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He can, like most seasonal generic weapons, refine it to boost his HP and one of his stats when using it, usually for either higher Spd to push him over more units to double or more Def to increase his physical bulk. He and Lucina first appear the chapter "Paralogue 5: The Fire Emblem", where they, along with Valkyrie, Yuri Lowell, and Flynn Scifo have to protect Tiki from the Risen and Kamuz's troops. If you notice any errors, please report them to an active administrator and they will forward it to the right person. Clouded by grief and fury, Chrom states he will kill every last Plegian on that land. Il a été confirmé en personnage jouable en tant qu'Echo de Roy le 8 août 2018 dans Ultimate ! Chrom appears in WarioWare Gold, in one of 5-Volt's microgames. He leads his Shepherds force to protect the peace when the neighboring nation of Plegia begins acting suspiciously. Hometown Moonbow charges quickly and helps to bypass enemy bulk. Marth's mask is cut in half as he barely dodges the strike, while Chrom manages to kill the assassin. Meanwhile Dual Guard+ in conjunction with Dual Strike+ makes any pair-up involving Chrom all the more potent. Didn’t play any of the Fire Emblem games on my 3DS so I started the series from Nintendo Switch. Chrom no longer makes this cameo in Ultimate as he has become a full fledged character, thus has received his own Guidance dialogue. Help . Relatives Benefits your whole team. He features briefly at the end of the teaser trailer released during Nintendo's Switch presentation on 12/13 January, 2017. After the war, Chrom was welcomed as the new Exalt of the Halidom. Chrom's official artwork from Fire Emblem Awakening. 5 out of 5 stars (762) 762 reviews $ 17.00 FREE shipping Favorite Add to Fire Emblem S Support Acrylic Charms gendakiwi. Pretty sure the style of weapon doesn't make a huge difference. The battle ends with the tragic death of Mustafa. This Chrom, however, loses 10 ATK on your opponent's turn should you not control any Risen, making keeping the Risen alive somewhat of a necessity. He has Aether, a slow charging special, but immensely powerful due to the increased damage and heal. Upon arriving at the Border Wastes, Chrom hears news that Plegia's army has begun to fall apart, due to Emmeryn's words, and realizes the effects of his sister's sacrifice. After Walhart's defeat, Chrom now has to perform the Awakening after gather the remaining Gemstones. livraison: + 5,55 EUR livraison . I will not permit you to threaten this land!”, (*) indicates a Hero that is currently only available as a Special Hero, (†) indicates a Hero that is obtained via Grand Hero Battles. As an amiibo collector I was excited to see Chrom being offered. Emmeryn leaves the protection of the Shepherds and returns to Ylisstol, where she is promptly captured by Gangrel. He leads his vigilante force to protect the peace when the neighboring nation of Perezia begins acting suspiciously. Fire Emblem Wiki is a FANDOM Games Community. A Chrom themed Swordfighter Mii costume was released on July 31. Prince of YlisseCaptain of the ShepherdsEast-Khan ChampionExalt of Ylisse With new hope of slaying the Fell Dragon, Chrom is told to head to Mount Prism to perform the Awakening. MediaWiki update: Fire Emblem Wiki has been updated to MediaWiki 1.35.0! Slew the Fell Dragon Grima with the aid of the friendships forged in the fires of war. Compounding his Great Lord skills gives Chrom's offensive role more prominence, further solidifying him as a primary offensive unit. Deals 2 hits of flame damage to the target and nearby enemies, and restores 3% of the damage inflicted as HP to the user. À l'origine, Fire Emblem est une identité issue de John McLéo qui faisait partie d'une société de développement de Nintendo, Shouzou Kaga reprit ensuite ces actions pour en faire une série de jeux vidéo. Fire Emblem Awakening Doujinshi Comic Chrom / Inigo x Robin Butterfly Effect 1. This is mentioned by Viridi during Palutena's Guidancewhile talking about Robin. While out on patrol near Ylisse's border, Chrom finds a stranger lying unconscious on the ground, Robin. For Fire Emblem: Awakening on the 3DS, a GameFAQs message board topic titled "Should I change Chrom's class? Though Frederick is initially wary, Chrom finds no danger in Robin. Jan 13, 2013 - View and download this 600x773 Chrom (Fire Emblem) image with 68 favorites, or browse the gallery. Personnage de jeux vidéo : Chrom, Jeu vidéo : Fire Emblem : Awakening. While