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As you walk on it your feet stay cool and in turn, you don’t feel as warm. Each choice offers unique advantages. Among real estate professionals, genuine hardwood is usually regarded as one of the best flooring materials. Ceramic tile comes in hundreds of new and classic styles. When water or condensation hits ceramic or porcelain tile, instead of soaking into it, the water just beads up. In Florida, tile can be found throughout the entire home. We are re-flooring the kitchen (previously linoleum) and dining room (carpet) and because of the traffic pattern I think tile would be best. Best Hardwood Floors for Florida: Part 2 of 2 Engineered Hardwood Floors. But engineered wood flooring tech has grown tremendously over the last 15 years, and the products can be used just about anywhere, including places where you would expect to find plank floors, and sometimes even kitchens. The linoleum feel has been eliminated and often it's difficult to tell the difference between a laminated wood floor and real hardwood. Laminated flooring is popular in Florida since it resembles real wood, but isn't. Your new flooring will come with maintenance requirements. You’ll be shocked at the intricacy we can deliver. gives narrow spaces depth. Because of the heat, humidity, and beaches Florida is famous for, the types of flooring that will work in your Florida home are vastly reduced. But, tile flooring can actually help you cut back on the heat in your home. They won’t expand and contract like a solid hardwood, which means they won’t buckle or crack during a typical Florida summer. We couldn’t be happier with the new hardwood floor in our kitchen. The definition of tile flooring and what qualifies as such is actually rather broad, but for the purpose of providing a sufficient understanding of the market without carrying on in excess, this article will define only the most popular tile flooring choices. Why are Tile and Porcelain so Popular in Florida? For even more flooring options, be sure to check out Floor & Decor. It’s also a harder and more durable than red oak. Gray has quickly become the most popular trend, not just for flooring, but for kitchens and homes in general. Vinyl can imitate distressed wood or take on a modern look, from metallics and dark colors to bright ivories. Gray quickly became the most popular trend, not just for flooring, but for homes in general. White oak: This hardwood has a similar grain as red oak, but is a beautiful brown, gray color. Top 6 Flooring Trends 2020: (37 Photos+Videos) Most Popular Flooring 2020 INTERIOR DESIGN , BATHROOM , BEDROOM , DINING ROOM , KIDS ROOM , KITCHEN , LIVING ROOM , OFFICE / By Artur Amiryan Flooring trends 2020 are all about laconic solutions and simple options. Hardwood. They’re relatively easy to install, and they come in a large variety of styles. Totally man-made, laminate wood floors have improved vastly since their introduction. Durable materials are essential because you do not want to waste time and money constantly replacing the flooring. The three most common styles of wood flooring are strip, plank, and parquet. Here are some of our favorites when it comes to Florida flooring: 1. How Long Can I Expect These Flooring Types to Last in Florida? What are the best choices for flooring when living on Florida’s beautiful coast? Whether it’s mopping or refinishing, maintenance will be dependant on the type of floors installed in your home. Typically, each board has five to seven layers, which are compressed and glued together creating a stronger and more moisture resistant board. Textured, durable, and easy to maintain, granite is a beautiful choice. There’s such a wide availability of color and design that it can fit any room. There is a new, high-pressure laminate that was developed for high humidity climates.. It’s made from a special glue to help reduce water moisture absorption. Wide-plank lends a rustic feel to any surface. Tile flooring repels water exceptionally well. The state is surrounded by water on three sides and the interior parts of the state have a great deal of water. Love your suggestions! The extreme climate is why most traditional flooring just won’t cut it in the sunshine state. It often comes from ultra-durable old-growth hardwood. Florida has the highest amount of thunderstorm days per year at 80+. 