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I thought it was fantastic how the first tee shot required courage for the dogleg right and the last hole required a similar shot over the corner of the beach, but with a slightly lower and different wind. Cape Wickham Golf Course sits on the northern cape of King Island, about a 45 minute drive from the newly refurbished airport. The fairway looks really narrow. The course and coastline are so beautiful, that you need to play here multiple times just so you can concentrate on the architecture. The tenth returns to the sea allowing the player to walk to the ridge crest and before you sits a breathtaking view of green and coastline, in a similar manner to number six at New South Wales. I'm sure there is no need to add yet more effusive praise for both the siting of the course, or the design, so let me add some other notes to playing golf on King Island: It takes a while to get to Cape Wickham, even for an Australian. I lived here for 7 years and played here quite often. All eighteen holes have ocean views, and many of the holes run right along the shoreline. Sixteen has what must be one of the most demanding approach shots in golf to its cliff hugging edge, punishing any degree of errant heroic shot, but like all the holes at Cape Wickham it is playable by any level of player with open approaches allowing the running game to flourish, should the atrial route be viewed as too intimidating. Fast forward and the 18 holes at Cape Wickham has made a stunning debut, ranked in US Golf Digest’s top 25 Courses in the World, with No.3 ranking in Australia. You’d get no argument to the deserved nods. As an aside, if you do go into the deep rough it contains snakes, like the chilled out copperhead I met on a path on the back nine; I'd started to ignore the "snakes seen here" signs to look for balls, but rough was strictly water hazard from then on ! Many an architect could have produced a lesser experience but the collaboration of DeVries,Olivera and owner Andrews has produced one of the finest courses on the planet in my opinion as spectacular a golf course I have ever played. 4. Respond to above review  Cape Wickham Golf Links on King Island, Tasmania, has become one of the first major Australian golf clubs to feel the full impact of the coronavirus crisis. 13th Hole, Par 5, 520 Meters It’s a spectacular start with all holes enjoying either placement on the coast or a sea view and all playing in different directions with regards to the wind, which can be quite extreme at times. It is a gravel road in its last portion, with fantastic views upon arrival in the property on the big white lighthouse. Written by: Turfmate Editor. As a new course something I loved was that the first cut rough was also fescue, giving tufty transitions that one typically associates with historic courses - most of the new courses down here seem to have marram waiting very close to the fairway, like Trump Aberdeen. Tara Iti (29) When I got the chance to spend three days there some six months prior to the opening I jumped at the chance and in the company of Duncan Andrews the owner marveled at what had been constructed. See other reviews from Guilhem. The first five holes wind their way around the Cape Farewell headland before the routing moves inland, with the next eight holes set amongst sand hills and occasional limestone outcrops. The New course at Grand Cypress is a fun round of golf. A strong drive will hit the speed slot and leave a tempting approach to go for the green in two. No really, just do it; preferably on different days to get a feel for different conditions. I looked back from this green towards the tee and wondered how I messed it up as it looked simple. The 18 hole course is on the NW corner of the island, 48 klms from the airport at Currie. It might make the most sense to play the two great courses at Barnbougle Dunes and then fly from Launceston up to King Island, to visit Cape Wickham. King Island and Cape Wickham could be about as remote a golfing destination as you could hope to seek out. If you succeed you will have a short iron in to a beautiful green setting right on the cliffside beach. The par 3 17th is a great long par 3 which proves very challenging in the wind. 8. It is a beautiful view once again. Cape Kidnappers (44). The course itself is fantastic. The spectacular par-3 11th hole from behind the green. I thought the fairway was much too wide for this hole. Everybody needs to take the walk to the back tee of number eight, it could be the most intimidating tee shot I have ever seen, a slight glimpse of the fairway is barely visible over dunes, native grasses and in golfing terms nothing good for your score!! Cape Wickham (73) The spectacularly beautiful par three seventeenth over a rugged cove but to a large target is another example of the architect maximizing the coastline to provide the finest golfing experience. The seventeenth is an outstanding longer par 3 requiring a forced carry over rocks and avoiding the cliff edge on the right side. Given decent weather conditions, golfers will find Cape Wickham one of the most spectacular and dramatic courses they have ever played. 