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Eventually, they transitioned those clients from a productized service to a product they could manage themselves. It seems as though more and more companies are jumping on the cloud bandwagon…and for good reason. Prior to Maxwell, James was the Chief Financial Officer at Evariant, where he helped build the Accounting and Finance functions and scale the business through multiple rounds of funding. James received his Master of Science degree in Finance from Brandeis University, and a Bachelor of Science degree from Boston College. 4- Strategically launch your solution. We … SaaS is the future. We promise not to spam you or sell your name to anyone. In fact, the early pointers towards this trend provided a solid foundation, based on which Indusface transitioned from being an idea on paper to building an actual product in the SaaS security space. Define KPI’s based on your preferences and filters in this cloud-based software. They discovered that charging $1,500 – $2,000, they were earning steady recurring revenue. (Not to mention that it created a major time suck.) Software-as-a-service startups aren’t the most headline-grabbing in the tech world. Sherri is a seasoned finance and operations professional with deep experience in the operations and financial structures of emerging growth companies. But European companies … Rick received his B.A. Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) companies have taken advantage of cloud computing in order to provide access to software and stored data from any device with an Internet connection. We’ve shaped and perfected the pricing strategies of SaaS companies … The debate about whether the software industry will move from a traditional license and maintenance model to a subscription-based model is long over. And if videos are more your thing, you can check out the videos on my Youtube channel! Customers want SaaS products and an SaaS experience. James oversees Accounting, Planning, Treasury, Human Resources, and Information Technology functions at Maxwell Health. Why join our email list? SaaS has become the default software-delivery model—and at breakneck speed (Exhibit 1). If you haven’t transitioned to SaaS … Eleanor is an accomplished digital media executive with proven experience in corporate development, new businesses and product development, with a special expertise in businesses driven by membership and client renewal. The company transitioned from packaged software to SaaS for Creative Suite 6, which Photoshop, Illustrator, Indesign, Premier and other content creation software. Greg holds a B.A. A lot of companies are making the switch towards SaaS given the many benefits they have been receiving, courtesy of SaaS. Read our Privacy Policy. Product companies have fixed costs, shorter engagement periods, and higher profit margins. We’ve known this for at least ten years. 1982 – 1993: The Desktop Publishing Revolution. Exabeam has transitioned to a SaaS company. We then assessed the internal company … Tuesday, May 12, 2015 Challenges of Traditional Software Companies Transitioning to SaaS. Ethan cautions us – it didn’t happen overnight and it wasn’t easy. Now, ConvertFlow is able to concentrate on doing what they love, without getting weighed down by doing the necessary stuff they don’t love. Greg joined IBM in 2013 via the acquisition of Fiberlink, a leading SaaS Enterprise Mobility Management (EMM) platform, where he was a member of the leadership team who launched and scaled the EMM platform prior to its sale to IBM. He joined OPEXEngine for the opportunity to work with leading SaaS companies and to leverage his skills in helping to build out the OPEXEngine benchmarking product offering. Find lots of tips, tricks and insights by reading my blogs that cover a wide variety of topics. Often times the logistics of a product business sound much more appealing than a service business, am I right? Before Evariant, James held Finance roles at American Tower, Kaz, and Decision Resources Group. |   © 2020 OPEXEngine. © 2020 OPEXEngine. “The Benchmark Engine™ is a powerful ally for us to help analyze and shape the organization as we scale.”, “OPEXEngine delivers key SaaS and other operating benchmarks that aren’t easily available anywhere else.”, “OPEXEngine provides us with the data and benchmarks to fine tune and improve our operations.”, “OPEXEngine’s benchmarking report is a key element of our planning process and helps us set the right targets for 2-3 years out.”, “The great thing about OPEXEngine data is there are several peer groups to look at … private vs public, companies with similar revenue and headcount.”, “OPEXEngine’s benchmarking is the only tool that enables us to perform quality comparisons with similar types of companies.”, “OPEXEngine benchmarks the key business metrics we can’t find this kind of information for private companies anywhere else.”, “OPEXEngine, one of our strategic planning tools, provides us with key benchmark data that we struggled to find elsewhere.”, “OPEXEngine’s comprehensive benchmarks enable us to evolve our strategy and make operational changes that drive growth in profitability.”, “OPEXEngine helped us align our internal data to produce consistent metrics and benchmark comparisons. Rich resides in Boston and holds Master’s Degree in Finance from McCallum Graduate School of Business at Bentley University and a J.D. from New England Law Boston. However, they found many clients needed site redesigns and lot of other, deeper services were more involved. There isn’t a right answer – in fact, it’s a very individual decision. Software