1. Water resistant and durable, marble tile is a perfect floor installation for sweltering summers and highly trafficked areas. Gray flooring, particularly gray wood, has grown exponentially over the last decade. A popular design trend is to use the same flooring throughout the entire house, or at least throughout the public areas. Check out some of our recommendations for flooring materials if you live in a humid climate. This tile is softer, easier to work with, and less expensive than porcelain. When choosing a flooring material, you want to select something that is attractive to tenants, but will also withstand a lot of wear and tear. But how many years exactly? There’s a wide variety of styles and colors and finishes; tile can be used on concrete slabs, in bedrooms, basements or on upper levels and terraces. They can also emulate a hardwood floor perfectly. highest amount of thunderstorm days per year at 80+, Chateau Bistro 1/2″x 5″ Pacific Pecan Mocha, Southland Floor Catalina Monterrey Gray 510, Kaindl Villagio 6 1/4 x 54 1/4 Hickory Varena, Use only a damp cloth or mop to clean, only using cleaners specified for engineered wood, Practice daily dusting and sweeping to avoid buildup, Avoid scratches in your flooring by keeping pads under furniture and pets nails trimmed, Wipe up spills immediately to prevent staining, Close your blinds to avoid direct sunlight damaging the wood, Avoid using abrasive cleaners to prevent damage, Sweep, mop, and vacuum every few days, if not daily, Use vinegar and baking soda solutions to cut through grime, Apply sealer yearly if unglazed porcelain, Avoid use of steam mops, wet mops, and polishing or buffering treatments, Use cleaners made specifically for laminate floor care, Remove sticky substances by hardening with ice then cleaning with a plastic scraper, taking care not to press too hard. Porcelain or Ceramic Tile doesn’t require any intensive maintenance if cared for properly. What Is the Best Natural Stone for Countertops. Your customer service is top notch and you definitely took care of us with the quote you gave us! “(Laminate) is a thin piece of wood on a core that’s made of something else. Carpet, which is warmer and softer, is often favored for bedrooms in colder climates. A wax finish brings out the natural texture and can protect spaces like covered patios that transition from outdoor to indoor. We're happy to be seeing customers in-store again with some updated procedures. Today's hardwood flooring trends (as of this writing November 8, 2020) show brownish to darker stained products selling quite well in northern states, reds and browns in the prarie states (Texas, Oklahoma and others) and mountain regions. for sweltering summers and highly trafficked areas. What are the best choices for flooring when living on Florida’s beautiful coast? The salespeople were really knowledgeable and were able to answer all my questions and concerns. This means that these floors will absorb next to no moisture, even on days with the highest humidity, or where water is frequently found. Basically, Florida weather is almost always hot and humid. Next to carpeting, hardwood flooring is the most popular choice for bedroom flooring. As more designers seek out eco-friendly materials for an environmentally aware clientele, manufacturers have given the design world many beautiful options. You can expect to find laminate flooring in: Because it’s durable, easy to install, easy to clean, and often moisture resistant, this flooring is a go-to for Florida home flooring. This makes hardwood valuable in more ways than one for Florida homeowners. If you live in a climate that is more humid year round, such as Florida, there are flooring materials that are better for your home and will last longer than others. A laminate/vinyl hybrid combines vinyl’s water resistance and shock absorption with laminate’s scratch-and fade-resistance. Vinyl tile can be a good option to protect against humidity and is commonly used in Florida's homes. Tile, since it’s cold, is popular in warm climates such as Florida, Texas and Arizona. How to Determine the Best Floors to Increase Your Home’s Value With today’s housing marketing on fire, houses are being purchased almost immediately, with offers sometimes coming in on the 1 st day of listing. Durability: You do not want to constantly be replacing the flooring in your rental. You can’t go wrong with water-resistant, durable ceramic tile. However, because it is a floating floor there is a gap between the subfloor and the laminate, and moisture can get trapped there, especially if you live in a high moisture climate. For bedroom use, strip and plank are by far the most popular. Thankfully, that is not the case anymore. If you are considering renovating or updating your bathroom, it’s essential to have several bathroom flooring ideas before going to work.It can be a daunting task to renovate a bathroom from scratch, and there’s a lot to consider. Marble increases your home’s value, while reflecting light and keeping a space fresh and cool. Their selection was great and the price was even better. Generally speaking, most Florida homes are not good candidates for traditional, 3/4″ thick, solid hardwood flooring.

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