1. I have just returned from the greatest golf trip of all time. Hole 11: An impossibly pretty 3, just a short drop shot, but its hard to keep your mind on the task with scenery like this (below). There are long and short par 3's, 4's, and 5's. A lovely short par 3 with a slightly raised green running at an angle away from you from left to right with a diabolic natural hump on the front provides the next challenge. Glad you enjoyed it there. Average points: 98.89. Hole 3: The first of a stunning set of short holes, this is a long shot over a sandy valley, the green is large and lays across the player. I first became aware of Cape Wickham while playing with to be architect Mike De Vries at his Kingsley Club when he told me he had just returned from a site visit to a place that would produce one if the most spectacular courses on the planet . The first course built on King Island is called Cape Wickham. Was this review helpful? Cape Wickham on King Island was ventured to by Mark "dessy" Ryan and myself. There are only a handful of golf courses where I never wonder whether the routing could have been improved. In collaboration with Darius Oliver they finally got the job completed despite weather problems and environmental concerns regarding native birds. 28 03, 2020. It starts with a couple short par 4’s and a par 3 running along the coast line before heading slightly inland back toward toward the clubhouse. You cannot be short or left here. The Cape Wickham Links course is also remaining open in July and August and enables [...] Read More. Book Cape Wickham Golf Links with GolfNow & save up to 80%. COVID-19 Update – 28 March 2020 ... the option to travel and play golf on King Island from the mainland has closed. I just shook my head and moved to the tenth with a wry grin. Golf Australia released it’s ranking for 2020, placing Cape Wickham at #2 behind Royal Melbourne! Various other posters have discussed the sheer beauty of the site and as spectacular as it is, the course routing is the highlight of the golf course. The course now stands as one of golf’s ultimate pilgrimages, sited on the craggy headlands of King Island, a tiny speck halfway between Melbourne and Tasmania. I loved the whole King Island experience, and Cape Wickham is clearly the pick of the golf - one of the best new courses I've played, and staying there is golf heaven. The eleventh is a mid-length par 3 with the coastline all to your left. The holes I really liked were 1, 3, 4, 8, 9, 13, 16-18. I didn’t venture in to test that theory. Hole 9: A stunner of a par 5, a downhill drive down the left gives you a glimpse of the green, it may be possible to reach in 2 shots but you would need the power of Rory and the nerves of Thomson. This course will screw with you. Architecture wonks like to complain that the eye candy of the ocean can unduly affect one’s feelings for a course. 10. Hole 5: A valley between two dunes is your path to the green, which is raised and difficult to hit. The view from the 15th tee at Cape Wickham Golf Links on King Island, Tasmania. At a place like Cape Wickham the ocean holes will always be the star — especially with an iconic 150-foot lighthouse always looming — but the inland holes are just as bold, making use of towering sand dunes, rugged ridges and limestone outcroppings. You cannot miss the green to the right by even one yard. 1 person found this review helpful Michael, nice review! Conclusion: In my top 5 anywhere/anytime. There is adequate bail-out front and right of the green which has a spine running through the middle. 13 through 15 are all solid holes playing back to and then away from the clubhouse in the same direction. When a new course comes onto the scene and debuts just in front of North Berwick and just behind Morfontaine in the top 100 golf course rankings, it had better be something special. Golf Digest has already included this new course very high in their World Top 100. You simply can’t go right or you are over the cliffs. Without the turn from the coastline what comes later may not have been as much appreciated. The fairway here offers far more room than we are led to believe from the tee. Having said that, course arc... Have played the Creek Club often and have admired the little changes they have made to... PGA has 3 courses on property at the Village. 63 Tokyo Golf Club (a 1939 layout back on the ranking after a two-year absence). On paper, the final hole at Cape Wickham is just an ordinary doglegged par-4. Respond to above review  See other reviews from Fergal O'Leary. Presently it is among the top five courses in Australia and in the top 25 world ranked courses (Golf Australia and Golf Digest magazines). The second hole is a short par 4 with hidden bunkers near an infinity green with a steep falloff on the back left of the green. 6. The Tasmanian links course was only completed in 2015 but almost immediately shot to international recognition and has been voted in the top 25 in the world. Was this review helpful? The green is two tiered and presents a great challenge. Brilliant. The approach is to a very undulated green with a false front and a front left bunker. 