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Answer: This is a tricky question. Tomatoes are one of the sought-after crops, and can quickly be sold in the markets. The stems can also have spots. Question: Where can i get good tomato seeds in Nigeria? A good soil test will show you the levels of nutrients in the soil, pH of the soil and the microbial count in the soil. Also, the average price of one kilogram (kg) of tomato increased by 31.81 per cent in the last one year. Question: What is the typical yield of tomatoes? Introduction Nigeria is a country obsessed with tomatoes. Also, ensure that your tomato plants do not have any injury or cut that will make the disease enter the plants easily. More so, quite appreciable number of tomatoes producers are also found in places, such as, Katsina, and Kaduna, and Sokoto, and Jigawa as well as, Plateau states, including some pockets areas spread across other states. Your email address will not be published. It's always exciting to be in Nigeria during the harvest period, which could be during the dry or wet season. The dry season tomatoes cultivation normally favours the local varieties, since the evening or nights will be somehow cooler because the lower mist from the air will be humid. Just put the seeds in the nursery tray, wet every day and use light nutrients. Drip irrigation has shown to increase yield by up to 30%, in some cases up to 200% if combined with fertigation and chemigation. Farmland can be rented or leased; you may also acquire the farmland. If you are using drip irrigation, the fertilisers, bio-fertilisers and humates can be passed to the crops through the drip irrigation system. tomato farming business plan pdf) to 07033378184. The Federal Government has already placed an import barrier in the form of tariff on imported tomatoes derivatives. The symptoms appear as a sudden wilting and death of the tomato plants. Now let us get to the real business. Drip irrigation is the controlled passing of water to the roots of plants. Continue reading and find out what season is the best for planting tomatoes. Youtube videos are very educative; there are also other valuable documents on tomato farming on the internet. You may decide to attend reputable agricultural institute for training, please avoid attending institutes that will teach you only the theoretical aspect of farming. Outgrowers schemes have been very successful in maize, cassava and soybeans processing. The content on the InfoGuide Nigeria is provided as general information only. Tomato farming business in Nigeria has been around for a long time in Nigeria. With drip irrigation and venture injector, you can mix the urea fertiliser in water and pass it through the drip irrigation system. Here we publish several helpful articles in various categories, such as how-to articles, where to find things, resources, business, interviews and reviews. Kadawa irrigation valley, for example in Kano State  is one of the areas occupied by the largest number of tomatoes farmers, who cultivated during dry season. In the unorganised market, the prices of tomatoes are not stable, you cannot sell by weight. Read more… Terms of Use. Using seeds tray with a sterile substrate is the best, though soil based nursery has been successful for years. Most people do refer to tomato as the world healthiest fruit because of its many health benefits (You might call it a fruit or vegetable. There are several tomato varieties resistant to this disease. Humates like humic acid and fluvic acid are important natural fertilisers that can do wonder to your tomato plants. Now is the time to get a location for your farm. Everything you need to know about tomatoes cultivation process is illuminated in the article. Labour efficiency using drip irrigation is great. Tomatoes can be processed to have Tomatoes paste, and Tomatoes puree, and Tomatoes ketchup, and Tomatoes juice and Tomatoes sauces among others. Tomatoes planting season in Nigeria; To get your own tomato farming business plan in Nigeria, pay N10,000 to: BANK NAME: FIRST BANK PLC. You will rather sell in baskets. Challenges facing the Nigeria Army and the Way Forward; March 20, 2017 Nexus Chest Freezer Price in Nigeria [NX-265H/W, NX-390C, NX160H 160L, NX-160C and NX-150C] February 6, 2019 Steps To Produce Powder In Nigeria In addition to enjoying the fresh tomatoes, you can turn them into various products, namely paste, puree, ketchup, juice etc just right inside your kitchen. So, the recommendation is that tomatoes should be watered, but not so often, rather, it should be watered in larger doses preferably on cloudy days or/and at nights. One of the toughest times for tomatoes farmers, is when tomatoes plants start to shoot out flowers and during fruit inception! Some innoculants containing beneficial microbes are also very good to improve the soil. Tomatoes farmer must pick big, and heavy and nutrient-rich tomatoes species; the reason is that, this will help in making tomatoes strong, and will also make it more resistant to any kind of illness, together in coping with changing conditions of weather. Step 5: (Harvest Your