he has the utmost respect for Emmeryn's pacifistic ways, and following her death seeks to honor her legacy, he believes that in the end force will be necessary to counteract those who would endanger a peaceful world and that if he must, he is willing to fight and kill to defend the peace. Though the Falchion cannot break, it is only as strong as an Iron Sword, with a lower hit rate. In both versions, there is also a Chrom trophy available. Not considering himself superior to anyone else just because of his royalty, Chrom much prefers to lead his Shepherds into battle than perform formal duties, finding the life of a royal to be stifling and a hassle at times, though he becomes aware that such a luxurious life shouldn't be taken for granted. Crom in old english means "bent, crooked, stooped". It can also be a corruption of the metal "chromium.". He trains daily with his sword, which often results in considerable destruction to the general vicinity. After Grima's defeat, Chrom was officially welcomed as Ylisse's new exalt. Chrom (クロム, Kuromu) is the eldest son of the Ylissean royal family and Lissa's older brother. Artwork of Chrom, as a Risen, from Fire Emblem Cipher. In the World of Light, Chrom was vaporized along with everyone else except for Kirby. His Lord skills Dual Strike+ and Charm are moderately good skills in the first half of the game, but lose effectiveness later as your army grows stronger. Most mages, even some Green ones, easily tear through his near non-existent magical bulk. While they first suspect that Corrin's group are from Plegia, the phantom soldiers appear and the group work together to defeat them. Festival Micaiah is an extreme bane to him as her color advantage, armor effective magical attack easily can kill him in a single round. This conversation mostly pokes fun at Chrom for not being a fighter in Smash and that he only appears in Robin's final smash. He is the brother of Lissa and Emmeryn. Chrom deeply cares for Lissa's well-being as well, making sure to take care of her while they are off at war. Palutena's Guidance is featured in both Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS and Wii U and Super Smash Bros. Fire Emblem (ファイアーエムブレム?) Bulk Reds on the other hand can bait him into attacking them, only to retaliate harder. Nintendo also released a QR code for those who wish to have the exact Mii used in the costume's advertising. Chrom appears as a playable character in Project X Zone 2 as a pair unit with Lucina. Chrom's Cost 1 cards aren't special in the early stages of battle, with his Series 1 card gaining 10 ATK for each Class-Changed Unit you control, his Series 4 Cost 1 Mirage card being virtually useless unless you control Itsuki, and his Series 8 Cost 1 allowing you to see one of your Orbs whenever he defeats a Unit in battle. ! He is brave and has a strong sense of justice. His second Great Lord skill is Rightful King, increasing the activation rates of several skills that Chrom can have. Fire Emblem Awakening Doujinshi Comic Book Chrom x Gaius No Cure For Clumsiness . Read at your own risk! Sealed Falchion retains the ability to slay dragon units, but also it has the effect of giving him a +5 stat boost during combat so long as he is not at full health at the start. In combat, Chrom uses ancient sword techniques passed down through the Ylissean royal family and wields the legendary blade Falchion. His unique skill is his Support Skill, To Change Fate!, which is an enhanced Reposition. If he attacks a full health opponent, any penalty received by Legendary Chrom is negated, thus leaving him slightly less susceptible to Ploy users and other debuffing units while inflicting an Atk/Def -6 penalty on them. He is currently fighting to defeat the Risen that have appeared in each region and to prevent the ambitions of the Grimleal. Chrom wishes to get her body but is quickly stopped from making a careless mistake and escapes unharmed. The Shepards meet up with the leader of the Border Waste troops, Mustafa. Wary Fighter is a great budget Armor Skill B as it trivializes his opponent's Spd and forces them to launch a single attack until they can push him below 70%. He is currently fighting to defeat the Risen that have appeared in each region and to prevent the ambitions of the Grimleal. I am Chrom, the Prince of Ylisse. Ultimate, as one of the seven representatives of the Fire Emblem series. Chrom (Fire Emblem) 10 Fav. Achat en ligne chrom fire emblem pas cher sur Aliexpress France ! WHY WONT THEY LET ME BE A