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Appearances. It is a massive, wide-open RPG in a post-apocalyptic world. The locals grow enough produce to feed themselves and export to other parties, thus meaning that they don't have to rely on merchants for food. [13] Since the Lake was too far for Westsiders to reach and transport water, the only solution was to somehow make use of the municipal waterworks restored by the NCR. The New Vegas Westside proper has east and south entrances. When brought here for the first time, Arcade Gannon will say either, "Westside, huh? Apply Online Loan Calculator. All Inventory Inventory Specials. Anderson. Seeing an opportunity to gain entrance into the NCR Rangers, White investigated the missing water reports, eventually making his way to Westside and confronting Anderson. [1], Westside was a small, impoverished community on the edges of Outer Vegas, suffering from a shortage of everything: Water, food, equipment, and everything else a society needs to thrive. [22], The water shortages would cause issues for the sharecroppers eventually, with the risk of being sacked by the NCR administration leading some of them to consider packing up and moving back to California. He also has the following single dialogue line, remnant of a larger dialogue file: One of the fields established in a reclaimed parking lot. He was always a fringe operator in the Followers." The boy wasn't expecting anyone to question him, least of all an uniformed trooper. There are two other cut characters possibly from this area: Pablo Miller and Billy Bettis. map marker Anderson. [28][29] Westside continued to grow, attracting more and more people, slowly becoming an independent community on the edge of the Republic. FROM PLAYERS CLUB / LAS VEGAS STRIP ENTRANCE. It's a big square with a fairly small entrance, but it's not too far off of the main highway. merchants Fallout: New Vegas Official Game Guide Collector's Edition Tour of the Mojave Wasteland, Fallout: New Vegas Official Game Guide faction profiles, NCR Embassy terminals; Terminal, Farming Report, https://fallout.fandom.com/wiki/Westside?oldid=3315680. The southern entrance to Westside is directly north of the Monte Carlo Suites. Read the latest reviews, view restaurant photos, see menus, and make online restaurant reservations in Westside. While civilization thrives in the northwest, society gradually breaks down the farther south one travels. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. They can track Anderson down and decide his fate together with that of Westside: Westside's emergence as a thriving community has stabilized a good part of the western part of Outer Vegas. McCarran and Las Vegas Strip: By directing the extra power toward Camp McCarran and the Strip, the power will be transferred to the NCR home states along with the energy generated at Hoover Dam and part of it to power the neon lights in the casinos in New Vegas. These city blocks are violently run by chem-addicted raiders known as the Fiends. Rather than let the cooperative day, Anderson shot the corporal and disposed of the body. Although suspicious of strangers they are not actively hostile,[36] with exception to the Scorpions and the Fiends. I passed through here with another Follower a while back, Anderson. In the final game this area was repurposed for a different quest instead (. Since you seem to have pieced it together, I won't insult you by denying it any further. [32], At Westside, White immediately spotted Hector making his rounds. [41], The Westside Co-op features a motley band of folk, founded by an escapee from New Reno named Clayton Ettienne. [33] When White confronted Anderson over the water supply, the Follower acted docile until the soldier turned his back. While civilization thrives around the settlement, society gradually breaks down the farther south one travels. Westside Trains 2960 S. Durango Drive Suite #117 Las Vegas, NV 89117. December 9, 2020. The murder proved easy to cover up. [5] Realizing the community's potential, Anderson used his knowledge of farming to help Westsiders clear parking lots and install planters, as well as cultivate food crops. Segments Every Westsider who works a plot of land or operates planters remains their sole owner, donating a portion of their crops to the Cooperative. Although a few shops operated in the area, they were mostly minor ventures with the majority of the folks in the Mojave being semi-nomadic. Although not part of Westside proper, there are a few more places that are a part of it, including Red Lucy's The Thorn and the Scorpions hangout, Monte Carlo Suites, further south, at the edge of Fiend territory. Menu. Classy place. Westside is a part of New Vegas, just as much as it's a part of the Wasteland. The trail of evidence leading to Westside persisted and the Courier can investigate it, taking the fate of Westside in their hands and throttling the struggling settlement or letting it thrive. Interviews with the sharecroppers turned up little,[27] while the garrisoned troopers were even less helpful, blaming the shortages on farmers' incompetence. [7] Apart from greatly reducing Westside's reliance on merchants, the food also helps Westside maintain a militia that keeps threats lurking in Outside Vegas at bay. Bleed Me DryFor Auld Lang SyneThe CoyotesThe White WashA Bit of Slap and TickleDealing with ContrerasFight Night 25:11. To provide a social environment for all women in the Las Vegas area to meet people, establish new friendships and become instantly involved in activities of their choice. [2] The militia members are understandably suspicious of outsiders,[43] not just because of the chem fiends, but also the Scorpions, a minor gang on the southern edge of Westside that occupies itself with mercenary work, selling drugs, and getting killed by the Fiends.[44]. As soon as you talk to Captain Parker, you should be able to get a few quests out of him to help out the refugees in the … [13] Unable to reliably deliver water from Lake Mead over two dozen miles away,[14] Westside had to figure out another way to preserve their livelihood. Without that income, the Westside could not afford the steep fees for a license to use the NCR-controlled municipal waterworks piping water in from Lake Mead. Post Comment. [35] Most troopers didn't like White for his drive to join the Rangers. This is about the specific historic area. Spanish Trail Country Club- Michael Ross Nugent is a 26-year-old vocalist and entertainer in Las Vegas, Nevada. Their security provided also protects travelers who trade with the rest of New Vegas. Since The Republic established its own sharecropper farms in Vegas with the Thaler Act, the infrastructure was already there. Continue straight passing Circus Buffet, then curve left. 1 Background 2 Overview 2.1 Areas of Interest 3 Trivia Like those of Freeside and The Strip, the residents of Westside were abandoned by the NCR during the fall. Movies. Westside (TV Series 2015– ) cast and crew credits, including actors, actresses, directors, writers and more. Word around the base is he'd been going regularly to visit a hooker named Dazzle at Gomorrah. It's very likely Westside was originally an "open" settlement; that is to say all of its buildings, NPCs etc were located as part of the main wastelandNV worldspace. [31] Not that they would have cared. 000dacf1000dace9 (Casa Madrid)000dacf0000dace8000dacf8000dacea (entrance)00149281 (Co-op)00149278 (liquor store)0014928000149279 (pawn shop)0014927f (north cistern) I was promised a Colosseum and was given a cockfight Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Site Our beautiful modern day facility boasts a 40,000 square foot warehouse.

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