Tomatoes) – Tomato is harvested in matches, the moment you starts harvesting, you’ll continue on weekly basis till the end of the season, usually it will keep producing till the dry season when the plant will die off due to the scorching heat. You should apply fertilisers according to the result of your soil test. The highest yield of tomato in the history of Nigeria was recorded in 2010. To prevent this disease, you should control insects, also make sure that no tobacco user works in your farm. All these options have their own merits and demerits. You can also learn some tricks about tomato farming on the internet. The efficiency of drip irrigation can be compared to that of water drips used by medical doctors. About 98% of the semi-finished tomato paste used to produce processed tomato paste in Nigeria is imported. If your soil has diseases or pest like nematode, you will need to apply the necessary solution to these problems. The major challenge of tomato farming in Nigeria is lack of adequate storing facilities. You may use Knapsack sprayer or motorised sprayer. Plants use water more efficiently through their veins than when you pour water on their leaves. A full basket which went for 8 to 10K in the last few months now goes for 3-4K. In 2016, when there was an outbreak that affected tomato harvest, it resulted in so much loss and increased importation of tomato. If you suspect that any tomato plant is affected with mosaic virus, uproot the plant and bury or burn far away from your farm. Modernizing tomato production in Nigeria Most use traditional methods of drying the fruits. Tomato plants do not like water on their leaves; this may increase the chances of getting foliar infections that may ruin the plants. The highest yield of tomatoes is provided by states like Jigawa, Delta, Kwara, Oyo, Borno, Bauchi, and Plateau. This disease mostly appears when the tomato plants start setting fruits. Do you want to do urban farming or rural farming? … The pest makes the fruits unmarketable. Late blight is caused by Phytophthora infestans. Since you are done with training and employing good hands. This represents a 27.8% increase from 1.8m metric tonnes produced by the country 2 years ago. You need pesticides to kill harmful pests and prevent or cure diseases. You may also get zero yield if you do not follow the necessary agronomic protocols. It only happen, when there is an irrigation system or a tomatoes farmers may give priority to the season of rains. They are capable of competing and killing the bad microbes in the soil. Employing personnel skilled in tomato farming iis also a way you can get your tomato farm started without hiccups. Hence, tomatoes can be grown all year round in Nigeria. Bio-pesticides containing antagonistic microbes can be used to kill harmful insects and prevent fungal and other diseases. It has been shown that high doses of fluvic acid can resolve nematode problem in your soil. There are a number of recruitment agencies in Nigeria who recruit workers for farms. There are different types of hybrid seeds like Cobra F1, Platinum F1, Tylka F1 and Padma F1 etc. The prices are somewhat volatile, though seasoned tomato farmers know the prices to expect at any point in time. google_ad_height = 600; Here in this post, we are going to discuss best tomatoes planting season in Nigeria. You harvest in batches. You must take note of all these facts. Hybrid seeds in most cases have better yields and disease tolerances. Planting untreated seeds can introduce harmful microbes to your soil and cause a whole lot of problems. Thus, Tomatoes is used almost everywhere in Nigeria. Mosaic virus is transmitted by insects and beetles. Mira Mehta, who is the Chief Executive Officer, Tomato Jos Farming and Processing, a tomatoes processing factory, that is currently involving in the tomatoes production and processing by Kangima Dam in Kaduna state, has also confirmed that they, as a company are unable to produce during the period of rain-fed season, given the reason related to the cost of production. google_ad_client = "ca-pub-9755093768544960"; The disease affects the vascular system of the tomato plants; it prevents the passing of water and nutrients to the key parts and tissues of the tomato plant. Answer: You can get drip irrigation system us. Question: When does the price of tomatoes peak in Nigeria? Water test will show you the pH of the water and the nutrients like calcium in the water. Your members of staff can make or mar your farm. Tobacco smokers can also act as an agent of transfer of this disease on your tomato farm. In South West Nigeria, tomatoes are usually expensive during the rainy season. Nigeria hardly processes its fresh tomatoes to paste; however, things are gradually changing with the advent of Dangote Tomato paste plant in Kano. When tomato fruits touch the soil, they may get rotten. Some grow it in their backyard and only a few engage in commercial tomato farming in Nigeria. Continue Reading on How To Start Tomato Farming In Nigeria How To Grow Tomatoes. Undergoing internship in a good tomato farm is also not a bad idea. After payment, text your full name, email