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I have all SMC Pentax lenses not the Takumar version. © 2020 Adorama Camera, Inc. All rights reserved. The lens that started it all for me, packaged with the Panasonic GF1 it’s still regarded as one of the best lenses for Micro Four Thirds. The Leica Summicron lens has a special multi-layer coating for pure color rendition and differentiated reproduction of skin tones. /15 deg. Leica Elmarit-S 45mm f/2.8 CS Aspherical Lens for S System, Meet a Pro: Andrew Geraci Shares Time-Lapse Photography Tips, The Pro’s Guide To Sports Photography Lenses, Exploring Medium Format Photography with Marcin Lewandowski: Part 2, Exploring Medium Format Photography with Marcin Lewandowski: Part 1, Blackmagic 4K URSA Broadcast Camera & Studio Gear Provide Affordable UD/UHD Solutions, The Best Action Cameras for Every Adventure, New Manfrotto Pro Scrim All In One Collection Brings Professional Light Control to Any Setup, Improved central shutter unit that produces a faster shutter speed of up to 1/2000 sec, Complex optical design for edge-to-edge sharpness and illumination, Rear focusing autofocus lens with manual focus override for full control of focusing as close as 1.3’ away, Comes with 105mm and 112mm filter adapters to accommodate filters of various sizes and thickness. I can't however see how using a medium format … Posted: Mon Jun 25, 2012 5:42 pm Post subject: Sharpest (medium format) lens ever made? This medium-format Pentax lens features a Quick-shift Focus System that allows switching from auto to manual with just a turn of the lens ring. As a new Mamiya shooter, this was really useful to help me work out what lens to get for my new body. That feature alone makes this lens one of the most versatile super-telephotos on the market, but it's also incredibly light when compared to the competitors (at just under 8 pounds), and has 4-stop image stabilization built into the lens. Big test of medium format lenses (Mamiya 645, Pentax 645, Pentax 6×7, Pentacon Six), The Mother of All Lens Tests (big medium format lens test), Old scanned review of Pentax 645 camera and lenses including lens sharpness test. These are among the sharpest lenses available to rent according to DxOMark scoring. /76 deg. For Canon's APS-C cameras, there are additionally many EF-s lenses that only work on these cameras. comparing with my Mamiya lenses they look sharper than either of the mamiya lenses I have. Portrait, street, and wildlife photographers will enjoy using this telephoto lens from Hasselblad. Add to Cart. $2,699.00. We often turn to Weird Lens Guru Mathieu Stern for interesting tips on bargain vintage lenses that that can be adapted for use with today’s modern mirrorless digital cameras. Look at their MTF graphs, and they really do have virtually perfect performance. Medium Format Lenses (Fujinon & other brands) . Its full-time manual focus allows you to switch to Manual mode while on autofocus by just turning the lens ring. Pentax 67 Takumar 105mm is not as good as later SMC version. skida wrote: Opticus wrote: Could anyone point me to the sharpest 6x6 (and above) ever made? That’s a common problem for old eastern europe lenses, especially USSR. The Hasselblad XCD 35-75mm f/3.5-4.5 is just shy of being a medium format version of a standard 24-70mm zoom, with an equivalent 27.65-59.25mm focal range. Dimensions: Approx. These lenses are a lot older than the other ones so I guess that’s why. Shooting them wide open both was unusable, stepping them down the Biotar got better but the Mir was still unusable. 11 Items . I use it to scan films, it's mounted on my DSLR. I'll be recieving a prototype digital 65mm motion picture camera next month that employs a 12k (12000x8000) sensor and i need the sharpest lens … All razor sharp. ADD TO WISH LIST ADD TO COMPARE. Nikon 50mm f/1.8G. Since the focal lengths are so different (from very long to very wide angle) it was hard to get the exact same framing, but I think it’s still possible to make a conclusion based on the test … However, any of the lenses listed will be the sharpest lens you own (unless you get a 135mm version and a 120mm Super Symmar would be a pretty close call). BEST IN CLASS: Sony FE 16-35mm F2.8 GM Lens | Price: $2,198 The sharpest wide angle zoom ever tested by DxO Mark, this G Master wide-angle … Angle of view (diagonal/horizontal/vertical): 104 deg. Sharpest lens I own is a Pentax A 50 2.8 I might have got a nice copy. Dimensions: Approx. Its retro focusing mechanism helps maintain consistent quality throughout the focusing range from 1.3’ to infinity. Made especially for Hasselblad’s H system, this lens has shutter speed of up to 1/2000 seconds and flash sync at a variety of speeds. Set Descending Direction. It’s also insensitive to flare, making it ideal to use in any lighting situation. Best Wide Angle Zoom: 16-35mm. A medium format camera might in many cases be worse since there are systems that are more compact that may be better suited for hiking etc. So to keep it simple which of these lenses is the sharpest corner to … The larger the film (or sensor) the better the quality has … Reputed to be one of the sharpest medium-format lenses ever, (I’ve heard the same thing said about the 80mm f/2.8 Nikkor that was used on the Plaubel Makina 670), the Schneider focuses … All the Pentax lenses disappointed me especially the 6×7 lenses. The 10 Sharpest Lenses I've Ever Tested: for 2019 - YouTube I don’t have any experience comparing lenses like this, so I’m sorry if I oversee something. The Both Pentacon Six lenses (Carl Zeiss Jena Biometar 80mm f2.8 and the Mir 26b 45mm f3.5) was disappointing. The second one is exceptionally sharp, even wide open. Since the focal lengths are so different (from very long to very wide angle) it was hard to get the exact same framing, but I think it’s still possible to make a conclusion based on the test photos. Lens and Camera Systems. We are the world’s only full-service destination for photo, video and electronics. Sophisticated and loaded with useful features, the Leica Summicron-S 1:2 / 100mm ASPH lens will help you achieve the best optical performance possible, resulting in images with three-dimensional sharpness. Show. Price: $180 The “nifty fifty” 50mm f/1.8 is well-known as a portrait lens, but you’d be surprised at how beautiful and unique it will make your landscape photography look.It’s light and … and unsharpness/bokeh ..that I started looking around for similar experiences. I bought a lot of older medium format cameras and lenses through the years, to shoot film and to use with my Fotodiox Rhinocam adapter with the Fujifilm X cameras (will write more about the Rhinocam soon). Medium-format cameras have gained popularity among photography enthusiasts because of the amount of detail in the pictures they produce while being more compact than the large-format cameras. But how do they all compare and how do they compare with modern lenses? The Hasselblad HC 210mm also has an advanced internal focus mechanism that allows you to get sharp and noise-free images, even without using a tripod. per page. It eliminates monochromatic aberration and reduces chromatic aberrations. The smallest sensor I'd consider on real medium format camera would be a P45, which is a 1.15 crop from 6x45 or … Image angle (diagonal/horizontal/vertical): 29 deg./24.7 deg./16.4 deg. Medium-format cameras have gained popularity among photography enthusiasts because of the amount of detail in the pictures they produce while being more compact than the large-format cameras. Sure it's technically the sharpest lens I own but my other lenses … Mamiya lenses are great. Medium format lenses are interchangeable lenses for medium format cameras using 120 and 220 film, or which have similarly-sized digital sensors. Stern tells us that the sharpest “cinematic” Minolta lens … Providing a 104-degree angle of view, the Hasselblad 24mm f/4.8 creates a dramatic effect on images.

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