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Oprócz reszty benefitów można liczyć na przedłużoną gwarancję 3 lata i darmową dostawę od Billy Sheehan, bassist of Mr. Big, famously installed an EB-0 pickup in his Fender Precision Bass. Gibson USA EB Bass Five-String 2017 T | Dane techniczne: Fretless: no, Number of pickups: 2, Number of strings: 5, Pickup configuration: It has lots of finish checking and note that there is some peeling of the nitrocellulose finish near the heel where the joint hits the body. C $1,480.81. Between 1962 and 1965, Gibson produced a more expensive version called the Gibson EB-0F, which while superficially near identical, bar a longer pickguard also featured a built-in Fuzz box. Compare prices and shop for Gibson EB-2 Bass Guitars on When production ceased in 1979, a total of 20,844 instruments were built. But Gibson is also renowned amongst bass players as well. Amazon. The first Gibson custom bass was the Gibson EB-0, which the company brought out in 1969. ... Gibson Brands, Inc. respects your right to privacy. Gibson EB Bass 5 Strings 2019 Wine Red Satin Swamp Ash Maple Rosewood. $1,370.00. This page uses content from GearWiki at EB-0. EB-0: This bass had the double cutaway body shape of the Gibson SG guitar with a single fat humbucker (often called "mudbucker") and a short scale. The Gibson EB-2 is an electric bass guitar model produced by the Gibson Guitar Corporation from 1958 to 1972, with a hiatus from 1962 to 1963. Więcej informacji tutaj. C $1,785.11. The list of authors can be seen in the page history. The correct name is EB-0 (zero), however it is usual to pronounce the name EB-O; in the same way one would pronounce a zero in a number as the letter O, e.g. Despite the scarcity of new Gibson bass designs in recent times, there is no denying it has several iconic basses to its credit. Shipped with USPS Retail Ground. Fast & Free shipping on many items! Wszystkie towary są w magazynach sklepu internetowego i salonów sprzedaży. Wystarczy skontaktować się z naszym działem reklamacyjnym na The Gibson EB-0 is a bass guitar that was introduced by Gibson in 1959. 0 bids. This version of the EB-0 remained in production until 1961, after which the body was redesigned to resemble the Gibson SG (like the contemporary EB-3).[3]. plaque cavité électronique basse Gibson EB. This is a very vintage vibey Gibson long scale EB-3L bass in cherry finish. Walnut finish was offered starting in 1972. Initially only cherry red. The 2017 EB 4 Bass is the most extreme and imporved redesign of our EB Bass yet. The electronics consisted of a four-way rotary pickup selector switch (for Series 1 basses; neck pickup with midrange notch, bridge, bridge and neck with low end roll… Gibson's EB-3 bass guitar was released in 1961 and was produced through 1979, sporting the familiar sharp double-cutaway solid body similar to the SG. Black was offered between 1972 and 1975. Loaded with high quality components like EB Rhythm and Lead humbuckers, a Babicz Full Contact bridge, and Grover tuners, the superbly resonant swamp-ash body has been fully redesigned to offer amazing ergonomics and great access to the upper frets. Gibson's EB Bass has a long and varied history, dating back more than six decades, and has a reputation for moving with "the times". The new EB Bass marries a brand new and extremely comfortable body shape to a glued-in, full-scale neck and two awesome sounding new humbucking bass pickups for unprecedented power and fidelity. Bass guitar models manufactured by Gibson Brands Inc. Gibson electric bass guitars are sought after by both professional and amateur musicians. window.createLink('m88750023', 'reklamacja', '');. Similar to the ES-335, the Gibson EB-2 was a semi-hollow bass with that classic Gibson shape. When production ceased in 1979, a total of 20,844 instruments were built. As with Wikipedia, the text of GearWiki is available under the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike license. This pickup, particularly in this configuration is known for its distinctive tone, especially its large, booming low end, owing to its unique design and exceptionally high output. Koncentruj się na rzeczach ważnych, reszte załatwimy. Od tej pory udało nam się otrzymać kilka prestyżowych nagród i certyfikatów w Republice Czeskiej (powtarzalnie Shop roku, APEK) i w innych państwach Europy (Słowacja, Polska). [2], The EB-0 was first marketed in 1959 in response to the declining sales of Gibson's EB-1. Condition is "Used " . The company was founded in Kalamazoo, Michigan, but production shifted to Nashville, Tennessee, in the early 1980s. Condition is "Used " . Frequently asked questions about the Gibson EB0 bass. Original. Gibson artist, Les Paul, chose the body style: "This was one of the first electric bass guitars Gibson … Shipped with USPS Retail Ground. The body was styled after the Les Paul Junior, but retained the mahogany neck and body and 30.5" scale length of the Gibson EB-1. window.createLink('m566039621', 'komunikace', '');. Gibson