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Great question, Stacey! Our website hasn't been evaluated by the FDA and is not intended to diagnose, treat, prevent, or cure any disease. Your email address will not be published. I def agree with Jen and have used her awesome Rawkstar Formula for many years, eventually flipping the ratio of greens to fruits as my taste has changed. And being able to do that in such a budget-friendly way makes it even more awesome and accessible! Works great. Having a pack of the frozen solid smoothie ingredients on hand means all you have to do is pour the required liquid in your blender, dump in the … Happy blending! You really broke it down for us all. Don’t you just love it when you find a way to do something you already do, but faster? You have a couple options: 1. Lastly, where do you store all of these jars for a month and doesn’t the ingredients get a bit slimy after 36 days.? Each smoothie is loaded with nutrients, protein and fiber. Apple Blackberry Smoothie (Pack of 5) £12.00. Married my high school love, have 2 kiddos, love national parks + running. Place the contents of a jar straight out of the freezer into the blender. Check out this video below, or read on to see our results! If buying all organic is not an option for your budget, use these lists as your guide to the safest, most delicious smoothie ingredients. , too much fruit for me, I prefer mostly greens with just 25% fruits, You can definitely pack in more greens and decrease the amount of fruit. I was always used to having smoothies as a meal replacement with protein powder in them. So true, taking care of our bodies + fueling them with whole foods is so important. Happy blending! Here’s the link: DIY Frozen Smoothie Packs on a Budget. But you can easily do a double batch. Cannot wait to do this! It’s a great option on its own because it’s picked at the peak of the season, then sliced and frozen … Making prep ahead frozen smoothie packs are a great way to save time and money making smoothies. Beat that price, smoothie bar! PERFECT SIZE - Each pack makes one 14-16 oz. We couldn’t find any kale (organic or non-organic), so I bought a bag of Organic Power Greens. other. That comes out to $1.34 per smoothie, and less than $50 a month!! 1 banana, peeled and chopped. Great ideas. So glad you liked this. Copyright © 2020 Don't Waste the Crumbs  •  All rights reserved  •  Site Design by Emily White Designs. Here’s the link to the 7-Day Green Smoothie Challenge: Simple 7, I think I might do this. With our Costco haul, we were able to prep 36 frozen smoothie packs with our $50 budget. 2. ... Blackcurrant Supergrains Smoothie (Pack of 5) £12.00. We actually had to be sneaky in the store so we didn’t get kicked out for recording without permission. Place 1 sliced banana, 2 cups fresh or frozen pineapple chunks, and … Repeat this recipe for a total of 6 smoothies … This includes a shopping list, which makes 7 green smoothie recipes using only 7 ingredients! My mission? Make-Ahead Freezer Smoothie Pack … Plus it saves money…. Woo hoo!!! Wide mouth jars work better as the ingredients are easier to get out when I start blending. I love this and so need something to save me money.. thank you. An easy way to make frozen green smoothie packs using produce from Walmart, Costco, or even ALDI! Thanks for sharing! , How do you get the free Simple 7 guide book, Hi Sarita! In this case, Jen used Costco because you can buy in bulk there and the topic is smoothie packs on a budget. So we headed to the fresh produce section next. 1 cup water, 1 cup coconut water) 1 cup frozen mango. From the kitchen to the bathroom. Thank you so much! Learn the exact system I use to feed my family of 4 real food for $350/month (including organic foods and grass-fed meat) in my signature course Grocery Budget Bootcamp. I prefer to drink a green smoothie every morning for my breakfast. for smoothie freezer packs. Meal prep smoothies for the freezer to save time later! In a zip-top sandwich bag, add the spinach, banana pieces, frozen yogurt cubes, and mixed frozen fruit. Search by ingredient below and I’ll give you recipe ideas that will please your palette, Whether it’s for one season or one year, let us take meal planning off your to-do list so you can focus on feeding your family healthy food. You can use a straw to suck the air out, just be careful not to do this if you're using any cacao powder. This is fantastic. For these smoothie packs, place the frozen ingredients into a blender, along with liquid of choice (water, coconut water, cashew milk, almond milk, coconut milk, or juice). It’s a great option on its own because it’s picked at the peak of the season, then sliced and frozen for us. smoothie … The best smoothies start … adult smoothie or two kid-size