lavender farming for profit in south africa

Whether it is a mild winter or summer. 4. You can keep the aromatic plant in pots to keep away insects and use it as a repellent spray. The Organic and Conventional Contract Farming Concept. Start your plants from cuttings look at the resource link. Like other farms, lavender farming requires some tools and equipment. But, the caring process is laborious. There are also some other benefits of this growing method. If you want to learn about it let us know in a comment on this post. Growing Mint for Profit; Growing Mint in Florida; Growing Native Medicinal Plants in Quebec for Sale as Potted Plants; ... Pick-Your-Own Lavender Farm and Catnip Marketing II; Plant Isolation Required to Prevent Cross Pollination; Plug … Start planning the other aspects of your business. Watering the plants with an infusion prepared with these species will increase their resistance to possible pests. This is a new venture for us. This was a natural progression of our passion for everything Lavender, as well as other plants and trees. Starting a farm is never easy and it takes a time for plants to mature before you start to see a profit. MAjOR PROdUCTION AREAS IN SOUTh AfRICA lavender is cultivated in the Western and eastern cape, KwaZulu-natal, free state, gauteng, limpopo and mpumalanga provinces. Normally, the fresh flower is processed as oil or medicine. This is to prevent it from spreading among the rest of our specimens. It can withstand droughts well enough for us to get through the water. Your email address will not be published. Growing lavender for profit is a challenging venture with a beautiful result—a field full of lavender. Common usage and discovering the proper business plan: Lavender farming conditions- Where do they grow best? Basil and garlic are useful when repelling flies, insects and some fungi. In South Africa they also thrive when planted alongside a north facing wall. White lavender bushes growing in 17 cm black nursery pots. This farm business is relatively more profitable, but it will need one year time to become profitable. How to grow hundreds of free lavender plants to sell in your area. At the time, the flowering process has finished. However, You can contact them to know more information. Dig to the next section to find their usages. But, if you are a complete beginner, you can either start by planting cuttings or seeds. Diane First, we explain how you will prepare the soil. It can cover by a light layer of sifted soil. For harvesting, the entire branch must cut with the flower and leaves. Like others, in lavender farming needs some care. Lavender SA was founded in 2012 as a contributor to the the flower and plant industry in South Africa. Aerial irrigation causes plants to split in half. Because controlling them is easy. There are a lot of factors needed to focus on. In smaller quantities, the leaves are used in wine and vinegar, for this purpose to gain aroma. Thanks! He is one of the founder member of. Here, we have found that the seed germination process is somewhat complicated. The cultivation of this plant needs direct sunlight at least for a minimum of 6 to 8 hours exposure of sun daily. I am in retested in starting farming in lavender for profit and kindly advise on Equipments and method on a five hectors. Recommended to cut back every 3 to 6 months. This is the version of our website … Then eliminating the leaves is in the lower part. Lavender thrives in well-drained, sandy, gravel-laden soil. I want plant lavender for organic oil please advice on it. Plan while you wait for your lavender plants to settle down. Though, It blooms in the first year. The whole cultivation process is very easy. They can grow in many conditions, but they shine in well-drained soil and warm climates. If growing lavender from seed, however, do not expose lavender seedlings to full sun while still in their nursery pots. While drought is expected to limit the country’s growth in the agricultural sector in 2016; it is expected to pick up in 2017. Then the planting or seeding & cutting process with some secret tips. And, It recommends using a mixture of 1/3 sand, 1/3 clay, and 1/3 loam to do this. Lavender should be cut back twice a year, early spring and midsummer, to keep it compact and to extend its longevity. Best Shovel for Digging Up Roots (Heavy duty in 2020), 3 Stages to Secure Newborn Calves Care & Proper Management, Best Mulch for Blueberries Review & Buying Guide (That Works), Best Fertilizer for Peonies Reviews with When & How to Apply It. 2 X 30ml Bottles, 1 X 100ml bottle, 1 jar of honey and 1 piece of soap. The plant produces numerous side branches to form a bush. The cultivation of lavender for profit can start through seeds or cuttings. Fresh lavender bouquets are a very profitable way