EB Bass 2017 deals. It was their first bass guitar. The design of the bass guitar changed several times during the 1960s. Muzyka uprawia świat wokół nas i dla tego pomagamy naszym muzykóm w jejich twórczości, za pomocą ponadstandardowych usług. Online shopping from a great selection at Musical Instruments Store. View Similar Amazon US. Around 1964/5, nickel-plated hardware was replaced by chrome-plated. Condition is "Used " . W staramy się oferować maksymalnie korzystne warunki. Epiphone EB-3 Electric Jazz Bass Guitar Ebony Black SG Gibson EXCELLENT Con ! … Fender launched the Precision in 1951, with Gibson launching the Electric Bass, or Gibson EB bass in mid 1953. Whether you play in-the-pocket funk, warm and sultry jazz, or raging rock, the EB Bass … 1969 Gibson EB-2W in Walnut finish - have a closer look at this bass here. When production ceased in 1972, a total of 8017 instruments has been built, with 2102 of them being EB-2D's. Jeżeli to będzie możliwe, zwrócimy Ci różnicę w cenie w postaci bonusu klienta. This pickup, colloquially known as the "Mudbucker" for its "muddy" tone, and by Gibson itself as a "Sidewinder", as the pickup is wound from left to right side. $859.99. Shipped with USPS Retail Ground. Jeżeli jednak znalazłeś gdzie indziej identyczny produkt w obniżonej cenie, skontaktuj się z nami za pomocą formularza (ten znajdziesz w detalu produktu tuż pod ceną) i my spróbujemy cene jeszcze obniżyć. C $69.63. Shipping figures from Gibson Shipment Totals by Larry Meiners. Pokaż towary pod marką Gibson w sekcji Top Class Basgitary, W następnym zamówieniu wypełnisz dane osobowe, Uzyskasz dostęp do wszelkich informacji o Twoich zamówieniach, Natychmiastowa wysyłka (towar na magazynie, zamówienie do 14:00). EB-2 discontinuation. It has lots of finish checking and note that there is some peeling of the nitrocellulose finish near the heel where the joint hits the body. Under the bridge a lever-activated string mute system was also implemented, in contrast to Fender basses' glued on or screwed in foam mutes. When the Gibson EB was first introduced in 1953, it didn't take long before Gibson bass guitars were being championed by many top recording artists. Sunburst or natural wood finishes like brown or cherry were the usual color options. Paying tribute to our iconic past, the Original Collection brings back the classic guitars that shaped sound across all generations and genres of music. Introduced in 1961, the EB-3 (based on an earlier model, the EB-0 ) was one of the bass guitar equivalents of the popular Gibson SG. C $325.75 shipping. Despite these revisions, sales dropped significantly in the subsequent years and production was gradually phased out. 4,6 z 22927 opinii „Powiedz mi, jakiej muzyki słuchasz, a powiem ci, kim jesteś”. Naszym celem jest, żeby klienci mogli maksymum swego czasu koncentrować się na sobie i swojej muzycę. Gibson EB-3L Bass Guitar 1972 all original w / hard Case Cherry Red. Szczegóły o bonusu klienta. In 1972, the EB-0 saw another, less dramatic revision. Brak. The EB-0 generally came with one pickup, a large humbucker placed up close to the neck. Magazyn główny This variety sold very poorly and remains fairly obscure. Free shipping. , który ujrzał światło dzienne w roku 2000. Great deals on Gibson Eb Bass Guitars. Combining the very best of Modern Design with Classic Tones and impeccable balance, the Gibson EB is a powerful and versatile instrument that's perfect for the modern bassist. The 2014 Gibson EB Bass 4-String. Chcemy, żeby zadowolonie z naszych instrómentów muzycznych było zawsze 100% i dla tego oferujemy możliwość towar zwrócić w ciągu 30 dni od zakupu. It received a larger body, a maple neck, and its pickup was moved further from the base of the neck. Tak można mieć pewność, że w naszym sklepie zawsze wybierzesz odpowiedni instrument dla siebie. Around 1966/7 the neck was replaced with a thinner one; the unadjustable bar bridge was replaced by a fully adjustable one with a nylon saddle for each string. To powiedzenie wiele mówi o tym, jak wielki wpływ ma na nas najpiękniejsza ze wszystkich muz. Gibson EB Bass 5 Strings 2019 Wine Red Satin Swamp Ash Maple Rosewood. It's a great time to upgrade your home music studio gear with the largest selection at It has lots of finish checking and note that there is some peeling of the nitrocellulose finish near the heel where the joint hits the body. Na zawsze otrzymasz coś ekstra. Najlepsze usługi. It was produced at Gibson's plant in Kalamazoo, MI. EB Bass - Billy Fuller Bassist Billy Fuller talks about how his brand new EB Four String saved the day when he was recently tracking in the studio for the forthcoming Robert Plant album with The Sensational Space Shifters. Free shipping. Explore The Bass Collections. It featured a slim SG-style body, a short 30.5" scale, and two pickups (a large humbucking pickup in the neck position and a mini-humbuckerpickup in the bridge position). Is the correct name for this bass the Gibson EB0 or Gibson EBO? Szczegóły znajdziesz