CHARACTER IN SMASH! After successfully stopping Validar and the attempted assassination, Chrom encourages Emmeryn to leave the capital, which she reluctantly agrees to. Avec ces votes, il est arrivé 4ème héros masculin sur 20., Avec ces votes, il est arrivé 4ème héros masculin sur 20., Avec 758 votes, Chrom est arrivé 118ème lors du vote un héros émerge. I really enjoyed my time with Fire Emblem Awakening and recently with Fire Emblem Warriors, so seeing Chrom; one of my favorite characters in amiibo form was just too perfect for the occasion. Chrom - Fire Emblem Awakening. Voice Actors However, Chrom can also reclass into Cavalier, which grant him the necessary motivation to become an experienced Paladin or Great Knight. Chrom - Newly Exalted (新たなる聖王, Arata naru Sei'ō lit. Prepare yourself, creature! Chrom is an unassuming and impulsive prince, that means well and has the heart in the right place. He ushered in an age of peace with his perseverance and his wife at his side. It was altered to be more accurate to the English/Japanese pronunciation (rather than Smash 3DS / Wii U's spelling, which was based on the English spelling). No matter the circumstance or risk, he will attempt to aid anyone in need he encounters, fully aware of and willing to risk any potential consequences if it means. His Series 1 5/4 card has a Rally Skill that allows you to move your enemy's Units around however you like while also giving a 30 ATK buff, preventing your opponent from hiding any of their troops from your forces, and it ties with Corrin for the highest Vs-Dragon Buff in the TCG, with a +40. Chrom can be considered as the most defensive of the Falchion users, possessing the best physical bulk of the bunch. The second official artwork of Chrom, forming the centrepiece of both advertisements and the box art of Awakening. The dark magic corrupts Robin and causes them to strike Chrom with a lightning bolt, killing him. Chrom est l'un des personnages principaux de Fire Emblem: Awakening. I am Chrom, the Prince of Ylisse. Artwork of Chrom: Gifted Leader from Heroes. During battles, he changes form into a sword and becomes a pillar of support for the inexperienced Itsuki. Chrom is a brave youth with a strong sense of justice and deep affection for his allies. He cares greatly for those around him and in his service, paying close attention to them and their needs. Chrom's Legendary form is a Blue Bow Infantry unit who can effortlessly shoot down opponents thanks to a high Atk stat as well as good physical bulk to take a stray hit or two. Though indirect, there may also be some inspiration from Crom, a god from the mythos of Conan the Barbarian. Anecdotes Avec 15.595 votes, Chrom est arrivé 10ème lors du vote Choisissez vos héros n°4, faisant de lui le héros masculin venant de Awakening le plus populaire. With only one gemstone, the white Gemstone Argent in it, Tiki entrusts Chrom with the blue Gemstone, Azure, and tasks him with finding the remaining three to complete the Emblem. Just tap an amiibo accessory to the NFC touch point on a compatible system or accessory to Enjoy fun in-game extra features in compatible games. Aside from this quirk, Chrom also has one other difference from Roy by having an entirely different up special move that is very similar to Ike's Aether. In the next chapter, Chrom meets the enigmatic masked "Marth" during a cataclysm and Robin meets Chrom's older sister, the Exalt of Ylisse, Emmeryn. Hello there. Chrom also has the distinction of being one of four characters to have a personal weapon. Artwork of Chrom from Fire Emblem Heroes by Ebila (えびら). Inspired designs on t-shirts, posters, stickers, home decor, and more by independent artists and designers from around the world. Tomokazu Sugita[1] Unfortunately, a new menace is threatening the continent of Ylisse: the Valm Empire. Hello there. Robin pushes Chrom out of the way and takes the hit. Artwork of Chrom: Spring Exalt from Heroes. He loves the Fire Emblem series. Fire Emblem Awakening Doujinshi Comic Book Chrom x Robin Race Feeling. [6] He believes that as a leader, he must show strength in the face of fatigue and the burden of great work, so as to be an example and inspiration to others. Chrom goes to Ferox in response to Flavia's request for help. Chrom est un lord de Fire Emblem : Awakening. Defensively, Chrom is the best option to bait out enemy units out of all of the Falchion users. Chrom: Exalted Prince. It is also worth noting that his To Change Fate! Though they manage to fend off most of