address and title (e.g. The question is what is the best Tomatoes planting season in Nigeria? This has made the average yield of tomatoes in Nigeria to be about 2 tonnes while in countries like Netherland and Israel, yields of tomato can be up to 100 tonnes per hectare. There are several types of fertilisers. Here are the health benefits of tomato and more reason why you might consider tomato farming in Nigeria; Before planting, you must devise a way to market the fresh tomatoes when harvested. The reasons are obvious! The advantage of this is that your cashflow can be predicted. There is still a huge opportunity for any investor who intends to produce tomato paste from fresh tomatoes in Nigeria. One of the greatest mistakes of tomato farmers in Nigeria is to blindly rely on NPK and urea alone. Answer: You can get good tomato seeds from Veggie Grow Limited. The ideas expressed on this site are solely the opinions of the author(s) and do not necessarily represent the opinions of anyone else. Bacterial wilt can wreck your tomato farm within days. V             Verticillium wiltF              Fusarium wiltF              Fusarium wilt races 1 and 2FFF           Fusarium wilt races 1, 2, and 3N              NematodesA              Alternaria alternata (stem canker or early blight)T              Tobacco mosaic virusSt            Stemphylium (gray leaf spot)TSWV       Tomato spotted wilt virus. In fact, Tomatoes farming is a profitable business, that anybody can involved in. Copyright text 2020 by Veggie Grow. google_ad_width = 300; This is because tomatoes are known to grow even in the dry season. Question: Where can i get drip irrigation system in Nigeria? Do you want to plant open pollinated seeds or hybrid seeds? The result of the soil test will point you to the type of fertiliser or manure to apply to your soil to get good yield. In terms of total tomato production, Nigeria is Africa’s second-greatest producer, second only to Egypt. google_ad_width = 300; Tomato stew is a staple eaten all over West Africa with some ingredient variations based on culture and individual preferences. It can be planted on bare soil. Nigeria is one of the leading countries that has an insatiable taste for tomatoes. Tomatoes can be cultivated in greenhouses and also in hot houses. Tens of thousands of Nigerians dedicate their lives to cultivating the beloved crop. With inputs supplied to farmers on credit, farmers will be able to increase acreage of land under cultivation. Types of fertilisers used for tomato farming include Mono Ammonium Phosphate, Potassium Nitrate, Calcium Nitrate, Chelates, Potassium Sulfate and foliar fertiliser etc. Some farms may ask you to pay for them to train you. Thus, Tomatoes is used almost everywhere in Nigeria. Growing tomatoes isn’t hard, but there are a … Dangote Tomato Processing Company has commenced distribution of tomato seeds to 5000 farmers in Kano, for the coming dry season farming. Dangote Tomato has not really started, ditto Tomato Jos. Drip irrigation lines are tubes or pipes with emitters, the emitters pass water to plants in a trickle form. This is to mitigate their loss. If your farmland does not have a ready source of water, you may need to drill a borehole or well, you can also create a mini reservoir to harvest and store rain water. After harvest, you can plant new set of tomatoes or allow the old plants to continue producing until the die off usually during dry season. Tomato farming is also done in the southern part of Nigeria. Steps to take to be successful in tomato farming. Question: Are fertilisers in Nigeria sub-standard? The timing of your harvested tomato produce is also very important especially if you are selling in the unorganised market. How To Start Onions Farming In Nigeria; A Complete Guide, 8 Steps To Start Commercial Orange Farming Business In Nigeria, 9 Problems Affecting Commercial Plantain Farming In Nigeria. Tomato is a popular food commodity in Nigeria. Large roots will extract more water and nutrients from the soil; this will lead to increase in yield. You must insist on buying good seeds from reputable sellers. Subsequently a good number of tomatoes farmers do not actually owned facilities such as, greenhouses and/or rain-fed varieties for tomatoes cultivation during the wet season, because, for example, local varieties do not suitable for rain-fed. Nigeria, as a country, has a favourable landmass for tomatoes cultivation. Subsequently, growing tomatoes crops during the wet season will be difficult, since heat will be trapped in the moisture and accordingly, the soil temperature will be high, therefore, making the varieties available with the farmers difficult to cultivate. Answer: Yes, you can make huge profit from tomato farming in Nigeria; there are farmers who make several millions of naira preseason. Tomato has been in cultivation in Nigeria for a very long time. Oomycetes are not true fungi, they are different and the curative strategy for oomycetes is a bit different. Let others benefit, share this article on Facebook, Twitter and other forums. Experience is key not big qualifications. Some of the beneficial microbes are sold in Nigeria; they can also break up the soil, aerate the soil and allow more oxygen to get to the roots of the plants. Nigeria is unarguably the biggest importer of tomato paste in Africa and spends a staggering 16 billion Naira annually to import tomatoes. Tomato Farming is a potentially a 100 billion Naira market in Nigeria. 