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Pros: Amazing tone and price / Superior build quality to many acoustics guitars of this price range, Cons: May be slightly too large for beginner guitarists or players with small hands. The top 10 list of the best acoustic guitars lists various manufacturers and prices. Less pointless: GW’s lesson in Clapton’s jaw-dropping off-the-cuff phrasing. Santana may not be though of as a blues player per se, and “Blues for Salvador,” the title track of his 1987 solo album isn’t a standard blues form. Visit our corporate site. The Loar LH-200-NA Flat Top Acoustic Guitar-The classic beauty of this guitar is truly what makes this guitar stand out from the others, the body is designed just like other guitars pre-war and has that full bodied tone you’re used to hearing from blues players from the 20s era. He released The Traveler in May, and of course the songwriting is super-tight, but the playing is unimpeachable, always inventive. Beck, Blackmore, Gilmour, Harrison, Trower and later Hendrix and last but not least one of the all-time great blues players Rory Gallagher (until his Strat was stolen). Additionally, this guitar’s patented neck provides you with a marvelous playing experience. No rest for the wicked. The 10 best acoustic guitars to buy in the UK. Rather, it evolved with time, and so did the need for a good acoustic guitar for blues. Yet, there has never been an instrument specifically labelled as a “Blues guitar” on the market. Whether he is shouldering his Fender Custom Thinline Tele, complete with Bill Lawrence blade humbuckers, or a Gibson ’58 Les Paul Reissue, Lang’s tone is always heavy on the hot sauce. Not does his tone, which, via his Strat through a Matchless Clubman 35 and Fender Vibro King has never sounded better. The Taylor Dreadnought 110e is the only electro-acoustic guitar we’ve added to this list, and for good reason. This guitar has a solid Sitka spruce top and it also has scalloped braces. Top Blues Acoustic Guitar . Other highlights include jamming with Journey at Caesar’s Palace and returning the favor to Neal Schon, and, as an inveterate gear collector, taking receipt of a see-through Lucite Fender Twin and a pristine 1958 Gibson Flying V, aka “Donnie J.” has to be up there, too. The classic dreadnought shape and the precision-built sapele & sitka spruce boy combination helps to resonate low notes, whilst also providing a crisp-high end on the higher strings. this dreadnought Fender is not one that fans of the vintage, steel acoustic tone want to miss. The results are in, and the winner, as you probably know by now, is the one, the only Joe Bonamassa, who bested the rest of the top five - Eric Clapton, Derek Trucks, Buddy Guy and John Mayer - to land at the top of Bluesville. How to Choose an Acoustic Guitar for Blues. Fans of blues looking out for the classic Robert Johnson style blues guitar will not want to miss this one. The most muscular style in the blues’ contemporary canon, Nichols excels whenever given a Les Paul and a tube amp pushed to the limit. His signature Epiphone Les Paul is a straight-up rock machine. Please deactivate your ad blocker in order to see our subscription offer, The rise, fall and rediscovery of the Fender Jaguar, How to set up a Les Paul: 7 essential tips, We check over 130 million products every day for the best prices, he played While My Guitar Gently Weeps with Peter Frampton at this year’s Crossroads Guitar Festival, super-limited custom shop models from Fender, Gibson and Martin minted in his name, GW’s lesson in Clapton’s jaw-dropping off-the-cuff phrasing, TC Electronic introduces none-more-black UniTune Clip Noir guitar tuner, Red Witch’s Pristina pedal promises to conjure a “mountain of crystalline, sparkling clean boost”, Ry Cooder’s original heavily modded “Coodercaster” Strat is up for sale for $150,000, Two played-and-smashed Kurt Cobain Strats sell for more than $150,000 at auction, This guitar mashup with Pastor Kenneth Copeland’s furious COVID-19 exorcism is the best metal jam of 2020. With that in mind, we encourage you to explore the work of the top vote-getters (Eric Gales, anyone? Let’s finally talk about the best acoustic guitars for blues. Because of its round neck, it is the preferred acoustic guitar for blues based music such as Mississippi Delta blues. Thank you for signing up to Guitar World. Choose an entry level acoustic guitar if you’re new to blues. When we say small body when it comes to blues guitars, we are usually talking about parlour guitars (such as our winner, the Fender PM-2). You can hear the Robben Ford influence, for sure, but Schofield has a sound of his own design, and a lyrical melodic sensibility that works gangbusters when playing off organist Jonny Henderson. Gomes is still touring on the back of Peace, Love & Loud Guitars - words we can all live by - and shall be right through into 2020. Pros: Great look and overall style / The ideal guitar for players looking for an acoustic that stands out from the crowd. For a player who made his bones in the ‘60s with Cream and Blind Faith, back when the color TV was still novel, Slowhand made a respectable attempt at breaking the internet when he played While My Guitar Gently Weeps with Peter Frampton at this year’s Crossroads Guitar Festival. The comparisons to Jimi Hendrix don’t begin and end with Gales’ preference for the right-handed Fender used southpaw, but perhaps there’s some SRV in there, too, especially