companies have transitioned from their old business model of pricey, one-off … Transitioning bigger, long term clients took a little longer and a bit more thoughtful strategy. But the grass is not always greener on the other side. As Saha said, “Unlike a typical SaaS company like Okta OKTA that focuses on the SMB market, [we target] Fortune 1000 companies that need more customer support than SMBs. How many SaaS companies are there? Greg is responsible for overseeing Pepperjam’s finance and accounting operations. Reasons why you might want to develop a SaaS product. Communicate with users and shareholders (a lot). These issues often decreased profitability and increased the sales cycle. As a digital agency, Ethan’s company was focused on driving site traffic and lead generation. The QCEW is the most valuable federal administrative dataset (as determined by COPAFS) for its details, accuracy and frequency and also its many uses by both states and federal users; and BED provides insight into the underlying movements behind the net job change data. In order to solve this issue they created a product that would provide more immediate value and shorten their sales cycle. Results brings us to the second reason we’ve transitioned to a SaaS … 2- Develop a solution. A white paper from OPEXEngine on key financial modeling differences between traditional, perpetual license models and a SaaS business. in political economy from Columbia University.  Lauren’s professional career started as an international economist in the Office of Computers in the US Department of Commerce, where she represented the US supercomputer industry in trade negotiations in Japan and Europe.  Lauren’s entrepreneurial career started in elementary school when she created tie dyed wastebaskets and enlisted her friends to help her sell them by calling numbers in the phone book with similar phone prefixes – an early, manual version of direct marketing. All rights reserved. There are 15,529 SaaS companies in the world, according to a list of SaaS companies obtained from Crunchbase in June 2020. ... SaaS companies and their … Once you’ve identified what’s keeping you from doing what you love doing, play around with possible solutions. Sherri is President, Columbia College Women and Board Member of Columbia College Alumni Association.  Sherri has a BA in Economics from Columbia University and an MS in Finance from MIT Sloan School of Management. When revenues from companies still transitioning to SaaS are counted, he said the total as-a-service share rose to 75% of all enterprise-software revenues or more than $380 billion in 2018, … Prior to joining Pepperjam in 2017 Greg served as IBM’s Security SaaS CFO and additionally was responsible for rebuilding IBM’s global SaaS financial management and planning processes. A former McKinsey consultant, Eleanor has an MBA from The Stanford Graduate School of Business and graduated summa cum laude from Harvard Radcliffe College. Get a FREE TRIAL and an amazing offer just for The Smart Agency Master Class listeners at Most traditional software companies are moving to a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) model because an increasing number of customers demand the benefits of software delivered via the Cloud. In Ethan’s case, they chose to rollout a product-based solution to their clients that would be a shorter engagement and allow clients to see more immediate value. How to roll out your SaaS product and transition your agency. Security as a Service​ If you’re in the cybersecurity industry, the previous benefit “access from … Prior leadership positions involving digital business development and start-ups include being SVP, Corporate Development at United Media (Scripps Howard), and VP, Information Services at Fairchild Publications (CapCities/ABC – Disney). As SVP of Research and Strategy at The Online Publishers Association (now Digital Content Next) and as the President and Founder of Powers Media and Entertainment Consulting, she specialized in benchmarking and corporate development for digital publishers. 4 steps to developing and launching a SaaS company. Yet we soon saw that in order to gauge our customer … Rich is a successful SaaS technology executive with a unique background including roles as COO, CFO and General Counsel in a variety of B2B and B2C organizations. For Ethan’s agency it was cumbersome site redesigns that were keeping them from driving traffic and generating leads for their clients. 1- Determine your agency’s core service. have successfully emerged as SaaS companies from their traditional software business model. Lauren has a BA from Tufts University and M.I.A. At FLG, we’ve worked with many native SaaS companies as well as technology companies that have transitioned to SaaS. This included a multi-step launch to their existing digital agency clients. Prior to OPEXEngine, Lauren led WW revenue and operations for internet and ecommerce pioneer, ATG, as SVP of WW Sales and Strategic Development, from start-up through ATG’s IPO (with one of the highest market valuations in the industry).  ATG was later acquired by Oracle.  