiO,p) is a fifth simple body, with natural circular motion, being the element of the stars Twv avTpWV arotxeZov) in the celestial world. We pass now to the second branch of celestial mechanics, viz. This is only the latest twist in the government's attempts to convict Mr. Jeffs on charges related to his leadership of a several-thousand member sect in which he arranges plural marriages and joins young girls and much-older men in what he calls "celestial marriages. In ancient Persia the rainbow was the celestial serpent, and among some African tribes it is the subterranean wealth-conferring serpent, stretching its head to the clouds, and spilling the rain in its greedy thirst.'. This scholium was- " The inverse law of gravity holds in all the celestial motions, as was discovered also independently by my countrymen Wren, Hooke and Halley.". The earth seemed to be vast, dark, and motionless; the celestial lights seemed to be small, and moved, and shone. Thus celestial mechanics may be said to have begun with Newton's Principia. Celestial is used to describe things relating to heaven or to the sky. But on the celestial sphere the great circles of these two planes are coincident, so that this distinction is not necessary (see Astronomy: Spherical). philosopher's stone: in the early 50s Britain came under the celestial influence of American Music. 10. exact 40. similar 1. In its most important features it is an offshoot of celestial mechanics, between which and theoretical astronomy no sharp dividing line can be drawn. The celestial globe of Hipparchus still existed in the Alexandrian library in the time of Ptolemy, who himself refers to globes in his Almagest, as also in the Geography. The first king and his six successors are known as the seven celestial khri; the next series consists of six kings known as the earthly legs; and they were followed by eight terrestrial lde. 'Celestial body' refers to an object outside of earth, such as an asteroid, the sun, the moon, a planet, a star etc. Over the upper surface was stretched a white-dressed reindeer skin, and at the corners (so to speak) hung a variety of charms - tufts of wool, bones, teeth, claws, &c. The area was divided into several spaces, often into three, one for the celestial gods, one for the terrestrial and one for man. In the article Calendar (q.v. ... Celestial is used to describe things relating to heaven or to the sky. Gemini is the third sign of the zodiac symbolized by the ' Celestial Twins '. reflecting telescope, mounted first at Canonbury, later at Cranford, Middlesex, and with its aid executed many drawings of the celestial bodies of singular beauty and fidelity.. What is a sentence for celestial? My grandmother is eager to die because she knows she will join my grandfather in the celestial kingdom of heaven. Chamomile tea or blends such as Sleepytime Tea from Celestial Seasonings may offer some relief from anxiety. A celestial teddy design is perfect for larger areas such as the upper or lower back. 5. The latitude of a celestial object is the angle which the line drawn from some fixed point of reference to the object makes with the plane of the ecliptic. Thence the difficulty of substituting our phonetic alphabet for the ideographic characters of the Chinese, as well as for the ideophonetic writing partly borrowed by the Annamese from the letters of the celestial empire. Definition of celestial object in the dictionary. Delaunay, developed in his Theorie du mouvement de la lune (2 vols., 1860, 1867), because it contains a germ which may yet develop into the great desideratum of a general method in celestial mechanics. This Chandra Vansh (lineage) has nothing to do with this deity or celestial Moon. The armillary sphere survives as useful for teaching, and may be described as a skeleton celestial globe, the series of rings representing the great circles of the heavens, and revolving on an axis within a horizon. But Eudoxus, there is reason to believe, consulted, not the heavens, but a celestial globe of an anterior epoch, on which the stars and the signs were forced into unnatural agreement. The Dip of the horizon at sea is the angular depression of the apparent sea horizon, or circle bounding the visible ocean, below the apparent celestial horizon as above defined. To assist his lectures on astronomy he constructed elaborate globes of the terrestrial and celestial spheres, on which the course of the planets was marked; for facilitating arithmetical and perhaps geometrical processes he constructed an abacus with twenty-seven divisions and a thousand counters of horn. In 1854 he turned his attention to solar physics, and for the purpose of obtaining a daily photographic representation of the state of the solar surface he devised the photo-heliograph, described in his report to the British Association, "On Celestial Photography in England" (1859), and in his Bakerian Lecture (Phil. - The problem of the distance of the sun has always been regarded as the fundamental one of celestial measurement. In the museum of Naples there is a celestial globe, 2 metres in diameter, supported upon the shoulders of an Atlas, which E. Archimedes, the famous mathematician, had a celestial globe of glass, in the centre of which was a small terrestrial globe. Stars are celestial bodies. 