to sell lavender. There are many lavender products. Find below, some of the best cash crops that a small farm owner can grow to make high profit: #1 Lavender Lavender is considered as a profitable cash crop plants to grow globally. The leaves can remove at any time. We also wanted to buy lavender products and the store was just depressing. Lavender likes to stay dry with very little compost and prefers full sun. Based on their website it appeared to offer a lot lot more than what they truly had. The calcareous type is the ideal type of soil. If you have any question regarding this article please comment below. "If the care is good, then the yield is good." Canettevallei is a small lavender and wine farm hidden away in Stellenbosch Kloof which produces premium quality essential oil and other artisan products. That refers to the herbs grow from these. Here are 3 good ways to make money from lavender farming, and the top variety for each use: 1. If even with some of these resources, our plants are victims of a plague. If you are a beginner to lavender cultivation you should use cuttings. When it comes to finding an exclusive getaway in Franschhoek, with creature comforts best described as world class, one would certainly struggle to find Franschhoek Accommodation that could rival the grace and beauty that is Lavender Farm Guest House. Water regularly and fertilise two or three times during the growing season with a light granular fertiliser like Vigorosa 5:1: 5 (25) or a liquid fertiliser. Hope you are doing well. Successful lavender producers usually spend considerable time on research. The extra humidity favors the growth of fungal diseases. Soil temperatures should be above 18 ° C favors growth. Lavender Farm offers three types of rooms, all with en-suite bathrooms: newly renovated Luxury Rooms in the original Cape Dutch styled manor house, Luxury View rooms and Honeymoon Suites decorated in … Climate and soil conditions play a major role in lavender farming. Let's start with some basic FAQs and then dig to the farming or growing procedure. Once well developed, the lavender crop resists drought. But, This plant grows relatively slowly. Affiliate Disclaimer: As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases. You should also periodically remove old branches. They have learned valuable lessons with experience. It only needs a lot of sun heats and little rain. You should never try to plant your lavender from the seed. As for the ideal time to lavender farming, you must consider first. Selling lavender plants to homeowners and landscapers can be very profitable. Your email address will not be published. It can also be in semi-shade. This venue offers access to a sunny patio. Comprehensive for making. Honey is producing with this plant as one of the best quality nectars. The lavender is a relatively rustic plant that can adapt well to different environments. The scientific name of the lavender is Lavandula. Happy Levander Farming. Swaziland is closely tied to South Africa as a source for trade and remittances. This plant grows well under the sun in the dry climates. Before the harvesting procedure, a list of common past and decrease are included. So, growing this is profitable like growing lavender. Though we do not include the complete guide past and decrease control. Starting a lavender farm opens many options for small-scale farmers, from lavender agritourism to value-added lavender products. Thank you, with gratitude. 3. keep performing good practices on gardening How to Plant Lavender- Start your Plants from Soft Woodcutting. Surround the base of each plant with a lightly colored hoop. It can cover by a light layer of sifted soil. This reflects sunlight on the plant. At our local Saturday market, lavender bunches sell for $6 each. Furthermore, It adapts to any type of soil and in the fall. They will bloom year round, except for a short while after being cut back (like mine have been - for stronger growth). It is preferable we stay short with water. In the care section, we try to focus the general care irrigation, weeding, drainage, etc. It is quite tolerant of different temperatures. It will bury in the ground. It sounds perfect. 