Before ATG, Lauren managed part of Borland Software’s European business from Paris, France; and helped build Compaq’s East European business from Munich, Germany. Select the right SaaS product for your needs. He is excited to have a hand in helping evolve Maxwell Health’s positive, mission-driven culture. Just to quote, Ariba, Concur, etc. Prior to Fiberlink Greg held financial leadership positions at CIGNA and State Farm Insurance. Most traditional software companies are moving to a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) model because an increasing number of customers demand the benefits of software delivered via the … All rights reserved. For half a year after joining L2 in 2013 she was Acting CFO, managing all aspects of Finance including a successful fund raise of $16.5M from General Catalyst. Prior to joining OPEXEngine, Eleanor was part of management team of fast-growing digital start-up L2 Inc., which benchmarks the digital performance of brands for marketers. SaaS, as the growing system is called, doesn’t pertain to a single “software,” but rather a “system” that relies on providing software as a service (literally) in order to accommodate today’s growing market. Other benefits are a shorter sales cycle and shorter engagement period with new clients. In fact, many traditional enterprise software providers have been forced to make the shift to SaaS. © 2020 Jason Swenk, LLC | All rights reserved. These three programs provide critical data on the US economy and are highly valued by the business community, the FED, and innumerable other users. Then figure out what’s keeping you from doing it. Exabeam on Tuesday unveiled its new tagline, “Outsmart the Odds,” part of an upcoming brand transition, during its virtual Spotlight20 … Rick’s work was recognized through 2 Vice Presidential Hammer Awards, several awards from the Secretary of Labor and the Commissioner of Labor Statistics. Clearly, the investors in the company had great upside in this journey based on valuation multiples attributed to true recurring SaaS revenues as compared to on premise one time fees with a maintenance stream. Lauren Kelley is the founder of OPEXEngine.  After 25 years in fast growth high tech companies, she founded OPEXEngine to solve the problem that high tech companies lack good quality benchmarks from a neutral provider — especially operational benchmarks  — to reduce risk and improve efficiency and growth.  Lauren is also a big believer that data and benchmarks level the playing field in decision-making, reducing all sorts of biases that can cloud management decision-making, affecting efficient growth. There is now widespread adoption of software-as-a-service (SaaS). Early in the transition to the subscription model, … In his various leadership roles, he has driven financial operational and business strategy, scaled organizational infrastructure, raised outside capital and arranged financing, implemented financial reporting, customer care and KPI driven process improvement, accelerated product innovation, and expanded operations into global markets. 3- Decide on the goal for your tool. Digital agency service clients were first transitioned to a productized service where the product was introduced to the client but managed by the agency. My guest is Ethan Denney, founder and CEO of ConvertFlow. He shares the story of his agency’s transition including the steps he took to get there. Richard is currently Chief Economist at Clayton Economics after 40 years at the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics where he was Chief of the Division of Administrative Statistics and Labor Turnover, producing the Quarterly Census of Employment and Wages (QCEW), Job Openings and Labor Turnover (JOLTS), and Business Employment Dynamics (BED). It would also deliver faster results and more ROI to their clients. And, besides the poster-child of SaaS,, there are several … Businesses that have a touchless conversion have spectacular economics: you can scale the number of leads being poured into the top of the funnel, and not worry about growing a sales organization, and the associated costs. On-premise software providers: Responding to the increasing demand for cloud-based solutions, and to provide more predictability, some on-premise software vendors (Oracle, Adobe, Intuit) have … As strategic advisors, we help companies manage the financial and operational requirements of the SaaS … Ethan took his company from a … If you don’t transition and manage the transition appropriately, you’re going to end up burning out as a company to the point that you may crumble under your own deflating growth. It has transitioned from what was a mere sale of software to SaaS, or Software as a Service. in Accounting from Kutztown University. The new SaaS … SaaS companies too often focus on what’s urgent and important in the short term, without seeing the bigger picture of how it all fits into a longer-term strategy that will get more leads and demos for their sales teams, and increase their MRR. If you are looking for advice with your current agency or learning how to start your own digital agency, I can help. This is a real benefit of using OPEXEngine's benchmarking platform.”, “As a fast growth, mid-sized, public software company, OPEXEngine’s benchmarking is a critical information source for operational metrics you can’t get anywhere else.”, “OPEXEngine’s EdgarEngine with EDGAR Online’s robust XBRL financial data ratchets up the quality of tools companies can use to maintain a competitive edge.”, “OPEXEngine's On-Demand Dashboards service takes all the headache away. To reduce transition issues, check to see if your current applications are offered as a SaaS … If you’re thinking about developing or selling a SaaS product, this is the episode for you. He also led a team to a Ford Foundation award “Innovations in American Government” and a Federal Technology Award. An integrated suite of cloud business applications that … Will you keep this solution in your arsenal and have it be your competitive advantage? Equally as important, recurring revenues from subscriptions are more highly valued by investors than