servings. And super budget friendly, no less! So glad you liked this + found it helpful. There is no worry that the glass will break, as the liquid isn’t added until blending. I’m all about fueling my body with whole foods, yet I also have to watch our monthly budget. No doubt smoothies are the easiest and delicious way to boost energy and vitality. , My wife and I are NEW to your tribe. Happy blending! While we hoped to score some frozen organic mango too, there was none in sight. Forever? Ingredients for Frozen Smoothie Packs. Our best-selling healthy cookbooks are here! To do this successfully, I used our Simple 7 Guidebook for our free 7-Day Green Smoothie Challenge. Want to know the difference between shopping at Costco vs. other grocery stores for the same amount of supplies? Banana Cacao Smoothie (Pack … . This is such a good idea! Yet, I love prepping my smoothies in wide mouth, pint sized ball jars. The produce on the Clean 15 list can be more safely purchased as non-organic, though it’s great if you can find these organically grown as well. I would like to get some satisfying smoothie recipes for dinner. Thank you for doing the work…and for sneaking around Costco! Buying green smoothie ingredients on a budget has never been so easy. Ziplocks bags that you rinse and reuse count as reusable in my mind. Dump the frozen fruits into large bowls for easy scooping when filling the mason jars. Very Berry Smoothie Pack from XOXOBella. . To make frozen smoothie packs, we suggest using a combination of frozen and fresh produce. I don’t think I’d do more than a double batch, simply because the ratio of frozen to not-frozen will be too great and it will take either a monster of a blender, or a lot of blends, to get it super smooth. I felt like I was 15 again. Frozen smoothie packs make smoothies so easy when you already have everything portioned out and frozen. Do you drink the smoothies as a meal replacement or just as a drink with your regular breakfast? LOL!! Your email address will not be published. Keep bags in … This mix of all organic baby kale, spinach, and swiss chard is a perfect blend of greens that gives great nutrient variety to our smoothies. My “go-to” smoothie often resembles this detox smoothie recipe but I change it up … Overtime, our tastebuds change and a smoothie with just 25% fruit will actually taste good and have more fiber and less sugars, which is great too.. Just add almond milk and you’re done! Repeat for additional packs. How to Make Freezer Smoothie Packs. Do you ever use a protein powder and if so, what kind? Thank you !!! Shop today! Blend healthy, delicious, and organic Sambazon Superfruit Packs to make Açaí bowls and Açaí smoothies at home! Your email address will not be published. Customize them with your favorite fruits and vegetables, pop them in the freezer and enjoy a … Prepping smoothies ahead makes blending every day SO much easier! Not sure I can fit all of this in my freezer, so might just do 2 weeks worth, That would still be some awesome prep work, Dianne! Get the 7 recipes from the 7-Day Challenge and start putting them into the containers (without the liquid). “Changing your life” might sound like an exaggeration, but I assure you, it’s not! Give it a try and let us know how it goes. Last Updated February 29, 2020 10 Comments. These smoothie packs are … EASY - Just add … They strive to offer organic options, they have a great produce section, and it’s possible to get all the smoothie ingredients in one place! Put frozen cubes of milk or juice in the blender ahead of time to thaw. Do you thaw them first? Berry Beets Smoothie (Pack of 5) £12.00. Freezing your own greens is a great way to avoid produce waste. These jars will fit the blended smoothie perfectly, they are reusable, and they fit in all kinds of spaces within most freezers. I was going to buy High Protein No powders but the order form will not except that I live in Canada. In the Costco freezer aisle, you can get organic strawberries and pineapple. This one is so easy to throw together, … This is so do able! Elena, really glad you found this information helpful! I use a mixture of frozen and fresh fruit in my green smoothies. Feel free to also add … Smoothie prep has never been easier and there are so many flavor options! And nutritious superfood smoothie … My mission? Here are my best tips for making smoothie prep packs so that making a smoothie, later on, is super fast and super easy. And you’re right, you will def want to add a protein (we prefer plant-based proteins) as well as a healthy fat to make it a satisfying meal-replacement smoothie that won’t leave your stomach growling an hour after you eat. Excellent post. I love how you use mason jars and love to save money… and still be healthy. easy ways to sneak