them, an Assassin warps in behind Chrom, only to be saved by "Marth". Chrom does not need to retain his Falchion as he works well with a Brave Sword+ since his low speed is not heavily impacted by the Brave speed penalty, thus taking on a more offensive build. However, unlike the other swords, the Exalted Falchion retains its unbreakable property, making it almost infinitely more useful. He needs to restore the peace that his sister died for. Japanese Chrom rushes to their side, but their vision begins to pulse. He is the captain of the Shepherds, an Ylissean militia initially convened to combat Plegian encroachment on Ylisse's borders, and led the combined forces of Ylisse and Ferox in wars with Plegia, the Valmese Empire and later the Grimleal, fighting to prevent the resurrection of the Fell Dragon Grima. After Raimi realizes that this Chrom is the real deal, she takes them to Flavia. Amiibo - Chrom Fire Emblem Collection Toucher pour zoomer Amiibo - Chrom Fire Emblem Collection. FireEmblem. (Redirected from Chrom (Fire Emblem)) Fire Emblem Awakening is a tactical role-playing video game, developed by Intelligent Systems and Nintendo SPD and published by Nintendo for the Nintendo 3DS handheld video game console in April 2012 in Japan, and 2013 outside Japan. Read more. Chrom rushes back to Ylisstol and finds out that Emmeryn has been taken to Plegia, where she will be executed. Voiced Most Times By: Matthew Mercer (in 6 titles) Tomokazu Sugita (in 8 titles) Total Actors: 2 Appearances: 8 Franchise: Fire Emblem. However, all is not lost: during their escape, Robin managed to snatch the Fire Emblem back from Validar's corpse. The Chrom armor set in Monster Hunter: Frontier G. Artwork of Chrom from Tokyo Mirage Sessions ♯FE. The Grima-possessed Robin jumps onto Grima's back and instantly casts a spell on all of Chrom's army, severely weakening them. Social media: Get in touch with Fire Emblem Wiki on Twitter, Facebook, or Discord! The New Holy King). It's very nice to meet you and I hope we can get along quite nicely. Chrom also makes an appearance in an easter egg for Pit, giving him advice and information about Robin, while being on the receiving end of Palutena's and Viridi's jokes, who echo Sakurai's reasons for Chrom not making it to the playable roster. Chrom, Newly Exalted & Sumia, Maid of Flowers Artwork of Chrom from Fire Emblem Heroes by Ebila (えびら). $75.71. That is why you can promote Chrom during battle to give him a huge statistical advantage over the Mirages. The second key difference is his Up Special, Soaring Slash. Before spiking the enemy to the ground, Chrom will say "We're not done yet!". Affiliations Once Robin helps Chrom deal with some Plegian brigands that have attacked Southtown, Chrom makes Robin the Shepherds' tactician. Birthday Palutena: He's the prince of the Halidom of Ylisse... and the descendant of the Hero-King Marth. The first is his balanced blade; the damage and knockback dealt by Chrom's Falchion are equal throughout the blade, regardless of which section of the blade hits (an effect shared with Lucina, the Echo Fighter of Marth), whereas Roy's Binding Blade only deals significant damage and knockback if attacks land with the base of the blade. After Corrin and their party return to their world, Lissa wonders who those mysterious people were, but Chrom feels like they will meet again somewhere, which Lissa will agree to. Free shipping. lit. Chrom appears in Fire Emblem Warriors, a crossover title with Koei Tecmo's Dynasty Warriors series. Before Chrom can make a decision, Emmeryn sacrifices herself by leaping off a cliff, falling to her death. All time) 14 Fav. Lord Chrom could be the potential husband of female Robin, Sumia, Sully, Maribelle, and Olivia, and the potential father of male Morgan, Cynthia, Kjelle, Brady, and Inigo. Chrom has plenty of choices for an Axe including Slaying Axe and Brave Axe. Upon returning home to Ylisstol, Emmeryn sends Chrom to convince the Khan of Ferox to aid them against the Plegians. While Luna might seem unnecessary alongside Aether, seeing as the latter is essentially an upgraded version of Luna, running both actually boosts Chrom's potential to activate one of them: while Luna has a higher activation rate, Aether will always out-prioritize it, meaning that if Aether does not activate then Chrom has a high chance to deal extra damage per attack—especially in conjunction with Rightful King. Even with their combined strength, the two forces barely manage to take out the vanguards. your