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$123.95. Support this site and follow me on Instagram or subscribe to my Youtube Channel, I'm an aged skateboarder, but I still shred responsibly. SkateXS Skateboards leverage the most trusted components in the industry. The team went out of their way to make sure that I received my order in time for skateboard camp. The Blind Late Night Youth 7.375 Skateboard Complete is a great looking complete setup for the really young riders. Enjoy offers many skateboards for kids between ages 5 and 12, great quality parts, and safe for kids to use. SkateXS Purple Panda Beginner Complete Skateboard for Kids. They are heavy and require a lot of effort to push around. Most 4-year-olds should be fine with a standard-size board. It made him stumble and fall, good thing he’s wearing protective stuff. I really like that it doesn’t make much noise and can deal with rough surfaces and cracks. It was during the 80s that old skateboard decks began to take on a new role as not only an item to ride but a work of art. 99 Get it … 5 - 7 Years. Boardstore Skateboard Shop provides the largest range of Skateboards and skateboard decks in Australia Skateboard sizes for children are between 6.5”to 7.5”. Any board between 8.0” and 8.5” inches would be suitable for this age. 8 - 10 Years. A narrow board makes a difference but to be fair, I learned skateboarding on a much wider board as a kid. This is the exact skateboard my kid rides and he’s having a blast. That seems outrageous for an eight year old who has never done it, and may eventually lose interest. “I asked Santa for 99 blankets for the homeless and a skateboard and some sneakers,” Vincezo … Skatro Mini Skateboard. Best Skateboard for 5 year Old I realize most people are on a budget so I made sure to pick skateboards that start at 50 bucks. Best Budget: KROWNE ROOKIE Skateboard Complete 7.5" Buy on Amazon Buy on Walmart The brand Krown Skateboards was created because of the major price discrepancy between big-box retail boards made with low-quality materials and the professional-grade with custom details but that came with a much higher price point. For a five year old, I'd say something between 7.25 and 7.5 for the deck. Pricing, promotions and … We are recognized as providing the best skateboard for 7 year old boys and girls from their very first push to national competitions. I think this is the best reliable board you can buy for a kid on a budget. "Perfect for our 6-year-old! Best for 7 year old: MEKETEC Kids Skateboards. They are extremely lightweight and easy to control for all the beginner tricks such as flips and ollies What size skateboard should I get for a 5-year-old? Happy Holidays, Stay Safe, and Thank You for your Support! Kids use smaller sized skateboards referred to as mini skateboards. I got him a smaller one and he improved quickly, the short answer here is: The best skateboard for a 7-year-old depends on your kids’ height and shoe size. You made my son very happy today! SkateboardersHQ is about spreading the love of skateboarding written by real skateboarders. My name is Ruben and I've been skating since I was a kid. SkateXS Starboard Beginner Complete Skateboard for Kids. They come in different colors and sizes, going from 7″ wide to 8.5″. If your kid is between 4’5″ to 5’2″ tall and has shoe size 6 to 8, you need a skateboard that is between 7.0″ and 7.25″ wide. Avoid the cheap skateboards as they are frustrating to ride and often delaminate. There are other types of skateboards which I will address shortly. 14+ Years. My son has been begging me for a skateboard for MONTHS. Caster Boards. You can check for prices at evo.com. We want to get her a good one - but she's just starting out and not sure what her attention span will be with this one! Thanks! Cheap skateboards are often unsafe and consist of low-quality components. Harder wheels (100A) are great for slick surfaces like tennis/BB courts and skate parks. Skateboard Dog 22 inch Retro Mini Skateboards Kids Board for Boys Girl Youth Beginners Children Toddler Teenagers Adults 5 to 6 Year Old (Blue Flame) MEKETEC 9.7 GET ON AMAZON 2 M Merkapa 22″ Complete M Merkapa The image could be used as a general guide if you want to assemble a skateboard yourself. It works great for the child. To have it looking good is also another key consideration. I live near a skateboard shop where the prices start at $125. You won't be disappointed! A skateboard that is 7 inches wide will be labeled ‘XXX Skateboard 7’. SKATEBOARD WHEELS:High rebound PU wheels(52mm,95A),give you quick response from the ground,suitable for commuting, skate parks, ramps, pools and other smooth surfaces or even rough … At 7.25″ x 31.25″ with a 15″ wheelbase, it’s a good size mini-cruiser for an 8-year old kid – the cruiser shape and flat nose offer more foot platform than a street deck, so 7.25″ is plenty here. Softer wheels provide a smoother ride and help to balance on a skateboard. 