2. learn about fertilizer and care Be good luck with you. Usually, people grow them in the garden. Keeping it dry and preventing moisture from causing problems related to it. Lavender plant is originated in Mediterranean region. […], Can you recommend a supplier to purchase organic seedlings from preferably in Canada? When you are about to start lavender farming, you have to learn the best farming method and make notes. The space that should be left between the plants varies from 30 to 90 cm. You have to lift the stratum at least six inches. The flower so looks beautiful in your garden. @ All Right Reserved 2020 to, Lavender Farming Guide: How to Grow Lavender for Profits, Harvesting Process- Lavender Harvesting Guide, A die heart farmer. Lavender is dubbed ‘Blue Gold’, a description that could lead to unrealistic expectations as it’s hard to make lavender farming a profitable business on its own, without the added value of lavender-based products, and its tourism appeal. But growing from seeds is require much effort and knowledge. Lavender is a well known and fragrant plant with gray-green foliage, upright flower spikes, and a compact shrub form. Dig the soil at least between 18 and 24 inches deep. I would feel proud too, you can start by this-. Lavender flower farming is known as the most arming is known as the most profitable commercial crop. BTW the same bad review was given 3 years ago by another person. Mulch it and the rows to avoid weeds. Long fields of lavender stretch in front of this elegant property and you can admire the majestic mountains embracing the picturesque Franschhoek valley as far as the eye can see. THAT is the extent of the "shop" with lots of fake feathers that are not even in a good state. I need project report of lavender in India. The lavender transplant complete when the seedlings are large enough to handle. It had exactly 4 products and not more than 2-10 units of each. It produces an essential oil of better quality. Welcome to Lavender SA on the eastern outskirts of Pretoria, South-Africa. You must remove those invasive plants. The leaves of Lavender plant are opposite, oblong-linear with small flowers. So, you need to deliver this flower faster. 4. learn about harvesting, Hi, Lavender plants can last for many years, depending on how you look after it. […] Growing wasabi is profitable because they are highly-priced. A small Lavender farm usually are managed by a handful of people, owners included, in order to turn a decent profit. Lavender prefers to cultivate it in warm and quite dry climates, mild winters and sunny summers. However, they are not only considered like flowers but also herbs. Herbs are the most profitable crops that you can grow in your garden. Let's learn how you will start growing lavender and care them to get the most profit. Villa Lavender. It must have good drainage to avoid constant humidity. Firstly, gather information and list out things to do, and it will be perfect if you can create a business plan including cost and others... 1. choose land and prepare, in the meantime collect lavender seedlings. At last, if you are thinking to start lavender farming, I will say "go for it". Now, if you are wondering, why this flower is so profitable? In those case, use soil with well-drained, light and moderately fertile. Small Farm Animals List: What to Rise in Your Farm? That become woody, to keep the plant healthy. Proper irrigation for the lavender plants, Lavender Care - Caring for High Yield and Profit. Essential tools for cultivating lavender: Winter Goat Care Guide: How to care goats for winter, How to Grow Wasabi From Seeds Easily - Complete Guide - Farming Method, List of Plants That Like Coffee Grounds and Which Don't, Gardening Tools List With Pictures and Their Uses, List of Legumes With Is Types and Pictures, Growing a Lemon Tree: How to Grow a Lemon Tree from Seed, Tractor Implements List: Useful Attachments with Name, Pictures & Use, Best Liner for Raised Garden Bed Review and Buying Guide. The cultivation of lavender for profit can start through seeds or cuttings. BioAfrica possesses the skills and knowledge relating to the obtaining and planting of plants containing essential oils as well as the harvesting and processing thereof and the extraction of the essential oils from such plant material. We will be starting our farm in the spring and are trying to get every thing in place to succeed. Stoechas need regular repotting because they have dense, fibrous roots. South Africa is a haven for lavender fields and of course, that comes with multiple farms and a hotel that centers around this aromatic herb. The company now has three hectares of lavender growing on the Allee Bleue farm in Simon-dium and is coming up to its fourth harvest. the weather conditions in the Western cape are very similar to the mediterranean climate. The flowers also used to give flavor and aroma. If you are a beginner to lavender cultivation you should use cuttings. I have been doing research for some time now, I am very intressted to start a lavender bussiness and would be so gald if you can help to get me started and where to go to begin. The farm owner went to Provence in France to study the plants and learned how to make the oils and other spa products. Therefore, before any sign of attack to the plant, it is better to act and eliminate the affected parts. Here are just a few of the growing secrets you’ll