6 tips and tricks to prepare for the rainy season. Fluvic Acid can be used to decontaminate your soil. This will ensure that in the coming tomato season, a minimum of 400 000 metric tonnes of tomato can be produced by Dangote growers alone. we respect your privacy and take protecting it seriously. There are peak and off-peak tomato season in Nigeria, this trend has been established for over 50 years and it has not been broken. The veins are like the roots of the plants. If a creamy or white substance oozes out of the cut stem, then you can assume that the plant is infected with bacterial wilt. Using drip irrigation is very beneficial and if you cultivate your tomatoes in the right way, you can recoup the cost of your drip irrigation system within a season. ACCOUNT NAME: CHIBUZOR TOCHI ONYEMENAM. google_ad_client = "ca-pub-9755093768544960"; Your tomato yield depends on factors like soil fertility, agronomic practice, weather, disease infestation and irrigation etc. Click here to see the latest Study Abroad Scholarships and Guides Click here to see the latest Jobs opportunities in Nigeria . Drip irrigation remains the best type of irrigation for tomato farming. Tomatoes can be consumed fresh, and can be consumed boiled, and sometimes fried and it can be tinned also. The disadvantage of this option is that you will not physically see how tomato is cultivated. Tomato late blight disease is prevalent during the cool and rainy season. This is just plug and play. You should be very careful in recruiting uneducated farm hands, they have poor attitude to work and their attrition rate is quite high. Seeds with tolerances to diseases prevalent in your location should be planted. Indeterminate tomatoes can grow up to 10 feet; they are mostly planted in greenhouses and polytunnels. To know if your tomato plant has bacterial wilt, cut the stem and put the cut stem in clear water in a transparent glass cup. The medium price of 1kg of tomato in 2019 was N233.38 but … Both indeterminate and semi-indeterminate tomatoes need staking. This is a disease that starts from the soil. Starting a Tomato farm in Nigeria. Most tomato processing plants in Nigeria simply package imported tomato paste. Tomato Seeds: Having the right breed of tomato seeds is important to the success of your tomato farm. Answer: Though this is hardly reported, a significant percentage of fertilisers sold in Nigeria are sub-standard, some are also re-bagged. You also need to plant the type of tomatoes eaten in Nigeria. Where the soil does not has sufficient water, tomatoes can hardly grow or develop. This means that tomato is in season. Tomato farming has been a money spinner for ages due to the fact that almost everybody eats the vegetable. Should i use pure organic pesticides or inorganic pesticides? Nigeria Tomato Paste Directory provides list of Made in Nigeria Tomato Paste Products supplied by reliable Nigeria Tomato Paste Manufacturers, Traders and Companies. Hence, quite a number of tomatoes farmers could not afford to grow tomatoes, that is widely consumed in the country in green houses, especially when it comes to the rain-fed season. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. According to the institute, Nigeria now produces 2.3m metric tonnes of tomato per annum. Tomatoes is eaten by Nigerians every day hence, Tomatoes farming is a very profitable business, and it is easy to grow tomatoes and market same in Nigeria. Most of the harvested fresh tomatoes in Nigeria also rot away because of lack of storage facilities. A 60kg basket full of fresh tomatoes that can sell for N5,000 today may sell for N25,000 next month. ACCOUNT NUMBER: 3066880122. Drip irrigation can save up to 80% water as compared to flood irrigation. Tomato Processing in Nigeria/Outgrowers’ Scheme – Opportunities for Investors. The planting tomato season in these areas is from August to September. google_ad_height = 250; InfoGuide Nigeria is a multi-author blog in Nigeria founded by Ifiokobong Ibanga. Imagine that you have to side dress urea fertiliser to your one hectare of tomato plants; you will need several labourers to do this with the attendant cost. Manure should be used to improve your soil. Answer: Yes, you can make huge profit from tomato farming in Nigeria; there are farmers who make several millions of naira preseason. There are several types of these cane baskets. This makes the business opportunity in tomato farming in Nigeria is huge. Some emitters can emit 1-8 litres of water per hour depending on the type you buy. That is why there is scarcity of tomatoes during the rainy season. Tomatoes are known to do well in greenhouses the world over. If you have N3 million and you invest it in tomato farming this season, you will double that investment within nine months. You may either