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Organic pollution from nitrates and slurry (agricultural pollution). 45K likes. breeders they are recolonising their old territories and increasing their All the otters that are in there might leave to get away from the smell. EU Habitats Directive annexes 2 & 4 ; Berne Convention annexe 2 ; Washington Convention annexe 1 ; Protected at the National level in France art.1.modified. This distinction goes to the sea otter. If you see one in the wild in France, then consider yourself very lucky! The main amphibian species involved in the diet is the common frog, Rana temporaria (60.8%), while the common toad, Bufo bufo , represents only 1.7% of the amphibian prey. On the trail of Otters and Beavers in La Vienne 20 years or so ago it would have been impossible to find an Otter or Beaver in any of the rivers and waterways of the Vienne department of France, in fact the Otter was almost pushed to extinction in France and was only to be found in the Atlantic regions and the Massif Central by the 1980’s. By just looking at the otter’s range map, one could see that most of the country was left with vast regions devoid of a species that was once found in every region. Dead otter, road kill. Once all of them are out, plug up the hole and it is as simple as that. Otters are seen fleetingly, especially in the early morning. Most population estimates are conducted by searching for otter signs like tracks and feces on the river banks. There are 13 species of otters, in seven genera, according to Integrated Taxonomic Information System (ITIS). (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); Almost everybody knows something about otters and has some knowledge of what they are, that they live in water and eat fish, but most people have never seen one in the wild or at best only once or twice. In the UK IOSF is the only charity solely dedicated to the conservation, protection and care of otters based on years of scientific research in the UK and around the world. They come in many sizes. By contrast, in the early 1900s otters were quite abundant in France with over 50,000 wild animals. 5, 26 Uroliths composed of ammonium urate were found in 61.9% of all postmortem-examined captive Eurasian otters at a breeding center in France. Photos were taken by camera trap in the Dermakot forest in Sabah, a state of Malaysian Borneo. River otters hunt more effectively in shallow water than in deep water, and, although they are proficient swimmers, all prefer slow-swimming species of fish. Otters are considered an At any age they will trot, and gallop, and chase one another in water. There are several websites and online sources where pet otters are sold. bank side vegetation being very important. Otters are very playful animals and have been seen sliding down snowdrifts or mud banks on their bellies. otter? The second one is the significant water quality improvement achieved in many water bodies over decades. Every day, Mongabay reporters bring you news from nature’s frontline. knows something about otters and has some knowledge of what they are, that they live in water and eat fish, but most people have never seen one in the wild or at best only once or twice. Otters are still common in eastern France but extinct in the west. (07/25/2010) The last time the hairy-nosed otter (Lutra sumatrana) was seen in Borneo it was road-kill, but researchers have now photographed a living individual of this elusive and endangered species. Hundreds of tunnels and passages have being build since 1980s. Otter drowned in fish net - (photo : Jean-Luc Finally its Status: Fully But shipping can be stressful, even if managed by a careful courier, so it is advised to go directly to a zoo, private breeder or animal educator, and enquire in person. Otters are carnivorous mammals in the subfamily Lutrinae. However, in Japan it is believed to be extinct and Critically Endangered in South Korea. Alaska to France: Otters Reach Océanopolis, Thanks to FedEx Océanopolis, the oceans discovery park in Brest, called on FedEx Express, the world’s largest express transportation company and a subsidiary of FedEx Corp., to transport male sea otters about one year old from the care unit at the SeaLife Center in Seward, Alaska to Paris. Poisoning may also be a factor. Very slowly but surely, the Eurasian otter is coming back in France, but at this pace, it may take another century to re-conquer most of its historical range. In general, other than when mating for a period of two or three weeks, the otter is a solitary animal inhabiting rivers, streams, highland and lowland lakes and coastal areas, it is adaptable to salt water but this is usually correlated to the presence of freshwater . There is a significant correlation between the availability of amphibians and their consumption by otters. Opposition against otter reintroduction is strong and fisherman lobbies and aquaculture activities oppose them as otters prey mostly on fish. Photo. Today, 2,000 to 3,000 individuals are believed to room in creeks