learn in Growing Lavender for Profit: Top 10 proven varieties of English lavender for commercial growers … page 9. Leave a space between the plants 2 1/2 feet with four feet between the rows. If your passion is gardening this should be on top of your plants' list as it is the easiest things to grow. When it has already germinated and grown a little. Lavender Trout Guest Farm offers 9-room accommodation 6 miles from Ardmore Ceramics. Thank you for this information. The farm was small and didnt have much of the lavender in the blooming stage. |œ|›ÓRà:NSµBBµ’+fÖJnŒ5¼SäZ-¡²*:TK(NYŸð§Ye}”º²>ÆîñžO½ÈÍÖ?gÞ# =gæ²dq9PC3s©sæ†AaT˜f…½ÂAá¨pjXу2”  ¯Q&€2”  L e(@™ (Q™ Ø¹âVԊ¹wt[v\»-C[Fgh“)ž×PÌؕY1ñéºÕ¡îC»×ËCõÓÃbñ}‰Ów‘X1u%V\6Ÿ. They can offer interesting insights. This plant is very sensitive to excess water. But, the most abundant flowering begins after the second year of cultivation. Some other countries where it produced such as Bulgaria, central Mexico, Span, French, Goodwin Creek. Do you want to start a lavender farm for a small scale business? This is a  common type of any herb nursery. Lavender Farm GUEST HOUSE PHYSICAL ADDRESS : 1 Verdun Road, Franschhoek POSTAL ADDRESS : PO Box 413, Franschhoek, 7690, South Africa TELEPHONE: +27 (0) 21 876 2671 FAX : +27 (0) 21 876 2672 E-MAIL : WEBSITE : Loves farming and growing various things in his backyard. This crop is very easy to grow. The overheat of summer affects badly on the quality of the products. You see, the plants have their own spinach, like Popeye. In the garden, lavender makes an excellent companion plant for almost anything from roses to cabbage.It is one of those aromatic, gray herbs that deer avoid, making it a great choice as a decoy in your Hosta or daylily beds. Propagation takes just 4-6 weeks … page 15. People extract essential oils from the freshly chopped flowers. Use a potting mix that drains well. Welcome! If you want to be the success in lavender farming, it's better to prevent than to cure. Planting in pots. And don't forget to share this article with your friends as we are still growing. On the other hand, this top-priced priced flower to grow. That should encourage you lavender farming. It usually plants in the seedbed at the beginning of spring. Like pieces of marble, sand or gravel. So that you can follow them later. Few dozens of lavender plants growing in the backyard can make you rich. The flowers that form on the tips of the branches in a cylindrical bunch are a blue to lilac purple colour. The seeds usually germinate between two to six weeks. This is to keep the soil slightly humid. This should offer you space to plant approximately 4000 plants per acre. If you love the work it won't be work but play for you. The name ‘lavender' comes from the Latin verb lavare ‘to wash' or ‘to bathe'. The following Essential tools commonly used in Lavender plantation. The season for planting lavender seeds or cutting starts in the fall. I will be extremely pleased if I can help you. Southwest Asia to southeast India, eastern Africa, the Mediterranean. This process could be tedious and frustrating. Lavender SA. First, most sales are for several, even dozens of plants to use in hedges and other planting areas. Lavender is repellents of some of the most common pests and insects. It is neighboured by Mozambique to the east and South Africa to the north, west and south. Through seeds: Lavender seeds can sow directly in the place where they will grow or in trays. That can irrigate in smaller quantities. This is a complete guideline, to begin with. So, the perfect soil for commercial farm should have a pH between 6.5 and 7.5. The soil should keep slightly humid. Flowers. Required fields are marked *. And the plant belongs to the family Lamiaceae. Here is a list of organic seed suppliers in ca certified by Canadian Organic Growers.I am not associated with them, so I can't tell in detail. It is one of the most beautiful and iconic lavender farms located in the Lavender Capital of North America which attracts thousands of visitors from around the world. This becomes of special interest during the initial phase of growth. Lavender needs a lot of time in the full sun (consider the plant's native habitat), so save the dappled areas for shade-loving plants. One of a kind lifestyle business opportunity. Enjoy your beautiful grass fields, fragrant and romantic. Lavender grows in Southern Europe and North Africa. Commercial lavender farming is a profitable business opportunity even for small entrepreneurs. Here are the top lavender farms that will take your senses away in South Africa. All the adorable things you do about it. Top 5 lavender varieties for essential oil production … page 11. To reproduce the lavender we can do it by dividing the plant, cuttings or seeds. We were super pumped to go to the