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Hasen has been known for decades as the creator, with his friend Gus Edson, of Dondi, a syndicated comic strip. The first few years of Dondi are available in two volumes from Classic Comics Press; Hasbro based a board game on it in 1960, and a year later (March 26, 1961, to be exact) a movie version came out. BH: Very simply, you’re talking about United (syndicate) and Tarzan. He later painted a version of Children of the Grave 3 in a studio. Donald Joseph White, "DONDI" (April 7, 1961 — October 2, 1998 aged 37) is considered one of the most influential graffiti artists in the history of the movement. Immigration officials found him and tried to deport him, but a public outcry saved the day. View a wide Variety of artworks by Dondi White, now available for sale on artnet Auctions. The boy had no memory of his parents or his name, so when a pretty Red Cross worker said he was "a dandy boy," he thought she was naming him Dondi. Death. skeme May 7, 2017. The Source for industry news for the professional cartoonist. By that time, Dondi’s back-story hadn’t been alluded to in years, and with good reason. There was a brief allusion to his beginnings in 1962, when a former serviceman named Jim Dante showed up, claiming to be his father, but after that it was scarcely even … No wonder he left. Dondi died of AIDS on October 2, 1998. Hasen and Oksner stayed with the strip until it ended, on June 8, 1986, when only 35 papers were still carrying it. In an interview with Zephyr, Dondi stated that he had joined several gangs in the 1970s to avoid being attacked. Ger Apeldoorn posted a number of the strips with a different panel in the last strip: In the comments section at Ger’s Fabulous Fifties, Diego Cordoba explains that the French publisher ran one more story by cutting and pasting Hogarth art with new script and some bullpen art added. Filled with rare photographs, original sketches, unpublished interview materials, and testimony from some of Dondi's closest cohorts, here, finally, is the full story. It was bizarre, since he was about 7 years old and it was 1968. In a rather startling development for a comic strip at the time, Whitey and his new bride died in a car crash on their honeymoon, leaving Dondi to Mrs. McGowan, who had initially resented the boy, but came to love him and accept him as her grandson. We talked while I looked through them and made my choice. Anyway, there were these books being published, hundreds of thousands of them, and I wasn’t getting a single penny in royalties. Cartoon Strip Ran in Hundreds of Newspapers. By 1975, East New York became an unstable region with racial tensions and social conflicts such as the prominence of gangs. He later painted a version of Children of the Grave 3 in a studio. Cartoon Strip Ran in Hundreds of Newspapers. Martin Landau, before his acting career, did spot illustrations for the New York Daily News. I had no idea about the alternative ending of Drago. Born in the East New York neighbourhood of Brooklyn, Dondi was the youngest of five children. Donald Joseph White, "DONDI" (April 7, 1961 – October 2, 1998) is considered one of the most influential graffiti artists in the history of the movement. He was short, profane, and a terrific raconteur with an endless reservoir of stories about degenerate cartoonists, crooked publishers, the mob, and losing his virginity to a prostitute to cure his acne. The final Dondi comic strip appeared on June 8, 1986. I said I’d like to share it, when my contract came up. It was a dream-come-true for Dondi, who was building his reputation as a graffiti writer. Post Syndicate and sold a new Sunday strip. **apologies – bad microfilm was the only copy of the first daily strip I could find**, below: the first Dondi Sunday page, dated October 2, 1955 The Chicago Tribune was one of the last 35 papers to carry Dondi to the end. A recurring character was Mrs. McGowan, who was the mother of Whitey McGowan. Born in the East New York neighbourhood of Brooklyn, Dondi was the youngest of fourteen children. Hogarth went over to Robert Hall’s N. Y. He was the first graffiti artist to have a one-man show in the Netherlands and Germany, and his work is collected by European museums. On this last piece, Dondi adopted the cartoon characters from the late Vaughn Bode. He was of African American and Italian American descent. He simply turned up in a deserted farmhouse where U.S. soldiers were staying, carrying no clues about where he’d come from. 1977 saw him join the TOP crew (The Odd Partners) before starting his own crew in 1978, CIA (Crazy Inside Artists), which included names like Doc, Mare139, Kid56, Kel139 and Duro, while their friends Crash and Rasta joined in later as well. He was of African American and Italian American descent. above: The Albany Times Union prints the first six dailies September 26 – October 1, 1955 Jump to navigation Jump to search. He taught for years at the Kubert School and I envy anyone who got to take his class. Yes, counting on a war refugee to further the hopes and dreams of America! Drago was an Argentinian cowboy in the Cisco Kid mold, with plenty of South American jungle to make Hogarth’s Tarzan fans feel comfortable. Dondi: Rest of cast listed alphabetically: Jack Carr ... Military Policeman at Dock (uncredited) Gus Edson ... Police Captain (uncredited) Dorothy Granger ... Woman in Grape Hat (uncredited) Though he would often do wildstyle pieces for the benefit of other writers (like the famous 2MANY piece), he wanted the public to be able to read and enjoy his work, so he would focus on readable letters with intricate fills and characters. Anxious to leave high school behind, he earned his GED in 1984, took a job in a government office, and began to indulge his interest in graffiti. Dondi White: Style Master General presents the life and work of a seminal -- yet heretofore overlooked -- American artist whose work has resonated on every level of our popular culture. All 54 strips were recently posted to the Classic Comic Strips Facebook page by Steve Jenner. Unable to find his parents, Corporal Ted Wills assumed responsibility for him — and when “Uncle Ted” resumed civilian life, Dondi took up residence with him in Midville, USA. He was of African American and Italian American descent. I had my stuff being published in books – in the course of time I was writing the thing and drawing it – and a lot of it was being published in many editions overseas.

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