extra nutrition into smoothies, Click HERE to shop for grass-fed collagen, The Best Green Smoothie Recipe for Beginners. I believe you can eat real food without going broke AND without spending all day in the kitchen - come join me! Learn the secrets to getting dinner done faster by hacking your kitchen appliances, plus 30+ recipes to fuel your family! So grab a friend and some cute tote bags, head to the local farmers’ market or Costco, and get prepping! fruit, vegetables, herbs, and/or spices, Dole. Here’s what we were able to do at Costco with our shopping list and a $50 budget: My goal was a month of smoothies, but I was actually able to prep 36 green smoothies with our Costco ingredients, and spent $48.33 total. I freeze these individually, since we all like our smoothies differently., Healthy Zucchini Bread w/ Chocolate Chips, Vegan Thanksgiving Recipes Everyone Will Love, Vanilla Fig Smoothie with Fresh Ingredients, Head to Costco (or store of your choice) and buy the items above. If I can’t use the fresh spinach soon enough, I freeze it as it is and put it in the blender frozen. Married my high school love, have 2 kiddos, love national parks + running the Grand Canyon. These foods either have a shell or skin that protects the fruit underneath, or the farming practices do not genetically modify or use the same chemicals used on the first list. Prepping all the produce before stuffing the jars makes the process faster in our opinion. , Hi Melinda! Ontario Canada is more expensive though. Almost a 40% price difference between the same ingredients at Costco and Publix. About how long does that take? It *is* awesome to have it all broken down, a complete step-by-step guide to a month of smoothies. It was really hard to watch this on my phone because I couldn’t make it full screen and there was a green band across the top cutting off part of your head. Toss them all in the bag and voila! deliver a delicious artisan smoothie experience like no . This is awesome! It sure does, Erin! Glad you found this helpful! Did we succeed? Fuel For Fire - Variety Pack with All 6 Flavors (10 Pack) Including New Mixed Berry! Ever wonder if it is possible to prep a month of green smoothies on a budget, using mostly organic produce? I’m prepping smoothies for my uncle and now I feel even more confident. I am having trouble accessing the how-to video. After all this prep, how do you go about blending these? 2 cups liquid (i.e. Love this idea and will definitely be doing it next month. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. I'm a girl who transformed my family's health by eating more plants. No, we did not get endorsed/sponsored by Costco to do this experiment. leave the greens for last when filling the jars, as it is super easy to pack these on top. Jen has been working on her own plant-based protein powder and it’s nearly ready for its debut! 1 cup frozen pineapple. Access 250+ recipes on our #1 smoothie app on iTunes. Move a jar from the freezer to the fridge the night before so it can thaw overnight, then pour it in the blender with your liquid base and blend. If you’d rather use freezer-safe bags, check out the reusable silicone options that are hitting the market hard right now. . Freezing the fresh spinach you can’t get through quickly enough is such a great way to make sure you’re able to use the whole container and not let any go to waste! Custom shopping list + save your favs. See how I created 36 frozen smoothie packs for under $50 using Costco and my favorite smoothie recipes. I mean you have to drink some of them last right? It sounds ridiculous, I know, but when it comes down to it, our smoothies mean getting out multiple bags of frozen … This just goes to show that there really are no excuses for not eating healthy!! Welcome to you and your wife, Dr. Len! Hi Diana! Piña Colada Smoothie Packs. Click here to get to the 7-Day Green Smoothie Challenge–> Simple 7. If that price difference seems crazy to you too, you’re not alone. But to be honest, that’s not the best way. Quite the opposite. Once I mastered the art of a perfect green smoothie, the whole family got on board! To Make Smoothie Freezer Packs: For each individual smoothie flavor place all components except for almond/ coconut milk in plastic bag and flatten and press any air out of the bag. Hey Jana! If you need to pause reading this to get a Costco membership real quick, don’t let us stop you. She wanted to show how easy and budget-friendly it can be to drink a green smoothie every day. A few chopping notes: While I don’t recommend using the boxed frozen spinach since it usually has additives (and reminds me of slime), you can absolutely add fresh spinach to your smoothie prep as I mentioned above.

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