in that super-juicy tone. Of course, when absolutely necessary, he can pin the audience to the floor, dialing in more bite on his volume control to hit the front end of his Alessandro custom head harder. Gomes is another power player who is at his best when his gear is in the scorched earth between blues and rock. Guitar World is part of Future plc, an international media group and leading digital publisher. Now, here’s an acoustic guitar for the true vintage fans. The Epiphone Hummingbird Acoustic Guitar is a fine choice for acoustic blues and rock playing for anyone influenced by the tremendous impact Gibson and Epi electrics have had on the world. If you’ve got questions about blues acoustic guitars, we’ve got the answers. Nichols scores highly for blues face, too, which, on the anguish scale, sits somewhere between passing kidney stones and stubbed pinky toe. Considered by many as the classic campfire guitar, the Martin LX1 also makes a great, low cost acoustic for playing blues on the road. This Land, his third studio album, is a work of searing passion and righteous indignation, its title track appropriating some of Guthrie’s original composition and transforming it out of sight. But by playing nearly six continuous minutes of intensely bluesy melodic work Santana laid down a masterpiece that helped him win a Grammy in 1989 for “Best Rock Instrumental Performance.” In fact, it racked up more than 60,000 votes (60,429, to be exact) from readers around the world. Having said this, the most common material and wood you will come across is mahogany. Criteria: This list is intended for those musicians whose primary instrument throughout their careers has been or is now the acoustic guitar.It is based upon their individual originality, innovation, technique & influence within this genre. The Taylor 214ce DLX is one of very few versatile acoustic guitars that’ll deliver a remarkable sound. Every single product is made with great care, paying attention to every minute detail. It’s little wonder his chops are always on-point. Future Publishing Limited Quay House, The Ambury, The guitar comes under amazing acoustic guitars for blues under 1000, and is definitely under-priced considering build quality, tone, and classic acoustic dreadnought shape. This guitar has all the features you would expect from the Epiphone Acoustic Jumbo range, including a solid spruce top, mahogany body, and classic rosewood fingerboard. Key Considerations When Buying a Blues Acoustic Guitar. King’s played all kinds of stages this year, his set at Clapton’s Crossroads Guitar Festival a particular highlight, and we eagerly await his debut solo album, out February 2020, which was produced by Dan Auerbach. Best of 2019: Sure, 'Blues the vote!' Steven Gene Wold, commonly known as Seasick Steve, is an American blues musician. But hip-hop, rock, whatever; when it spills out of Clark it goes all the way back to Johnson, Walker, et al. BA1 1UA. Truth is, you can play blues on almost any guitar. Based on body size, shape, fret width and string material, we would suggest you go for the Martin LX1 Little Martin (particularly if you’re a beginner looking to build up your finger picking chops and calluses). If you never plan on playing your instrument plugged in, or have a full electric guitar already, this not only helps with the weight of the instrument but helps the more traditional look of the guitar! Having tested many over the last 40 years or so, I always seem to come back to light gauge Martin strings, which are great for picking acoustic blues guitar. Like T-Model Ford, Seasick Steve began recording his own music much later in life than other musicians. You will receive a verification email shortly. Many of you have been asking us what the best blues acoustic guitar is. Blues for our times. Not to mention the eminently vocal qualities of her immaculate slide playing. Whilst many players go straight to a steel string acoustic guitar, the classical nylon string guitars offer a great alternative for beginners or guitarists looking for something a bit different when playing and learning the blues. While they make a number of great blues guitars, few exist in a price-range currently that qualifies them for inclusion on this list… except for their Classic 6 HB model. This kind of puts your guitar out of action for other forms of playing, so generally most dedicated blues players will have a guitar they used just for playing slide. Vintage icons, modern classics, wild cards, not to mention a Fender Telecaster that changed the world. Profiled in the New Yorker as “the last of the bluesmen,” Buddy Guy might be 83 years young but he has more than plenty sap in the tree, and can presently be found, Strat in hand, at venues up and down the length and breadth of the United States. It brought the house down. With an acoustic range used by thousands of notable artists (including Mr. Steve Vai himself), Ibanez have made our list of the best acoustic guitars for blues music with a mid-range model that is more than fairly priced. While Jimi Hendrix incorporated the blues into all his playing, he transcends the label of blues guitarist unless you add “from outer space.” His best work is otherworldly, touching on blues but defining rock guitar tone in ways that still sound fresh today. Let’s take a look…. The Gretsch G9511 is finished in a vintage Appalachia Cloudburst colour, which completes the overall vintage look. Your email address will