98 Insta @skateboardershq. $123.95. They can be a bit more expensive but you get a great setup and. I was not going to get him one of those cheap boards at a toy store that he could hurt himself on. The boards are made of quality maple wood and standard trucks, wheels, and bearings. The wheels are quite soft and roll over small rocks without any issues, you don’t want the wheels to block and proper wheels really make a difference. A smaller board is ideally not the best if your child is maybe 4 or 5 years old. Are skateboards safe for 7-year-olds?It is suggested that children under 5-years-old not ride skateboards. Mini: Mini skateboards come with a width of 7 inches. The problem with the cheaper skateboards is that components like trucks and bearings can break. Sure your kid can ride a wider board, it just takes a bit longer to get the basics down and requires a different stance and posture compared to a kids-sized skateboard. While a kid-sized skateboard isn’t always necessary, they are easier to ride and keep your child motivated. No risk of the deck coming into contact with the wheels on sharp turns. Don’t forget to buy at least a helmet but I also recommend knee pads, elbow pads, and wrist guards. All 6 year old’s aren’t the same size, so choose a skateboard size that will match the height and weight of your child. It’s the best on this list and the cheapest (75 buck). If you want to pick the parts yourself make sure that the trucks’ axle width matches the width of a skateboard deck. Activewear T-Shirts. Plus, full-size skateboards aren't that large. My kid loves it and it even looks great, you can check it out at this page. SkateXS Unicorn Beginner Complete Skateboard for Kids. It has a medium concave, which is the curvature across the deck’s surface and helps to maintain grip when moving your feet around. The customer service that I received was truly exemplary. It’s a very impressive deck, it’s just as good as any of the top brands though it doesn’t have a fancy graphic. Thank you again SkateXS. Blind, almost, Darkstar, enjoi, have these soft top boards which I … This results in blocking wheels and the board coming to a sudden stop. The best skateboard for a 7-year-old depends on your kids’ height and shoe size. Anything below is just unsafe and frustrating to ride. This mini comes with high-quality Paris An average 12-year-old should get a mid-sized board if they are 4”5″ to 5’2″ tall and wear a size 7-8 shoe size. Kids Protective Gear, Knee and Elbow Pads with Wrist Guards for Roller Skating Cycling Skateboard Bike Scooter Rollerblade Safety Gear for Kids 2-7 Years Old 4.8 out of 5 stars 33 $15.98 $ 15 . I reviewed this board a while ago and was pleasantly surprised by its performance. I started skateboarding 25 years ago and I'm out there whenever I can. 342. They are very loose because of the soft bushings, some people like loose trucks and others don’t. So, something cute, sturdy, decent. I would like to know how much I should expect to spend for a safe, decent starter skateboard. Best Skateboard For 8 Year Old After researching through some of the digital contents and getting suggestions from other skaters, it took me to consider few things before buying one. Knee and elbow pads, a helmet, and athletic gloves are recommended for 7-year-old riders. For a 7 year-old the cheap Target board is just fine. The size of skateboard a 12-year-old should get is based on more than just their age. I also would stay away from those cheap plastic skateboards. Powell Golden Dragon Flying Dragon Complete Skateboard – The Best Skateboard for Intermediate … I’ll keep this one short because Stoked Ride Shop is your best bet for a cheap and quality skateboard. They provide enough grip, can deal with small cracks but might block when coming into contact with pebbles and twigs. Best Electric: Boosted Mini X. The wheels are a bit hard though. Note: As an Avantlink and Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases. Heavier skaters often need harder bushings but this isn’t a problem for kids. This is a good fit for young kids (up to five years old) with shoe size 0 to 3, and height around 3 feet and 4 inches. They are usually a lot cheaper but your kid will have a harder time learning to ride properly. What age should a child start skateboarding? Skateboard sizes for children are between 6.5”to 7.5”. Wheels are often measured by the durometer scale where 100A is the hardest wheel available. Further down I’ll guide you in buying parts separately if you want the best quality stuff available. Blind Skateboards Complete Skateboard – 7″ x 28″ Skate XS come in at a lower price point and not a bad choice if you are wanting to go for a heavier maple deck. When looking at 7-inch deck in 7 … Check Stoked