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I have no IT xperience but I am applying to that since part of their qualification is being an Industrial Engineering graduate, and I am an industrial engineer. Yahoo! 0 0. Talk about how great you are, and you risk sounding arrogant. 3 Answers. The above 4 main areas are critical to the growth and success of any company. Tell them what you can do to help the company. 3 Answers. Most people don't say "Well, I'll show up late, surf the Internet, and be an office gossip". Since you know this question is likely coming, you’ve got time to figure out the best way to answer it. Answer Whatever assets that you carry with you, you can contribute to the company and that should get you noticed by your peers. You are goal oriented and follow up to make sure that the job description given is accomplished for each task. Explain how you would be an asset to this organization. Join Yahoo Answers and get 100 points today. But, what you say isn’t the only thing that matters—it’s how you say it, too. The interviewer asked me "What can you contribute to this organisation?" … Favorite Answer. Frame the answer wisely so that the recruiter feels you are an ideal candidate for a given position. acknowledgment. Is this very impolite from my professor so I can report him? what can you contribute to the company? It was much more convincing (and interesting!) 1 decade ago . Connect your answer to the employer’s goals. The best way to make sure you're able to be specific is to do a little bit of company research before you go to the interview. If you focus your answer on them, you will influence the interviewer significantly. Ask question + 100. These are questions only you can answer. Relevance. Where you can contribute, depends on what kind of job you're applying for. 1 decade ago. Now the time is to emphasize on your strengths which relates to the job requirements. 1 decade ago. Join. I have no IT xperience but I am applying to that since part of their qualification is being an Industrial Engineering graduate, and I am an industrial engineer. Notice the change to Our Company. Your Answer should be: To answer this question, you have to do some research about the company and the job position you are interviewing for. Yahoo! Whatever examples you focus on, make sure they are related to the particular job and/or company.For instance, if you are applying for a job in sales, explain how you have … Get your answers by asking now. Join Yahoo Answers and get 100 points today. So that you may be able to answer that question, you must learn as much info as possible on the company and the position you are applying for. Maybe you can re ask the question with the job that you are trying to get. So, find something that you've done or been interested in, and figure out how that demonstrates what you could contribute in the future. Where you can contribute, depends on what kind of job you're applying for. If I were to ask someone "What can you contribute to the company", someone who is clever can create a good sounding answer that may or may not be true. It depends on what you really can contribute to the company. Also, to push you to accomplish your own personal goals within the organization. What can you contribute in a company? If you find an answer that sounds good to you and you give that as your response then are asked to expand on that what are you going to do?..say excuse me I have to post this on Yahoo Answers and hope the same person responds.. I am in management for a large retail company and this question is asked at our interviews. Get your answers by asking now. 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If you had stayed in the market, you would have roughly $107,000 today, or close to 30% more money than when you exited. 1 decade ago. What can you contribute to this company? Employers often choose to interview a job candidate based on their resume or skills, but the people they hire should also demonstrate an ability to fit into the company culture, get along with other employees and contribute value beyond a set of skills. than just saying "I believe my leadership skills will let me contribute to the campus community" because it showed he had already done those things. alexchewkw ... What is the best answer for "what you can contribute to the company if you are hired as our front office mgr"? But I'm struggling to find something to answer this question well, something that will stand out, or just anything at all!! What will you contribute to this company? 0 0. starflower. this is a call center question. Answer Save. 7 Different Ways Employees Can Add Value to Their Organization. Always answer in the form of “I will bring the company….” not “I could….”. Für nähere Informationen zur Nutzung Ihrer Daten lesen Sie bitte unsere Datenschutzerklärung und Cookie-Richtlinie. Excellent grammar. Then ask yourself what you can contribute to that company. Answer Save. Join Yahoo Answers and get … 9 years ago. . You may also want to include examples of ideas you had in other positions that improved company productivity, as this will show them they can expect you to regularly contribute to their team. Answering the what ways can you make a contribution to this company question can be a challenge if you do not prepare. Relevance. That sort of thing. I have my own version but i need more input.

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