not be published. That’s exactly what he did, heading on down to Los Angeles to track the album at the Doors guitarist’s Robby Krieger’s private studio. With a slightly thinner body and neck in comparison to many of the standard classical guitar shapes, this classic acoustic will make a great tool for looking at the acoustic guitar differently, with the almost soothing touch of the nylon strings offering a welcoming alternative to the cold steel of the typical blues guitar. With so many options out there, it can be difficult to find the best blues electric guitar that is also meets all of your specific needs as a player. This is also our overall winner, and a beautiful guitar for any blues player to add to their collection. After all, it’s the electric guitar; sometimes tickling it is not enough. Baby, Please Come Home is one of the year’s strongest blues releases and sees Vaughan take on old blues standards, tracks that need only a few bars before rolling the clock back to an era when the internet would be sci-fi and you’d have to get up off your chair every 20-odd minutes to turn the record over. Technically, the Martin Road Series DRS2 earns the accolade among guitarists as the best acoustic guitar for blues due to its super technicality when compared with the others. Cons: Whilst surprisingly loud, the guitar may not be loud enough for some / Fans of the standard acoustic shape may not like the Parlor styling. You don’t have to be an amazing guitarist to play the blues, you just need some general knowledge of some blues scales, some chord sequences and the will to play - a little heartache helps too. Martin D-28 is among the most loved guitars of all time and the latter is also the winner of Player’s Choice Best Guitar. Miles Davis! Pros: Supreme build quality / Dreadnought shape / Beautiful natural finish. Pointless trivia: as a child Clapton had an imaginary pet horse nicknamed Bush Branch. Other points of note from the Little Martin include classic martin hardware and the iconic dreadnought shape which Martin are famed for introducing to the world. Why’s that? Pros: Quality Construction / Crisp Tone & Suited for Blues, Cons: Neck may be a little thick for beginners. But those looking for something to put some Texas heat into their drive time commute would have found this year’s Goin’ 50 compilation a worthy reminder of ZZ Top’s inimitable style. Or we could co-sign Slash’s thoughts, who, upon jamming on a number of occasions with Buck describes him as “a fucking amazing guitar player.” Right on, Slash! This year saw Benoit inducted into the Louisiana Folklife Center Hall of Master Folk Artists, and launch his own label, Whiskey Bayou Records. Bath Also Read: 5 Best Straps For Acoustic Guitar. After you check out these instruments, read through our following sections for more tips on how to choose the best acoustic electric guitar for the money and for you! To play slide guitar and not hit the string you’re going to want to raise the action. The guitar also has a thin neck, which makes the entire build suitable to guitar players looking for an acoustic guitar for small hands, especially one for blues playing and learning chord progressions on a thinner neck. Too right. This is the reason that picking a right guitar for blues is so tough. Our top pick for the best acoustic guitar right now is the Martin D-28 Reimagined, closely followed by the Taylor Builder's Edition V-Class K14CE England and Wales company registration number 2008885. Cons: Neck may be slightly too thick for beginners or players who struggle to stretch / Upper frets are difficult to reach because of body shape. The Taylor 214ce DLX stood out from the crowd because of its sturdy build, which features Indian rosewood on its back and sides. The Artwood vintage is no exception, with a traditional take on the classic Parlor acoustic guitar and a faded tobacco sunburst finish to really seal the aged and road-worn guitar look. A Fishman pickup carries the crisp tone of this guitar when plugged in, and when it comes to playing blues you cannot go wrong with a quality 12-string for taking your jamming to the next level. As a disciple of SRV, KWS shares that unpredictable quality to his phrasing, where he will be playing something traditional, say, in-the-pocket Albert King, before flipping the script on it and taking it some place new. Ever since the end of the 19th century when the African-American communities of the Southern US started playing and singing the blues, it has affected and shaped other musical genres as well, including Jazz and Rock and Roll. Whilst this is an easy assumption to go ahead with, it couldn’t be further from the truth. Up first, here are our Baloo Blues picks for best acoustic electric guitar. For a new player, it can be quite daunting to find a guitar that really gives you everything you need. All the while Fish retains the blues’ storytelling power, rooting her sound in the blues tradition while imagining it anew. Generally you will have the choice between a small body or a jumbo acoustic. The Martin D-28, Martin CEO-7, etc. The Yamaha CG192 is a brilliant starter if you are looking for a new nylon string guitar. We’d love to stay in touch, sign up for the Guitar World team to contact you with great news, content and offers. If you want to find a vintage-style blues guitar, or need a smaller guitar to learn blues as a beginner, then we’ve got your back. At this price the guitar can be altered to have a