Ride Shop for availability. Your 7-year-old will have a good time on any skateboard especially since they’re most likely going to be rolling around near home most of the time. A standard 8.0″ is wider and longer which means kids need to compensate by bending their knees and almost skate in a crouch-like position (lower center of gravity). I know this board will last and he will be riding in no time! I think they did a great job with the wheels, they are perfect for riding rougher streets and don’t make a lot of noise. … Low-quality trucks on cheap skateboards are often deformed which can lead to less balance and unpredictable behavior. Best Roller Skates for 4 Year Old with Bonus Training Cones – Heelys Launch Skate Shoes Here we have one of the most beautiful roller skates for 4 year old we have seen, WiiSHAM offers us a model that comes in Small (10-13) and Medium (1-4) sizes, that comes in two pastel colors (blue and grey or pink and grey). A 5 years old child can use skateboards that have 3 inches or 3.4 inches width deck. Not only will it keep you kid in one piece, often kids get demotivated when they hurt themselves and there’s a big chance they’ll give up. You can tweak the trucks a bit to make them tighter or looser depending on what your kid prefers. There are many options these days for 7-year-olds aspiring skateboarders. It offers a … Recommended for kids from 5 years to 7 years old or Older(under the weight limit). When I was doing my research I wanted a quality board that my son would be able to really learn the sport on. My 7 year old daughter has decided she wants a skateboard for Christmas. They are skate-ready, right out of the box. (ABC NEWS) — João Vicente is a viral sensation. Children who are 7-years-old should have careful supervision when riding a skateboard. Skatro Mini Skateboard is one of the best skateboards for kids. Out of the skateboard tricks that are available for kids in between 6 years and 10 years old to try, manual has received a lot of attention. Correct Size; Smaller Boards are fundamentally safer … 11 - 13 Years. It’s ideal for those with ... 5 - 7 Years. Krown Rookie Complete Skateboard. Flat out, 80s skateboards recommend one size for 5-year-old kids. If this is you, you've come to the right... Hey, thanks for dropping by! Caster Boards. The most important thing is that it fits properly and won’t shift (avoid the cheapest stuff). Your boards are phenomenal and your costumer service was fantastic! I’m not a huge fan of the wheels and bearings but you can’t expect to get high-quality components at this price range. Make sure the trucks match the skateboard decks width and get proper fitting protective gear. Remember that all the parts can be replaced, you don’t have to be a new skateboard if parts are showing signs of wear and tear. So why not a standard size? Type. The ABEC ratings for skateboard bearings are 1, 3, 5, 7, and 9. The standard length is around 22 inches x 6-7 inches. It comes with standard trucks and 99a 54 mm wheels. Enjoy not only offers kid-sized skateboards but also larger boards for adults. Funxim Complete Skateboard, 7-Layer Maple Wood Deck Double Kick Standard Skateboards with All-in-One Skate Tool, for Kids, Teens, Adult, Beginner (31 x 8 Inch) 4.8 out of 5 stars 7 £40.99 £ 40 . I wouldn’t recommend CCS trucks to hardcore street skaters but they are fine for kids. Anything between 7.5″ and 8.0″ will be fine for kids. Safety comes from preparation, and the more precautions you take, the safer your child will be. I also will go a bit into the jargon used because I can imagine it can be confusing. Low-quality boards delaminate and chip fairly easy, not to mention that they quickly develop a sharp tail, also known as razor tail. At this age, they either can ride an adult-sized- or a kid-sized skateboard. Skateboarding is great to get into as a 6-year-old. buy online & pick up in stores all delivery options same day delivery include out of stock Caster Boards Electric Skateboards Longboards Skateboard Storage Bags Skateboard Wheels Standard Skateboards 5 - 7 Years 8 - 10 Years 11 - 13 Years 14+ Years … The skateboard 7 layers Canadian maple deck measures 31 x 7.9 x 3.7inches in overall dimensions is super light and weighs only 2.3 kgs. 99 It’s a decent board but not as great as the other ones listed. 52 is standard wheel size in general. For a bit extra you get something that lasts for years if you maintain it properly. Trucks can be replaced (like most parts on a skateboard)  eventually and you can tweak them by tightening the trucks’ nuts on the kingpin. They aren’t very comfortable on rough roads and make more noise compared to softer wheels. They stand for their quality control and their decks are constantly monitored and tested during production. It comes with a skate tool so you can tweak the trucks or replace parts when needed. Plus, kids' skateboards are usually about 6" wide, and kids may actually do better with the 7… Ecommerce Software by Shopify. My opinion is that the trucks are great for beginners who don’t perform technical tricks. Skateboard sizes for children are between 6.5”to 7.5”. This is just a suggestion, any kid can ride a skateboard between 7.5″ and 8.0″. 