tomato yield per acre in uganda

Watermelon 20 400 70-85 70 fruits Feet of Row Per Acre (1 acre=43,560 square feet) Average Seeds Needed Per: Average Yield Per: Vegetable 100’ Row Acre 100’ Acres Weight: Seeds: (M=1,000) Beans, bush 800 85 lbs. per acre = 5 g (1 bottle top) per plant Training, staking & pruning Weed, pests & diseases control 2nd Top-dress: CAN 80 kg per acre = 10 g (2 bottle top) per plant Training, staking & pruning Weed, pests & diseases control Harvesting starts 75 –90 days after transplanting Sorting & grading Yields 12,000 – 40,000kg per acre Marketing 10/38 However makes a thick sauce. Avg. Midseason variety. This variety has a high resistance to Alternaria stem canker, Verticillium, Fusarium wilt as well as nematodes. Location: By growing tomatoes in open fields Nigeria, like other Sub-Saharan African countries will deliver yields of no more than seven tons per hectare. Tomato Production 2 Everglade. With the greenhouses, our growers produce tomatoes all year round, anywhere in Nigeria. 4,000 lbs. Average Yield Potential: 20,000 -30,000 Kgs per acre: Spacing: 60cm x 60cm: Other characteristics: This variety is not juicy. When converted to yield per square foot (column 5 of Table 1), it’s remarkable how similar yield ... hybrid pepper and tomato yields under best practices, protected in a high tunnel, have advanced to 1.2 to 2 lb/ft2, ... A Review in the Uganda Context. Florida 91. Uniformly green, globe-shaped fruit. Tomato 30 7,400 50-85 150 lbs. The farmer produces 360 boxes of tomatoes per season targeting dry season when the crop is in high demand and low supply for more income. Tomatoes grow very fast. Chapter 18. 68 … A well grown tomato fruit can weigh more than 150 grams and give a yield of more than 30 tonnes per acre. 785 seeds/667 plants to produce 1,000 ft. of row. It can yield up to 35kgs of tomatoes per plant; Anna f1's fruit is deep red, firm, and has an oval shape. Photo courtesy. Planting about 3,000 square feet with 500 plants (that’s only 1/15th of an acre.) Last year, we had 294 greenhouses installed; on average they deliver 264 tons per hectare. Florida 47. 125M 80 lbs. Productive heirloom tomato varieties will produce 20 pounds or more of salable tomatoes, worth about $80 at retail prices. Most tomato varieties in Kenya such as the Anna F1 reach maturity 60-75 days after transplanting. That’s a return of $13 per square foot of growing area. An acre can produce around 25tonnes of tomatoes. could bring $40,000. Full-season maturity with deep oblate fruit. All fruits ripen at the same times thus this variety is ideal for mechanized operations The 2017national yield per acre average for field-grown fresh and processed tomatoes was 39.4 tons per acre. A late midseason, determinate, jointed hybrid. Advantages of greenhouse production include uniform appearance and quality, consistency in production, increased yields per acre and enhanced grower capability to sustain year-round production. Performs well in cool weather conditions. Thick-walled, meaty, bright red, egg-shaped tomatoes about 3 inches long and with few seeds. Plant population per acre 3630–4356. Per acre cost of production is high, and yields can be severely limited by pest problems or environment. ... • Drought tolerant yellow maize which can yield eight tonnes per acre best for silage making ... • Uganda surpass Kenya in milk production … One can eat the tomatoes while fresh, cook them as vegetables, add to salads or get the processed tomatoes. Expertise in the areas of cultural practices, soils and fertility management, pest control, harvesting, post-harvest handling, marketing, and farm record keeping is crucial to profitable production. 8,540 seeds/1 oz., to produce 1 acre of transplants, 18″ between plants in rows 4′ apart (7,260 plants needed).

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