1 person found this review helpful Without further ado here’s my trip pecking order, with the course’s ranking in the GOLF Magazine Top 100 in parentheses. I wish it had been even closer. Was this review helpful? I found it to be an easy par having played it safe. Hole 8: A drive between two large dunes to an unseen landing area is not as bad as it seems from the tee, as the fairway funnels into the centre. I thought this hole to be nearly as beautiful as Pebble Beach and certainly as challenging. 2 people found this review helpful Until 2015, the only golf facility on the island was the modest little composite 18-hole course at King Island Golf & Bowling Club, featuring seventeen tees, twelve greens and ten fairways. The superb five par sixth hole for instance is the first of two par fives that have green sites leaving me marveling at the architects vision, with superb use of natural dunes to create partial blindness to several pin placements unless the lay up is optimally placed. 2. I'll just say that John Geary and his team are doing an amazing job here with a relatively small team producing a unique stay and play destination for quality links golf on a lovely island deserving its place on golfing bucket lists. 1 (Current) 52 (Current) The final game to complete the Australian Top 100 Golf course list was at Cape Wickham Links. Play it on a typical windy day and you’ll certainly have your hands full. It’s a very nice hole where if you hit a bad shot, you likely will find it difficult to recover. See other reviews from Michael Wharton-Palmer, great review, really whets the appetite for the course. See other reviews from Tyson Flynn. With a different tide it would have been out to sea. The hole is framed on the left by dunes and the hole narrows as you approach the green. Hole 12: A short 4 that defines risk & reward, like 2 holes previous you need the courage of your convictions here. The rewards for those who attack the green site are enormous, but so too are the very obvious risks. and GOLF Magazine are published by EB GOLF MEDIA LLC, a division of 8AM GOLF. The cliffs and a 3 off the tee is certain for anything missing the fairway on the left side. The green is a punchbowl green sat against a dune on the left. The short par 4 twelfth follows next with the coastline all down the left side. It is a fabulous end. See below, tee is just to left. A course moves up or down the ranking accordingly. 82 Le Golf National’s Albatros course in France (opened in 1990 and site of the 2018 Ryder Cup). Cape Wickham, on King Island in Bass Strait, leapfrogged Kingston Heath into second place on Australian Golf Digest’s biennial ranking of the top … Long is open and the green is a tough one to hold. It's actually a... Old Corkscrew is named quite well. Mike deVries, with input from Darius Oliver, serve golfers from the same menu by launching into the dramatic coastal holes. The second shot hits out to the sea, its hard to judge as the only backdrop is the horizon. !....superb . sport; golf; Cap Wickham lands near the top of outstanding golf courses. The golf course is located in the northwest corner of the island, around a 45-minute drive from the regional airport at Currie, the largest township on the island. Peter Wood is the founder of The Travelling Golfer – click the link to read his full review. Some holes are doglegs and some are straight. Respond to above review  1 person found this review helpful It’s a strong hole as it tempts you to go for it but ending up short or long leaves tricky recovery shots and left or right could result in trouble involving native grasses that are full of poisonous snakes they say. That been said the quality of golf is in no way compromised by the move inland. Play Ocean Dunes too, but also try to have a game at King Island Golf and Bowling Club which boasts a couple of excellent coastal holes amongst its friendly 9 holes, close to the main town of Currie. This is routing brilliance, it takes one away from the stunning scenery to give the golfer a break knowing what is still in store. Cape Wickham has a glorious mix of spectacular inland and seaside golf holes. No. The closing hole at Cape Wickham is also one of the best closing holes I have played and compares favourably to similar holes like the final hole at Pebble Beach. The first tee on Cape Wickham Golf Course. See other reviews from Dan Hare. Hole 14. The first course built on King Island is called Cape Wickham. On both nines, there are holes with forced carries off the tee, which won’t suit every level of player as this makes a number of holes unplayable due to the strong winds. It opened to the public on 30 October 2015. Barnbougle Dunes (38) You would never get bored with this course. In the right conditions even the average golfer might find themselves potentially in range of the green for two – but the gorge short left, the heaving fairway and the skyline green strongly suggesting that long is not a good option.

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