14+ Years. My kid is (as of this writing) 7 years old and I got him a great skateboard so we can ride together. For 7 year old Vincenzo Gallo, it’s blankets. *See offer details. The OJ slimeball wheels are great for skating streets and skate parks. Electric Skateboards. If not you have … Activewear T-Shirts. Shop for boys skateboard online at Target. When making a sizing selection and picking the best beginner skateboards for kids, sizing for children can be quite difficult and is something that seriously needs to be taken into consideration, especially at different ages. What you're getting with a more expensive board is something that can withstand very high impacts by a larger more heavy teenage rider. A 7 year old needs a good, strong, sturdy skateboard that can withstand a few knocks and bumps, and one that will see them through to the next stage of their skateboarding career. Bullet trucks are reasonably good trucks, they are checked for any deformation and don’t cause a skateboard to steer in one direction. A smaller board makes it easier to learn the basics. For an 6-year-old, the skateboard … The deck is made of quality maple wood, the only downside is that it doesn’t have a graphic. Santa Cruz is one of the most reliable and oldest skateboard brands and has decades of experience building skateboards. Expert Reviewer - Steve Cave - About.com Skateboarding Guide: ...SkateXS is the first company I've seen to make high quality skateboards for kids; skateboards built to the same standards as regular adult skateboards. I love that the board is just the right size for him to handle as he perfects his basic skills. You can always slap a few stickers on the bottom or make a custom painting to make it look more appealing, but in my opinion, it already looks fine. In general, I advise against them. If you have the money for them, bearings with ceramic balls instead of steel ones will last longer and won't need to be lubricated as often. Skateboards are fully assembled & ship in unmarked boxes, most orders arrive within a week of shipping. Its They all went through 14 stages of quality control and are checked throughout the manufacturing process by a reputable woodshop. Note that some brands advertise their wheels as 101A or even 104A but this is more a marketing thing. This is only when you follow it to the exact rule. SkateXS Pirate Beginner Complete Skateboard … This complete comes with CCS trucks, in fact, almost all the parts are CCS branded. The American Academy of Pediatrics has publicly stated that children who are 5 years o… As for wheels. 8 - 10 Years. This skateboard trick is also known as wheelie and it would be ideal for the kids who have the mindset of experimenting. The hot transfer He put on his triple brain saver helmet and pads (which I also purchased from this site) and took off outside. 99a stands for the hardness or durometer which basically means they are soft and grippy. Meketec Skateboards Complete 22 Inch Mini Cruiser Retro Skateboard for Kids Boys Youths Beginners 235. Insta: @skateboardershq, link to Best Skateboard Wheels For Beginners, link to Best Skateboards for Beginners | Bought, Tested & Approved. Skateboard wheels look the same to beginners, but there are many differences in quality, performance, and the right wheels for the right purpose. I can imagine you don’t want to buy a new board each year so anything between 7.25″ and 7.5″ will work. Top 5 Best Skateboard for A 7-year-old Magneto Mini Cruiser Skateboard Who are the world’s best skateboarders This is a well-built skateboard that is awesome for kids who love cruising around. Safety Something that goes without saying is that we want our children to be safe no matter what they’re riding. The Krown Rookie Complete Skateboard is made of Canadian … Best for 9 year old: Skitch Skateboard. You get high-quality Paris Street trucks, fast Fireball bearings, decent mini logo wheels (99A/53mm) that ride smooth and are grippy enough for both asphalt, pavements, and skateparks. Demand is unprecedented; inventory & resources are limited. It’s strong to the center. The wheels are hard but still perform well on slick surfaces. The SkateXS Beginner Complete Skateboard was designed specifically to support younger children including seven year olds just learning to skate. It is built to the weight right around 220 pounds. It’s a time of progression and overcoming challenges. A 7.375 sized deck, narrow size for all the young core street skaters and any first time riders who are in