use organic or inorganic fungicide. Hence, the best tomatoes planting season in Nigeria is the dry season. It can be used to pass fertiliser and chemicals to plants, with drip irrigation, 30% of fertiliser can be saved. You should buy your fertiliser from reputable dealers. It is an important component of the daily diet, consumed both fresh and in paste form. The business of tomato production and marketing in Nigeria is extremely dynamic. It is a fact that over 80% of tomato farmers in Nigeria still cultivate tomatoes in the old and outdated ways. Eaten by millions of Nigerians from different walks of life, tomato is used to prepare different meals, soups and stews. If you decide to be organic, you may use neem oil, black soap, fermented cow urine and ghost pepper mixed with water to spray your tomato plants, this can help to prevent diseases, it can also kill harmful pests. Tomatoes are in everything—from stews to rices to soups. You will need to create a nursery for your tomato seedlings. Tuta Absoluta affects the leaves and fruits. Nigeria exports fresh tomatoes to other countries but ends up importing tomato paste. The interest in farming in the last 5 years increased tremendously due to the lull in crude oil market and the aggressive agriculture focused campaign of the government. Some seeds are also better in different season. The price of a single tomato has gone up to $2 in some markets The disease has been called 'Tomato Ebola' by locals (CNN) Making jollof rice, a beloved traditional dish in Nigeria… The Tomato Jos dream began in 2008, when Mira Mehta encountered her first tomato market glut in Northern Nigeria. In this article, I will try to answer the above question. Heat isn’t good for tomato farming business in Nigeria. Nigerian farmers do not benefit from this business. This is a type of moth that can ravage and destroy hectares of tomato farms within days. Some parts of Nigeria have higher incidences of bacteria wilt than others. The YieldWise program, a Rockefeller Foundation initiative, focuses on tomatoes, a ubiquitous regional crop that farmers have been cultivating for years in spite of volatile markets and unpredictable returns on investment. This is a question we need to ask ourselves as we prepare for this year’s farming season. Farmers had lined the roads with tomatoes in an effort to dry and preserve them, because prices were at an all-time low. Nigeria is also the biggest importer of tomato paste in Africa and spends about 16 billion Naira annually importing tomatoes! Do you want to sell in the organised market like Shoprite or hotels? Even though the company is using a variety that is called E8400, gotten from a United State company by name, BHN, which of course, is a variety that is high-yielding, is also not suitable for the wet season. The more Mira learned, the stranger the story got. Do you want to sell in the unorganised market like Mile 12 market Lagos, Aba local market or any other open roof market around you? So, the setting up such greenhouses is one really great way to profit from the tomato value chain in Nigeria. With a nursery tray and a sterile substrate like coco coir, you are sure that you are starting your nursery on a clean note. This is a positive for any would be investor in the sector. In the organised market, the price of your produce will be pre-agreed and it will be the same price over a specified period of time say 12 months. | Powered by WordPress, Tomato farming and how to make N10 million per season. Due to the high demand for tomato, the tomato farming business in Nigeria is a very profitable one. It is very important to get this process right. Once your tomato plants get infected, the leaves may become yellow and rough or papery in texture. What are the consequences of copyright infringement? Tomato farming is very simple. Question: Can i make profit farming tomatoes in Nigeria? You can achieve this through a special film and or through some organic remnants such as, weeds, and manure and hay. During the time of fruit inception as well as the time of active growing, water doses ought to be increased, if rain has not fallen. Cost of POS Machine, How Much Can I make Monthly, How To Prepare And Pass NECO In One Sitting Without Cheating, How to Use Online Video to Improve Your Digital Marketing Strategy, Money Transfer 101; Everything you need to know, How To Get Started On Your Writing Career With A Full-Time Job, Top 3 Trading Challenges That Traders Face. Tomatoes can be processed to have Tomatoes paste, and Tomatoes puree, and Tomatoes ketchup, and Tomatoes juice and Tomatoes sauces among others. Good and consistent spraying of fungicide will help in preventing and controlling this disease. The tomato production in Nigeria is potentially worth a 100 billion naira industry. Enjoy the best quality tinned tomatoes and puree from top brands from across the world, choose from a large selection of tinned tomato brands available on Jumia at the best prices in Nigeria Pouring water on the leaves of the plants also encourages fungal diseases and insects infestation.

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