lavender farm. The lavender plant is a perennial that grows to about 1200 mm in height and has long, spike like, grey green leaves with slightly serrated edges that get to about 40 to 50 mm long. … It is best to order the plants in a nursery. To grow this plant you must have a right climate similar to Mediterranean area. Lavender farming conditions suggest you can grow this in USA, UK, Australia, South Africa, India, Africa, Indonesia, and many other countries... From old farming days, this grows in the Canary Islands, Cape Verde. The cultivation of lavender can attack by different pests and diseases. So that it returns to bloom the following year. You can decide to obtain new lavender plant from a segment. Single Plants: 40cm (1' 3") each way (minimum) Rows: 35cm (1' 1") with 50cm (1' 7") row gap (minimum) Purple Haze Lavender Farm is located in sunny Sequim, WA on the Olympic Peninsula (about a 2-hour drive & ferry ride from Seattle). Which corresponds to a specific genus of warm and temperate climates. Lavender prefers direct exposure to the sun. Cutting: To plant lavender first you must cut the stems. But this will need a lot of time and afford to become a successful gardener. Lavender in the KZN Midlands and Limpopo Province (Photos: W.G. The flowers used as a source of food for honey-producing bees. It is for this reason that a tip on how to grow lavender. However, a large piece of land ensures a better profit ratio. For lavender, the plant does not need many watering rather the opposite. The profitability of your lavender farming is mostly depending on the soil. It transplants in autumn or winter. Prepare your Land- Making the Perfect Soil. Start growing today and see where your imagination takes you. It is never wrong to have a few of these plants in your garden. Its optimum cultivation temperature is between 15 and 30 ºC. This flowering crop thrives in the arid West,  as annuals or in the South,  In Zones 5 to 9. Lavender needs a drastic pruning. Here we designed this as the complete guide. This plant grows in a relatively dry climate. Therefore, the cultivation of lavender can be a good option for people. A 20′ x 20′ growing area can produce around 300 bunches each year, worth $1,800. Alberts) Additionally, participates in various other affiliate programs, and we sometimes get a commission through purchases made through our links. Lavender is also prone to rotting if the soil remains too moist. Lavandin is a more prolific grower and produces more flowers than English lavender. That is why it never hurts to put a pot. With Accommodation for a maximum of 28 guests at any given time, exclusivity is not a word that we simply pay lip service to, it is an ideal that we live by. Lavender is a Mediterranean plant and not indigenous to South Africa, however, it is planted here and high-quality lavender oil is produced and exported from South Africa. The ideal time to separate the chosen branch is at the end of summer. Lavender farming has become big business in South Africa where the sunny climate and well drained soil of the Western Cape and particulary the Swartberg region and the Karoo, have become areas where lavender and other herb crops like rosemary, are grown and harvested on a large scale, to harvest essential oils, which are sold as a cash crop and a lucrative one at that. Lavender can be grown in backyards, pots/containers as well. Live plants. But growing from seeds is require much effort and knowledge. This can be with about 10 cm long. Swellendam Lavender Farm – Swellendam Swellendam Lavender Farm is a family-owned business in Western Cape. As they compete for resources and nutrients. Since an excess of water can lead to decomposition of the cutting. You have to use sharp flower cutting tools. So, we recommend you to use cuttings. Too much moisture on lavender can cause a variety of problems. You should talk to other farmers who have experience in this area. When adding a mature plant to your garden, choose a spot that gets sun the majority of the day. Related to growing lavender: 5 ways to use lavender at home. The worker tried valiantly to tell us about the lavender farming after seeing only 2 small bottles of lavender oils available for sale. It will be best to eliminate the infected or dead plants as soon as possible. However, many of the hybrid lavender species produce sterile seeds. Surround each plant with the garden cloth. However, it is not able to develop properly in very humid or cold climates. Most growers sell direct to the retail public, either from their garden or at the local farmer’s market. Who will do the manual labor and how will the division of labor fall. If you are looking for a high-value specialty crop that can produce an income in the first …

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