between Skateboards are our focus and have been since day one, we have always aspired to be a leading skateshop in Queensland. Nowadays there are many options out there for kids so I decided to buy a smaller board. Bearing in mind kids can grow very fast, don’t opt for a perfect or mini size. This 31-inch long and 8-inch wide, double-kick style skateboard is a great starter board for kids of all ages. $123.95. So the general width I advise is between 7.25″ and 7.5″. I am so happy I found SkateXS, his eyes lit up when he opened his present and saw that neon green skateboard. Cal 7 mini cruiser comes with variety of designs and colors to choose from. It’s produced with 7-ply hard rock maple cold pressed into 32×8-inch deck. Check for prices and availability of Santa Cruz skateboards on Amazon. Founded in 1973 by NHS, they are still very popular to this day. Standard ABEC 3 rated bearings, hardware and grip tape. If your kid is between  4’5″ to 5’2″ tall and has shoe size 6 to 8, you need a skateboard that is between 7.0″ and 7.25″ wide. – Mini skateboard: this type of deck is the best skateboard for kids. Amazon's Choice for skateboard 7 year old Meketec Skateboards Complete 22 Inch Mini Cruiser Retro Skateboard for Kids Boys Youths Beginners 4.6 out of 5 stars 2,443 $34.99 $ 34. Make sure to inspect the board when it arrives. CCS offers quality (kids) skateboards (link to Amazon) and has one of the best skateboards just under 85 bucks. I know it's quite difficult for new skateboarders to pick a skateboard, especially when you don't want to spend too much but still want a decent setup. Check if the deck isn’t twister or deformed, make sure the wheels spin properly and inspect the trucks for deformation. 11 - 13 Years. Invention helps boy skateboard for first time... 01:39 João Vicente, a 7-year-old boy from Brazil, has always dreamed of skateboarding. As with all bell curves, that implies some kids will be ready You can, but it WILL be large for them. Buy on Amazon. However, choosing the right skateboard setup for the first time isn’t easy. It consists of the classic 7-layers of Maple wood, has a mellow concave and I couldn’t find any deformations. Choosing a 7.75″ wide deck for an 8-year old will … It is composed of good quality plastic deck and 3 inches Aluminium alloy trucks… This website is all about regular skateboards, also called popsicles. Rated for up to 220 pounds, if you buy one for your 10-year-old, it should still be good well into their teens. These boards come in all sorts of sizes and consist of a quality deck, reasonable bearings, and acceptable trucks. Best for 4 year old: SkateXS Skateboard. My kid started out on a regular-sized 8.0″ deck and did fine but I noticed his back foot often came into contact with the deck and wheels while pushing. The same rule applies here as to board width and style – a narrower board is more suited to street skating and a wider board is more … Lightweight, High Performance and Environmentally Friendly! The maple deck consist of 7 layers of wood held together by epoxy resin and are single pressed. I found some protective gear that does the job perfectly without feeling too restrictive. Harder wheels make a lot of noise and vibrate more compared to softer wheels. Amazon's Choice for skateboard for 5 year old Merkapa 22" Complete Skateboard with Colorful LED Light Up Wheels for Beginners 4.7 out of 5 stars 2,246 $35.99 $ 35. Best for 10 year old: POSITIV Skateboard. For example a 5 or 6 year old will need a different type compared to a 7, 8 or 12 year old. We recently wrote a blog article that concluded that there is a bell curve that puts most kids around 5 years old as their sweet spot for beginning to skate. He's always been a … Surging in popularity over the last decade, electric … So a 7.0″ deck should have trucks that are about 7″ wide. To have it … If you keep your bearings clean and well lubricated , they'll last for much longer. Don’t pick wheels bigger than 53mm, anything above is (arguably) more suitable for older kids and wider skateboards. If they can place their feet on the bolts on top of the board while still being able to stand a normal size board is fine. Choose from contactless Same Day Delivery, Drive Up and more. SkateXS is AWESOME. Real-life case in point: a 7.5″ Meow street deck with Krux trucks and 52mm wheels (total price around $90) for a 6-7-year old kid. I’ll also explain a bit about the jargon as I don’t want you to leave this page without understanding the basics. Restrictions apply. Old School Skateboard Decks are among the most versatile and interesting decks in the world. There are a couple of protective sets available at a reasonable price, you don’t need anything heavy-duty as kids don’t weigh that much. We really are super nice and very easy to talk to, just give us a call... © 2020 SkateXS. It is therefore super light