high action, rendering the neck specifically set up for using a slide (a higher action means the strings are raised, and the slide will not be pressing down on to the strings). Below, we’ll shine a light on some of the guitarists who scored handsomely in our Top 30 (yes, we’re listing only the top 30 here), including Bonamassa, Buddy Guy, Samantha Fish and newcomer Christone 'Kingfish' Ingram. With a mahogany build and modern Fender guitar quality, to the classic guitar shape and vintage natural finish, the PM-2 is as close to a genuine vintage parlor guitar as any modern acoustic will get, and with a very fair price tag this really isn’t to be sniffed at! That Mayer can still be pocketed in the blues tradition says much for his chameleon style. There was a problem. Other features include an ebony fingerboard, nubone nute and a sapele neck. Why not checkout our guide to the best parlour guitars for blues players too! He’s got a signature Gibson ES-345 incoming, too. Perhaps the single most influential acoustic guitar player of the past 50 years, Leo Kottke’s asymmetrical fingerpicking patterns, resonant lowered tunings, ability to weave slide and fretted melodies into seamless tapestries, and his dedication to both 6-and 12-string guitars brought the acoustic from the folk house to the concert hall. Another acoustic guitar for blues that is under 200 (but shouldn’t be), the F-1000 is a tribute to the acoustic Fender guitars of the 70’s, with modern additions for added durability and tone sustenance. When it comes to choosing a guitar for any genre, what you decide on may be different to the next person. Fish is taking the blues forward, where it needs to go, and her latest album, Kill or Be Kind, has moments when octave, pitch shifters, fuzz and delay pedals take blues guitar tone into another dimension. If sitting round the campfire is your thing the be sure to take your slide and harmonica with you, as the classic Martin build supports all styles of playing and the mahogany body perfectly resonates the iconic Martin guitar sound, with a surprising amount of sustain and volume for a standard acoustic. Trout got the idea for Survivor Blues while driving around and listening to blues on FM radio. Known for his slide guitar (which is well prevalent in God Moves over the Water) and I guess you could say gospel-blues fusion style, Blind Willie Johnson, like many others of his era it seems, many stories exist but the truth of which are unverified.. ), including guitarists who didn’t make the top 30, such as Ronnie Earl, Ana Popovic, Chris Duarte, Kirk Fletcher, Sue Foley, Tommy Castro, Duke Robillard and Junior Watson. Priced around 399, this guitar is the ideal piece of kit for travellers and players who are looking for a durable acoustic guitar that will maintain shape, tone and feel for years to come. I'm not much of a purist as far as guitar quality goes, but I do like to have really good strings. Updated in Fenruary 2020 with updated pricing and a fresh selection of guitars added to the guide. Pros: Classic blues guitar look and feel / Thin neck and body appropriate for both blues and fingerpicking styles, Cons: Fans of the traditional acoustic look, shape and natural finish may not like the pre-worn guitar approach. It’s not just his tone, though. After all, it’s the electric guitar; sometimes tickling it is not enough. Dedicated followers of blues and rock ‘n’ roll will notice this Gretsch as a beautiful tribute to the iconic parlor guitars that spawned an acoustic blues revolution. © Jonathan Horsley, Well, you’ve seen the guitars, but you’re going to need the accessories too. However, as the name suggests he was blind. Other features of the GN93-NAT NEX include a rosewood bridge, bound fretboard and lined sides, gold hardware and black button tuners for a truly unique finish to a fairly priced mid-range acoustic. His 2019 is much like that of any other, heavy schedules, sold out shows, and repeat. Above , Martin 000X1AE - One Of The Best Acoustic Guitar For Blues Fingerpicking (IMO). As with Trout, a blues legend tackling overlooked tracks is always essential listening, and an education. Blues music style has not stagnated. Of course, these days, apprentice blues guitar icons like you don't have to go 'round the houses to land a great six-string. The final benefit of this instrument is that is is a full acoustic guitar. Just as Gibson can parade a host of great guitarists, Fender, and the Strat can do the same. Skill Level. Another beauty from Fender, this time looking at their Parlor range. Please refresh the page and try again. Travelling back to the origins can be an interesting journey. He was the master. Epiphone AJ-220S in Vintage Sunburst The first guitar in our list is the Epiphone 220S in a brilliant Vintage Sunburst finish. In the past, the best blues guitar was simply the one that the musician could get his fingers on. Don’t expect Patlansky to go easy on his gear, though, for he likes to play hard, boost his signal and drive the tubes has hard as possible. Damian Fanelli If yes, the sound of the blues will sweep you off your feet. By This style is the parlour guitar, a small-body, thin neck retro classic. Coming Closer to The Day is a masterclass of tone and restraint, and sees Trower in a wry, philosophical mood, with tracks such as Lonesome Road coming to terms with ageing and the fact that one day the curtain falls for good.

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