own Pins on Pinterest Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. After the battle, Validar uses the last of his strength to fire dark magic at Chrom, who is pushed aside by Robin and is attacked instead. This is a ranking page for the hero Chrom - Gifted Leader from the game Fire Emblem Heroes (FEH). He appears in Ricken and Nowi's C support and Lucina's C & A sibling supports. Using Aether will consume all stacks of Flames of Awakening. He is the prince of the Holy Kingdom of Iris, and he is also the captain of the vigilante force. However, with no other choice, he reluctantly agrees and meets with Validar, the new king of Plegia, who quickly offers him all the ships and funds he needs. Let's see how Chrom from the Fire Emblem series evolved in all of his video game appearances from 2012 to 2019. [5] He cares greatly for those around him and in his service, paying close attention to them and their needs. Queen Sumia lived and breathed for him, and her flower-petal readings were said to bring good luck to all who received them. It is in similar nature to Snake's Codec in Brawl. Chrom's left-facing portrait in Awakening. Instead, he has the lowest Spd of the bunch, but also has the highest Atk and physical bulk. According to the director of the Super Smash Bros. series, Masahiro Sakurai, Chrom was considered as a newcomer for Super Smash Bros. for 3DS and Wii U. Chrom is a walking tank with his base kit alone and is thus incredibly stubborn to take down. Pit holds a special conversation with Palutena and Viridi to comment on one of Pit's opponents, giving him helpful tips about their strengths and weaknesses. After capturing Fort Steiger, Basilio decides to stall Walhart to give Chrom and his army time to take down Yen'fay, but Basilio is critically wounded by the Conqueror himself. After reincarnating in this world, he has lost his memories. Social media: Get in touch with Fire Emblem Wiki on Twitter, Facebook, or Discord! Chrom was voted the most popular male character in the Fire Emblem Awakening Character Popularity Poll in Japan. The order follows, assuming all five are unmarried and have achieved the same support level with Chrom at the end of Chapter 11: However, there are two special circumstances: Chrom will only pass down the skills Aether and Rightful King to his potential children: Lucina and his other daughters (Cynthia and Kjelle) will inherit Aether, while any of his sons (Brady, Inigo, and Morgan) inherit Rightful King, even if Chrom has not learned those skills or does not have them equipped in his last skill slot at their recruitment. He has a solid Atk value and serviceable physical bulk, but his Spd is middling at best and his magical bulk is abysmal. To prove his good intentions, he slays a nearby assassin planning on killing Chrom. However, should Robin slay Grima, the Fell Dragon falls, but Robin begins to disappear. Faction(s) Pit: Falchion. Chrom was voted the most popular male character in the Fire Emblem Awakening Character Popularity Poll in Japan. He was initially shaken after learning the truth about Lucina, but he now views her simultaneously as a trustworthy companion and his beloved daughter. Ultimate. Chrom (pronounced /kɹɒm/[key][2]; Japanese: クロム Chrom) is the prince of the Halidom of Ylisse, the younger brother of its current Exalt Emmeryn, and the elder brother of Princess Lissa. This article or section is a short summary of Chrom. Click on the button with three horizontal lines or the three dots found in the upper right-hand corner of your Chrome™ browser. Fire Emblem Chrom Grima Brand Necklace / Keychain Awakening - Stainless Steel GizmoForge. He also appears alongside Robin in one of their victory animations. Ylisstol With the battle over and him given time to think, Chrom blames himself for the death of his sister, doubting his ability to protect anyone else he loves in his life. After weakening Chrom, Validar orders Robin to take the Fire Emblem from Chrom, which they do against their will. Upon arrival, Robin realizes that if they deal the final blow, Grima would be "killed by his own hand." In addition to being a very strong weapon outright, the Exalted Falchion gains the ability to deal effective damage against Grima, making Chrom's role in the final chapter more important. - Wallpaper Abyss During the premonition, he and Robin are engaged in a battle with Validar. 