and will be quite easy to carry in case you want to go for a trip or a competition. They offer several graphics suitable for both girls and boys like panda’s, cats, dogs, and butterflies (nothing inappropriate). Cal 7 Complete Skateboard has one of the best grips in the market without forfeiting the … What Size skateboard to choose For beginners that are 6 years old or more, I suggest a board between 7.5-7.75 inches in width. A 7 year old needs a good, strong, sturdy skateboard that can withstand a few knocks and bumps, and one that will see them through to the next stage of their skateboarding career. The Magneto Mini Cruiser Skateboard basically has … Please consider protective gear, at least get a decent helmet. I suggest experimenting a bit after your kid skated for a few hours. Best Cruiser: … You don’t really need a kid-sized skateboard but they do have a couple of benefits. The trucks perfectly match the width of the deck, so no wheels sticking out and no risk of your kid’s back foot coming into contact with the wheels when pushing the board forward. A smaller board is ideally not the best if your child is maybe 4 or 5 years old. Smaller Boards are fundamentally safer and more appropriate for Smaller Skaters! I’m aware that I mention terms like bushings, kingpin, durometer (hardness) and other jargon that you might not be familiar with so I added a diagram that explains all the technical stuff. Santa Cruz builds quality skateboards that are reliable and safe, the offer a wide range for kids of every age. Skateboards are sized by the width of the deck. Sure, only 30 bucks may seem like a good deal, but they are unstable and don’t have grip tape on the top making which makes them slippery. It’s up to you of course, but there’s a big chance you’ll return the board because of broken bearings, slippery wheels, or deformed decks. 7 Inches won’t hold a 5-year-old back in maneuverability and will also support another 2 years of use. Sign up to get the latest on sales, new releases and more…. This is the best skateboard for 5 year old children. The size is a good fit for older kids (six to eight years old… She picked this up very quickly.” “I bought this for my 7-year old niece who has never ridden a skateboard before but wanted So let’s dive into what you need, I’ll recommend a couple of boards and guide you on how to pick custom parts. 101A is actually 81B and 104A should be labeled 84B. Thank you SkateXS! My son is so proud of his board (he chose blue and multicolored wheels which looks extremely cool) - and is basking in the compliments he gets. That’s a 7-inch sized deck. Any suggestions? I personally bought this skateboard to check why skaters always recommend this board if you’re on a budget. (Best For Tricks & Ollies) Maybe you are looking for the best … The diameter is 53mm which is exactly right for a skateboard this size. A video of the 7-year-old skateboarding with the help of his mom has more than 12 million views on Twitter. Magneto Mini Cruiser Skateboard / Short Board. KPC Pro Skateboard for Beginners. Shop for boys skateboard online at Target. This is a very popular board for kids. ...Some parents may be wondering if they should just get their kid a regular sized skateboard for their first or second skateboard. They come in different sizes so here’s a table to guide you. Micro skateboards come with a width of 6.5 inches to 7.5 inches. IDK how big your kid is. He started out on a wider board but I soon realized he would be better off with a narrow board. We continue to ship our skateboards every day. I haven't touched a skateboard since I was 12, so I feel a little clueless! Right size and speed for a small child with no prior skateboard experience. Quality was extremely important to me in my decision for a board. This is a perfect size for those just starting and learning to ride and do tricks. I listed a couple of boards that I and my son ride and picked skateboards that are safe and reliable. Choose from contactless Same Day Delivery, Drive Up and more. In general, softer and bigger wheels are better for cruising and harder wheels are great for tricks. The SkateXS Beginner Complete Skateboard was designed specifically to support younger children including seven year olds just learning to skate. After doing extensive research I came across an article recommending SkateXS boards as the number one choice for young beginning skateboarders. Before we get to the list of the best skateboard... Best Skateboards for Beginners | Bought, Tested & Approved. If your kid is serious about skateboarding, and if you can afford the investment, I would highly recommend getting a SkateXS complete skateboard. A skateboard that is 7 inches wide will be labeled ‘XXX Skateboard 7’. My biggest concern is that they often break and cause nasty falls.

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