tutaj. The Gibson EB Bass changes the classic EB design language for a shape somewhere in between the SG body and a Jazz Bass. or Best Offer. gibson eb bass - Muzyka. Ten można wykorzystać do dalszego zamówienia i obniżyć tak cenę o uzbieraną kwotę. Usługę można wykorzystać jeden raz w ciągu 90 dni. GIBSON EB-3 Electric Bass Guitar. Custom colours like Pelham Blue and Polaris White were also available on custom-order. Gibson EB-3L Bass Guitar 1972 all original w / hard Case Cherry Red. Several aftermarket alternatives for mudbuckers have been available, some in smaller sizes. Za każdy zakup złożony na otrzymasz nie tylko radość z nowego instrumentu, ale także bonus klienta, który znajdziesz na swoim koncie. Jeżeli złożysz zamówienie i następnie znajdziesz identyczny towar w naszym lub innym sklepie w obniżonej cenie, skontaktuj się z nami do 30 dni od złożenia zamówienia na Do 2 tygodni od otrzymania nieuszkodzonego instrumentu wrócimy ci z powrotem pieniądze. In 1962, the black plastic cover on the pickup was replaced by a metal one. Spróbujemy obniżyć cenę i w najbliższym możliwym terminie zaproponujemy lepszą ofertę (dotyczy tylko towaru dostępnego na magazynie sprzedawcy). Explore Original. Kup GIBSON 1972 EB-0 Bass Walnut u największego sprzedawcy instrumentów muzycznych. to sprzedawca instrumentów muzycznych dostępnych dla naszych klientów w naszych magazynach. This setup did not prove particularly popular, however, and was phased out in favor of Gibson's new "3-point bridge". [4] This version, along with the Epiphone EB-3, was discontinued in early 2020 as a part of a major reimagining of the Epiphone brand and lineup. We check over 130 million products every day for the best prices. Gibson’s 2013 EB addressed the issue, but the 2017 version perfects it thanks to the elongated upper-horn helping to redistribute the weight across a longer area. 1968 Gibson EB-2D in Sunburst finish - have a closer look at this bass here. $200.00 shipping. 1901 (nineteen-o-one). The EB-2 had been a very popular instrument (as Gibson basses go) in the late mid … Żeby zobaczyć wszystkie benefity dla naszych klientów, naciśnij tutaj. Jeżeli inny sprzedawca oferuje towar w niższej cenie, skontaktujcie się z nami za pośrednictwem tego formularza. A natural finish was offered starting in 1973. Jest konieczne, aby oferowany towar był dostępny od ręki i pochodził z certyfikowanego sklepu. No price information. ! Gibson EB0 Bass FAQ. In 1969 and 1970, the headstock was replaced with a slotted one (similar to those on most classical guitars), with tuning keys mounted at ninety degrees downwards behind the head. Staramy się oferować najniższe ceny na rynku. "Vintage Guitars Info - Gibson bass vintage guitar collecting", "10 Things You Might Not Know About The Alice Cooper Band",, Short description is different from Wikidata, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License. powered by . Więcej informacji tutaj. Może się zdarzyć, że aczkolwiek wybierałeś towar uważnie, nie spełni twoje oczekiwania. It also helped in making the bass feel lighter than it really is. The string guard was also removed; a bridge guard was introduced and the knobs were replaced with the witch-hat design. It shipped until 1958, being renamed EB-1 once the EB-0 and EB-2 models were added to the line. The Golden Era returns with the Original Collection. The Gibson EB-0 is a bass guitar that was introduced by Gibson in 1959. or Best Offer. Jeżeli zdecydujesz się towar wrócić i odstąpić od umowy sprzedaży, albo wymienić towar na inny - zamówimy kuriera, który odbierze towar na nasz koszt. New YAMAHA TRBX605FM Mat Amber (MAM) Electric Bass … This is a very vintage vibey Gibson long scale EB-3L bass in cherry finish. 590,00 zł. Read the review: Since its introduction in 1953, the Gibson EB has been no stranger to change. Kupując u nas masz pewność, że zakup przebiegnie prawdłowo i będziesz zadowolony. 1965 Gibson EB-0 Cherry Original Vintage SG Electric Bass Guitar Epiphone currently produces an EB-0 which is similar to the late '60s version of the Gibson EB-0, but with a '70s-style three-point bridge and a bolt-on neck. The last EB-0 was made in 1979. Gibson EB-3L Bass Guitar 1972 all original w / hard Case Cherry Red. The EB4L bass was first mentioned in the October 1972 price list, and only a handful were shipped that year. It was available only in cherry red. The Gibson EB-1 is a bass guitar that Gibson introduced in 1953. Gwarancja 3 lata. Zadowolony klient to nasz priorytet. History. Wysyłamy od razu. New YAMAHA TRBX605FM Natural Satin (NS) Electric Bass Guitar From Japan. This page was last edited on 15 November 2020, at 17:29. This is a very vintage vibey Gibson long scale EB-3L bass in cherry finish. The 1961 EB-0 appears in the fifth episode of the anime series FLCL, as the signature weapon of the space pirate Atomsk.[7]. Hitting the sweet spot between thump and sing. EB Series bass: The EB series bass models were early Gibson Bass guitars.

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