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Basketball Club Story. Journey is an amazingly Addictive Action-Adventure and Indie Art and Exploration video game that offers both Single and Multiplayer Support. During the game, the player needs to collect as many coins as possible which can be used to unlock further content. The screen of the game doesn’t offer any information beyond the view compass and images such as vegetation, road signs, landmarks, and more. Samorost 3 is an Adventure, Puzzle and Single-player video game developed and published by Amanita Design available to play on multiple platforms. The game mainly deals with puzzle genre to provide you with relaxing gameplay, and it includes some musical game feeling about rhythm to locate the solution. Google Santa Tracker, Chess and Y8 are some of the top options that you should consider out of 24 available alternatives of GeoGuessr. The game offers the beautiful environment, and the player needs to complete the environmental puzzles to advance through the storyline to earn points. 66% . The player can uncover mysterious islands at his pace where he can interact with wildlife, finding for hidden items, and more. The primary objective of the game to enjoy both beautiful world and pleasant and soft music to relax. The Plan offers core features such as Side-scroll Exploration, Relaxing Sound Effects, Beautiful Background, and more. The game takes place in the beautiful alien world full of danger and mysteries. With prominent features, addictive features, and superb controls, Morphite is the incredible game to play. It has a series of the level and each level has a set of tasks to accomplish. He navigates through the world to get flashbacks of life on the planet Earth. Online leaderboards will let you compete against other players from all over the world. GeoGuessr. The game supports Single-player mode and mixes Exploration, Third-person, and Rhythm elements by PixelOpus and published by Sony Computer Entertainment. Dynamic weather system and day/night cycle are available in the game which makes the game more entertaining and realistic. Drizzlepath offers addictive features such as detailed Environment, different Sound Effect, Discover world around you, and more. You must manipulate the world from a first-person perspective, complete a variety of levels while scoring the highest points to become the master. The game uses the procedurally Google Street View location and needs the player to guess the location across the world using the clues. Do you remember GeoGuessr? The player will learn how to transfer himself to create the worlds within the worlds and immerse himself in the exploration experience to create a never-ending documentary about the land the player lives. Lifeless Planet offers fantastic gameplay with a unique blend of Puzzle, Platform, and Third-person Perspective elements developed by Stage 2 Studios and published by Serenity Forge. The player can jump, climb, run, push or pull objects, and carry various objects around the landscapes of the Island. The game takes place on the beautiful beaches of South Australia near the Murray River. A lot of the rounds are similar to geoguessr, like screenshots of streetview or satellite images. The game introduces immersive gameplay for those players who love playing Atmospheric games. You must manipulate the world and maintain your power to survive in the challenging landscape. Lots of challenging obstacles are available at each level, and the player must solve the unique puzzle to move forward in order to reach the end to complete the level. Town of Tides. The protagonist saves orphaned chicks, one of whom becomes the faithful companion of the child. The game comes with relaxing gameplay with soft music and lets the player explore the heights of skies while pondering the pointlessness of its existence. Suddenly one night, a mysterious entity appears in her dreams and tell her about a relic known as the Genie and Lula must find it. You assume the role of the protagonist named as Gnome on an epic journey through space, comprises a variety of planets. Games like. It’s a pretty standard tower defence setup, but the pleasure comes from doing it across real-world streets and locations. This game is developed and designed to be played in the background while the player uses other apps. Try it out, and you’ll love it. Check it out, and have fun. Other levels will be unlocked as the player fulfil the requirements. The game enables you to see the landmarks, natural wonders, and the world’s biggest cities. To solve each puzzle the player needs to slow down the speed to think and listen to the music carefully. The more explores the world, the more you come close across secrets, magic, people, a purpose, and hope. There’s an endless randomly generated maps for the player to navigate. With an immersive gameplay, brilliant graphics, and cool controls, GeoGuessr is the best game to play. It selects you in the role of the Shu, who is a space-cactus of the bouncy persuasion and your objective is to travel from planet to planet across the space to spread life and to locate new friends. 5. If 1000 users play one round of a challenge and load up one streetView instance, the site owner needs to pay these $14. As the player advances, further levels will be unlocked to play. 5. I am a big fan of Geoguessr, but I feel like not using the Google Maps system for the 1 game a day will be your biggest downfall. The plot centres on the protagonist as he navigates the world in order to uncover how the Soviets successfully managed to traverse to the planet and why the outpost is now empty.

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