traditional, perpetual license revenues. The media typically gets more excited by flying taxis, neobanks and robotics (yes, that includes Sifted).. What obstacles do you face? The world hasn’t exhausted the number of SaaS … The SaaS model continues to gain traction. You aren’t alone if you’ve considered transitioning into a SaaS company; or launching a separate company to sell SaaS. The challenge is educating your team, your clients and yourself on how to go about it. His industry expertise includes technology, media, financial services, and consulting. He leverages his operational, finance, legal and business expertise to transform business outcomes and build shareholder value for start-up and growth companies, including as CFO at OLB Inc., FISC Solutions (acquired by WAUSAU Financial Systems), and Relevant Equity Systems (a Thomson Financial portfolio company). Look at it from all angles. Ethan took his company from a service-oriented digital agency to a product-focused SaaS company. “The grass is greener on the side you water.”. Fully transitioned from a licensed software company to a cloud SaaS company; Let’s dive into Adobe’s company journey. When we transitioned to PLG, we tracked the standard SaaS metrics: LTV, CAC, ARR, MRR, revenue retention and customer retention. This McKinsey article, Reborn in the cloud, provides direct insight from Adobe executives on how and why … Only 30 months after launch, subscription revenues have outpaced license revenue at $2.1B and $1.6B respectively. Most recently, she was the CFO of JOOS, LLC where she helped to build JOOS into the largest fresh-pressed, organic fruit and vegetable juice provider in New England.  She joined OPEXEngine to be a part of a rapidly growing high tech Company that has an impact on how financial professionals make day to day operating decisions. In order to do be successful, it’s got to be done right. Eleanor has served on the board of Rainbow Broadband, a start-up internet broadband access company for B and C class buildings in NYC, and Endurance Business Media, a real estate franchise publishing company. As Ethan’s agency developed more of the productize business they were able to use it as a low-end “icebreaker” service. James also holds the Chartered Financial Analyst designation from the CFA institute. However, investors also had to absorb the business risk associated with such a move. Omid Razavi, Independent Customer Success Consultant The acceptance of the SaaS model … Sherri has spent the last 15 years working with start-ups in the information services and consumer goods markets in a variety of financial and operational roles. Includes 5 year financial results from 3 different companies transitioning successfully to high value SaaS models. For companies that had previously transitioned to cloud-based enterprise applications, however, it was simply business as usual. Cashing in your digital agency and replacing with a productized company is not for everyone. You can always unsubscribe from our content at any time. SaaS stocks, or Software-as-a-Service, have become one of the best investments in the stock market. Sadly most SaaS companies … Many companies find that starting with an application for finance, document management, sales and marketing, or supply chain inventory is a good first step. My guest is Ethan Denney, founder and CEO of ConvertFlow. This cleared the way for ConvertFlow to charge on value and increase their profits. For a limited time, Klipfolio has a special deal for my listeners. What solution can you create to will solve these issues for you or eliminate the obstacles? With 50+ built-in marketing metrics, you can create a dashboard for yourself and your clients which can be viewed on desktop, mobile or old-fashioned PDF. Overall, Ethan is thrilled with the entire transition. If you’re thinking about developing or selling a SaaS product, this is the episode for you. In 5 minutes I can put together a great financial data report to present to our Board.”, “We use the benchmarks to get the whole executive team on the same page in terms of the budget and targets.”. As a result, the term “agility” has transitioned from a buzzword into an operational requirement for businesses hoping to emerge unscathed from these pandemic times. Clients were not seeing results right away and Ethan’s agency was having difficulty proving their value right away. in Business Administration and a Master of Arts in Economics, both from Ohio University. Adobe is the standard if you are looking at large public companies that have made the shift. This figure also includes businesses founded before 1998 that have transitioned to provide SaaS. Many people have heard of … Get important insights delivered straight to your inbox and receive access to reports before public release. In 2010, SaaS offerings commanded just 6 … This subscription model has eliminated the need for businesses to have much of their data stored in-house and utilize the generous amounts of cloud storage provided. Sherri began her career on Wall Street with Salomon Brothers and then became an equity research analyst with Adams, Harkness & Hill, a Boston based investment bank where she covered information technology services companies.  After leaving the capital markets, Sherri became a Managing Director at Internet Capital Group (ICG), an Internet venture capital organization with 80 business-to-business e-commerce companies in its portfolio.Â. Or will you sell this tool as a stand alone product? Klipfolio is a tool that is helping agencies continuously monitor and report analytics.

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