and rivers mostly in the Massif Central, the Atlantic side (Bretagne) and western area, in particular in the wetland of Poitevin. The U.K has seen some encouraging signs of improvement due to conservation initiatives and cleaner rivers. Between 1980 and 1990, 4 (direct counts of dead individuals) to 20 otters (estimates) were killed each year by vehicles in the region of Bretagne, accounting for 5 percent of the estimated population. Water voles can be found here too. The two males, named Matchaq and Tangiq, looked relieved to take a cool bath in a quarantine centre in France after spending 15 hours aboard a private jet chartered specially for the journey. The cost associated with this type of infrastructures (e.g. Otter spraint, clearly visible are fish bones and scales. Reintroduction of Eurasian otters has been the subject of intense debates since most of its historic range is now devoid of them. Otters are distributed over all continents except Australia and Antarctica; however, marine-living otter species and populations occur mainly at high latitudes (Fig. It establishes a burrow close to the water's edge in river, lake, swamp, coastal shoreline, tidal flat, or estuary ecosystems. Habitat occupied by the Euarsian otter. The goal is to help these remaining 13 species to be able to survive for millions more years. Though it is the largest, it isn’t the heaviest. protected species. All the new species are insects, including one beetle, seven new aquatic invertebrate living under creek beds, and three springtails, which are soil-dwelling arthropods. Water voles can be found here too. The most abundant populations are found in Russia. Estimations barely reached 1,500 otters left in the wild for the whole country. The otter is at ease within both aquatic and terrestrial habitats, however, it prefers habitat with abundant food, freshwater, and natural bank with vegetation, tree roots, rock piles, wood and other debris in which to build holts (i.e. Such behavior is seen as helping young otters improve Anyone known to be harming otters should be immediately reported to the Gendarmerie. Alleged gov’t-linked land grabs threaten Cambodia’s Cardamom Mountains, Fueled by impunity, invasions surge in Brazil’s Indigenous lands, Chinese demand and domestic instability are wiping out Senegal’s last forests, Solomon Islands environmental defender faces life sentence for arson charge, ‘Tamper with nature, and everyone suffers’: Q&A with ecologist Enric Sala, New paper highlights spread of organized crime from global fisheries, Study: Chinese ‘dark fleets’ illegally defying sanctions by fishing in North Korean waters, Game changer? Two otters have found love in lockdown after losing their former partners. Thanks in part to the French Revolution and in part to the much decried European Common Agricultural Policy, much of the French countryside remained fairly backward in terms of agricultural progress during the twentieth century, a land farmed in traditional ways by smallholders practising diversity. Red List. Yes. in many areas. There has even been an e-petition calling for a cull of otters. Road building is a major problem; many otters are killed by traffic when new roads are built in their territory (77% of known deaths in the Central West of France). The primary forces driving this decline are deforestation , the overfishing of their prey and agriculture , including the use of pesticides that poisons the waters they fish in. It also preys on frogs, eels, crustaceans, small mammals, birds and insects, its diet varying with the seasons. While the last specimen known in Borneo was killed by a car in 1997, the species hasn’t been found confirmed in Sabah for over a century. The young are born, usually 2 or 3, after a gestation period of about 60 days; they are born with closed eyes which will not open for about 5 weeks, they develop quite slowly being feed with the mothers’ milk. At the beginning of the 20th century the otter was present and relatively abundant in just about every part of Europe, then in the 1930’s its population started to decline, in the 1950’s – 1960’s the decline had become quite rapid having disappeared completely from 60 departments in France. otter dens). Only one region, Alsace, in northern France, has made an unsuccessfully attempt to reintroduce otters. Thanks to cleaner rivers, Their sharp decline was accelerated by significant water pollution (e.g., DDT/DDE, polychlorinated biphenyls (PCBs), and metal mercury), as well as habitat destruction and fragmentation, which both remain the current dominant threats. Still, there is more research that needs to be done about their abilities to adapt, survival skills, threats from humans and other animals, and their It is also important to note that in the 1980s, the Eurasian Otter became an important flagship species for French conservation groups including Société National de Protection de la Nature (SNPN) and WWF France, which promoted conservation awareness and activities for otters.

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