3 Stars are celestial bodies. Having no clocks, they regard instead the face of the sky; the stars serve them for almanacs; they hunt and fish, they sow and reap in correspondence with the recurrent order of celestial appearances. celestial synonyms, celestial pronunciation, celestial translation, English dictionary definition of celestial. Excepting in the correspondence with Flamsteed we hear nothing more of the preparation of the Principia until the 21st of April 1686, when Halley read to the Royal Society his Discourse concerning Gravity and its Properties, in which he states " that his worthy countryman Mr Isaac Newton has an incomparable treatise of motion almost ready for the press," and that the law of the inverse square " is the principle on which Mr Newton has made out all the phenomena of the celestial motions so easily and naturally, that its truth is past dispute.". The first mathematical theory of celestial appearances was devised by Eudoxus of Cnidus (4 08 -355 B.C.). They do not represent the opinions of Once they have made it past all the rapids they are transformed into celestial dragons. The economy is small scale compared to the celestial battles fought in the theater of God's wars. The early Chinese zodiac was called "The Twelve Earthly Branches and Ten Celestial Stems". For the same reason as in the case of the gyroscope the actual motion of the earth's axis is at right angles to the line joining the earth and the attracting centre, and without going into the details of the mathematical processes involved, we may say that the ultimate mean effect will be to cause the pole P of the earth to move at right angles to the circle joining it to the pole of the ecliptic. Definition of celestial adjective in Oxford Advanced Learner's Dictionary. Measures made on the various systems which we have described give the apparent direction of a celestial object as seen by the observer. on the 7th of June 1671, a ceremony by way of symbolizing the new autocrat's humble submission to the Almighty, the officiating bishop of Zealand delivered an oration in which he declared that the king was God's immediate creation, His vicegerent on earth, and that it was the bounden duty of all good subjects to serve and honour the celestial majesty as represented by the king's terrestrial majesty. He held that, though Christ was God and man from his birth from the Virgin, he only attained his complete deification and glorification by his ascension, and that it is in the estate of his celestial Vergotterung or glorification that he is the dispenser of his divine life to those who by faith become one with him. On the side of this sphere opposite to the North Celestial is the South Pole, invisible in the Northern Terrestrial Hemisphere but visible in the Southern one. 16 examples: Because of their inability to accurately predict future celestial phenomena and… (See Terrestrial magnetism.) This is identical with the angle between the horizontal planes at the place and at the equator, and also with the elevation of the celestial pole above the horizon (see Astronomy). For instance, in the history of mechanics it was first inferred from some that all terrestrial bodies gravitate, and then from these as some that all ponderable bodies, terrestrial and celestial, gravitate. The angle through the celestial pole, between these two positions, is double the polar distance. 2. DIRECT MOTION, in astronomy, the apparent motion of a body .of the solar system on the celestial sphere in the direction from west to east; so called because this is the usual direction of revolution and rotation of the heavenly bodies. aequus, equal, and nox, night), a term used to express either the moment at which, or the point at which, the sun apparently crosses the celestial equator. Choose from categories like arm bands, animals, celestial shapes, mythological, evil creatures, and more. Answer. KOXos, shortened, and ovpfi, tail), in astronomy, either of the two principal meridians of the celestial sphere, one of which passes through the poles and the two solstices, the other through the poles and the two equinoxes; hence designated as solstitial colure and equinoxial colure, respectively. 2. Sentence examples for Celestial Kingdom from inspiring English sources. This line, extended upwards, meets the celestial sphere in the zenith. As he travels South, his zenith moves along the celestial sphere, and the circles of diurnal rotation become oblique to the horizon. ‘Galileo took the position that all celestial phenomena should be interpreted in terms of terrestrial analogies, against Aristotle's basic postulate of essential differences.’ ‘Page 28 of the Codex Borgia is, in effect, one page in an almanac produced by astronomer-calculators to suit a particular time and place of celestial observation.’ The New Yorker. For this purpose he employed an instrument known as the "wedge photometer" (see Photometry, Celestial, and Mem. (See Gyroscope and Mechanics.) The Persian belief that the legitimate sovereign reigned by the grace of Ormazd, whose favour was made manifest by the sending of the Hvareno, a kind of celestial aureole of fire, resulted in the doctrine that the sun was the giver of the Hvareno. Example sentences with the word celestial. The celestial beauty of the artwork caused all of the viewers to stand in awe. The Summer solstice and Summer Me ridian has a celestial longitude 90° or 6h. 9) be the direction of a celestial body at which a telescope, supplied with a graduating circle, is pointed. This construction assumes that the sun describes daily a small circle about the pole of the celestial sphere, and ignores any diurnal variation in the declination. With regard to celestial bodies, however, the case was different. There is in both alike a ruling part, though this is situate in the human heart at the centre - not in the brain, as the analogy of the celestial ether would suggest. This enabled the observer to make exposures of any desired length, and, through the cumulative action of light on extremely sensitive surfaces, to obtain permanent accurate pictures of celestial objects so faint as to be completely invisible to the eye, even when aided by the most powerful telescopes. - The week is a period of seven days, having no reference whatever to the celestial motions, - a circumstance to which it owes its unalterable uniformity. The ecliptic itself is the great circle in which this plane meets the celestial sphere. The sun's distance is the indispensable link which connects terrestrial measures with all celestial ones, those of the moon alone excepted; hence the exceptional pains taken to deter mine it. The moon is a celestial body. polar is always stays within 1 degree of the celestial north pole. That he might perceive and understand the spiritual and the celestial senses of the word he enjoyed immediate revelation from the Lord, was admitted into the angelic world, and had committed to him the key of "correspondences" with which to unlock the divine treasures of wisdom. 4 The sun,[] the stars and the moon are, 12 Labour to keep alive in your breast that spark of, 13 They helped her straighten the covers in the morning, and folded back the white sheet with, 14 There were light bulbs representing the stars and line drawings of the, 15 It for ever remains unalterable in form as it moves through the, 16 There was assumed to be a counterpart in human events to every, 17 The harp, an instrument Britten favored, proved particularly pleasing, its, 18 It is not that Western tradition has been wholly free of references to, 19 In other words, the annual moment when the sun crosses the, 21 No one wanted to pay for music; the general feeling was that it should flow free from the, 22 It dominated the world of man and was represented by the, 23 The satellite, called Astron, is intended to study ultraviolet radiation and X-rays from, 24 Perhaps there was a way to read longitude in the relative positions of the. See more. The ecliptic intersects the celestial equator at two opposite points, the equinoxes, at an angle of 23° 27'. 4 The sun, [] the stars and the moon are celestial bodies. Measured from the winter solstice of that epoch, they corresponded, in conformity with the Chinese method of observation by intervals of what we now call righ t ascension, to equal portions of the celestial equator. A: 'A celestial being' -> a heavenly, otherworldly being. Examples of how to use “celestial mechanics” in a sentence from the Cambridge Dictionary Labs This was a collective technological effort of epic scale, but his is the one name sure to be remembered centuries hence. It is also defined, but not with absolute rigour, as the apparent path described by the sun around the celestial sphere as the earth performs its. Like some kind of celestial ménage à trois? Moulton's Introduction to Celestial Mechanics (London, 1902). He claims to have shown that the dogmas of the eternity of matter and the permanence of the world are false; that their description of the Deity as the demiurgos is unspiritual; that they fail to prove the existence, the unity, the simplicity, the incorporeality or the knowledge (both of species and accidents) of God; that their ascription of souls to the celestial spheres is unproved; that their theory of causation, which attributes effects to the very natures of the causes, is false, for that all actions and events are to