1 Stats 1.1 Level 1 stats 1.2 Level 40 stats 1.3 Growth Rates 1.4 Stats between level 1 and 40 2 Skills 2.1 Weapons 2.2 Assists 2.3 Specials 2.4 Passives All stats have a degree of variation. The Falchion is no different on him than on any other user, dealing effective damage to dragons and healing himself 10 HP every three turns. A prince of Ylisse and descendant of the Hero-King. Crom Dubh is regarded as a legendary irish king idol. Il est le prince d'Ylisse, et devra mener la guerre contre le dragon Grima, qui détruira le futur s'il n'est pas tué. "Marth" reveals that she is actually Chrom's daughter, Lucina, who traveled into the past to stop an apocalyptic future in which the entire Shepherds are dead and the world is on the brink of destruction from a great dragon named Grima. Premonition: Invisible Ties (Awakening)Chapter 2: Woodlands Encounter (Warriors)Prologue: Reincarnation (TMS♯FE) By his own admission, Chrom will help anyone in need without a moment's hesitation. It is a strong weapon and well worth its conditions as it is easily achieved in his base kit alone. Image of a Heroes calendar's June 2017 page, featuring Chrom. Queen Olivia gave him a much-needed shoulder to lean on as she traveled the land, dancing and mending the scars of war. He had 23,803 votes. Brazen Attack Defense boosts his Atk/Def by 7 so long as his HP is at most 80%. Ultimate. After becoming Exalt, he assumes a more serious posture, aspiring to follow Emmeryn's ideals, though not taking it as far as she does. He has the utmost faith in other people, particularly his friends and allies, but his extreme idealism and tendency to trust others blindly can also bring problems to him, leading to recklessness and unreflected decisions at times. Though he has respectable physical bulk and Spd, the plethora of Red units easily tear through him with color advantage and a good chunk of them can double him still. As a Paladin, Chrom essentially becomes a mounted Great Lord, having only to contend with the weakness to Beast Killers in exchange for access to Defender, another decent pair-up skill (though perhaps overshadowed by the likes of Dual Strike+ and Dual Guard+), and Aegis, (the far superior option to the Bow Knight class's Bowbreaker skill due to its added ability to reduce magic damage) yet another skill boosted by Rightful King. Chill Defense punishes the enemy with the highest Def on the map with a hefty -7 Def penalty, allowing him to better shred through their physically bulkiest ally. If running the former axe, he will likely be built defensively so Steady Breath is a solid option to not only increases his physical bulk, but also speed his special, which means that he could run Aether like his base form if desired. As Chrom deals with this loss, he moves toward Plegia to defeat the Mad King Gangrel for good. The broken mask reveals to Chrom that Marth is actually a woman, but he doesn't have much time to mull over the details. From shop gendakiwi. Chrom also stands up, mostly uninjured, since Robin held back some of their power. Chrom (Fire Emblem) 14 Fav. See more ideas about Fire emblem awakening, Fire emblem, Fire emblem games. It has been a year. Robin is then introduced to Chrom's militia, the Shepherds, and Chrom leads them to deal with the newly named Risen in the following chapter. i pray to the god's our travels are safe. Corrin then accepts the gifts, and the two promise to meet again to discuss about each others countries. Nevertheless, while he may be an expensive unit to build, requiring a complete overhaul of his class set, he can provide some consistency when built in a specific manner. During chapter 13, Chrom meets with Validar, who is now the king of Plegia, for help, he and Robin meet someone who could be Robin's twin, and discover Marth is actually Chrom's daughter, Lucina, from the future. Chrom is a slight victim of his low Speed and decently bulky Green units can survive a hit and smash through his high Def. It features Chrom's outfit with the Falchion as the sword. This skill perfectly syncs with his playstyle and makes him a veritable threat as he can self sustain his own effect, without needing to have an enemy push him into it. Oct 8, 2020 - Explore Byleth Eisner's board "Chrom" on Pinterest. Spring Chrom's resistance is too low to stand a chance against mages on the Red and Green side, as well as a few blue mages as well. He aids Corrin in fighting off ghostly forces. Walhart notes that Chrom follows the Path of Kings: a person who lives with and for the people, as Chrom himself states that his strength comes from his comrades.

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