be ascribed to the Deity; and, finally, that they cannot establish the spirituality of the soul, nor prove its mortality. On this is based the great structure of celestial mechanics and the theory of universal gravitation; and in the elucidation of problems more directly concerned with astronomy, Kepler, Sir Isaac Newton and others discovered many properties of the conic sections (see Mechanics). Of or relating to the sky or physical universe as understood in astronomy: Planets are celestial bodies. The sci-fi movie took place in a setting that could be described as celestial and futuristic. His aunt urged him to seek retirement, self-reliance, friendship with nature; to be no longer "the nursling of surrounding circumstances," but to prepare a celestial abode for the muse. The earth's axis, continued indefinitely upwards, meets the sphere in a point called the Celestial Pole. These lamps usually have some kind of theme such as celestial, horses or Americana. Between ten and eleven years ago there was an hypothesis of mine registered in your books, wherein I hinted a cause of gravity towards the earth, sun and planets, with the dependence of the celestial motions thereon; in which the proportion of the decrease of gravity from the superficies of the planet (though for brevity's sake not there expressed) can be no other than reciprocally duplicate of the distance from the centre. This transcendent mind is sometimes connected with the moon, according to the theory of Aristotle, who assigned an imperishable matter to the sphere beyond the sublunary, and in general looked upon the celestial orbs as living and intelligent. 1 Gravity governs the motions of celestial bodies. Since the sun moves in the ecliptic, it is in the last-named sense the point of intersection of the ecliptic and the celestial equator. And the detailed history of the mission was drawn out by him, which after his death was brought home by P. Nicolas Trigault, and published at Augsburg, and later in a complete form at Lyons under the name De Expeditione Christiana apud Sinas Suscepta, ab Soc. Hill, " Progress of Celestial Mechanics," The Observatory, vol. si chsischen Gesellschaft der Wissenschaften, two works on celestial photometry (Grundziige einer allgemeinen Photometrie des Himmels, Berlin, 1861, 4to, and Photometrische .Untersuchungen, Leipzig, 1865, 8vo), and a curious book, Ueber die Natur der Cometen (Leipzig, 1872, 3rd ed. galaxye celestial blood hounds have an impressive tally of celestial pray with countless faint galaxies in their kennel. The question thus arises whether, in electric attractions across apparently empty space and in gravitational attraction across the celestial regions, we are invited or required to make search for some similar method of continuous transmission of the physical effect, or whether we should rest content with an exact knowledge of the laws according to which one body affects mechanically another body at a distance. Equinox The two points at which the Sun crosses the celestial equator in its yearly path in the sky. But the great founder of celestial mechanics employed a geometrical method, ill-adapted to lead to the desired result; and hence his efforts to construct a lunar theory are of more interest as illustrations of his wonderful power and correctness in mathematical reasoning than as germs of new methods of research. Wiki User Answered . The miracle seems as if it could have only occured if a celestial figure was in control. The Olympian forge had been transferred to Etna or some other volcano, and Hephaestus had become a subterranean rather than a celestial power. They included a perpetual calendar with phases and age of the moon, indication of sunrise and sunset, and a celestial chart depicting the constellations of stars in the sky over Packard's home in Ohio. Indications in the Old Testament itself clearly point to the celestial or atmospheric character of the Yahweh of the Hebrews. We must content ourselves by referring to the progress of physical (including chemical) theory, which has led to the great generalization of the conservation of energy; to the discovery of the fundamental chemical identity of the matter of our planet and of other celestial bodies, and of the chemical relations of organic and inorganic bodies; to the advance of astronomical speculation respecting the origin of the solar system, &c.; to the growth of the science of geology which has necessitated the conception of vast and unimaginable periods of time in the past history of our globe, and to the rapid march of the biological sciences which has made us familiar with the simplest types and elements of organism; finally, to the development of the science of anthropology (including comparative psychology, philology, &c.), and to the vast extension and improvement of all branches of historical study.

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