my dog has stopped listening to me

ive been hearing it takes time time and time. Work on getting your dog’s attention first then practice training by using clear, concise commands in the right tone of voice. he snap at my sister before, she lives with me too the dog would listen to her too but now he wont listen to me or here. he a complete different dog … My 18month male … It’s not super aggressive but it’s still kinda of scary. The dog doesn’t understand the behavior – It is very important that there is a learning stage for any behavior you expect your dog to do. Most of the time it seem that there is a dog within 20 ft of the door the second we get out there and I get a clear view of the area. The big problem is my dog has no confidence and has a problem with submissive urination, I want so so so so so bad to help him gain confidence and just help him be an overall happy dog. in a week he master sit and down and was working on stay now he stop listening to commands i tell him once and leave him alone. No matter whether you adopted your very first dog six months ago, or you’re a longtime trainer with dozens of competition titles to your credit, there will be times when your dog doesn’t sit, or takes the agility obstacles in the wrong order, or nabs the roast before your very eyes while you sputter “Leave it!” This week, the … Sometimes he’ll look at my boyfriend and just growl. i had my puppy marko for over a week. My border collie is about 4 months old. She used to be fairly obedient (at least by puppy standards) but has recently stopped doing as she's told as consistently as before. So, what we immediately begin doing is asking them questions to see “why” the dynamic of your relationship is the way it is. I feel Iike the aggression could be apart of that. If your dog’s not listening to you, repeating the same command over and over again isn’t going to help. Anne January 23, 2015 at 9:54 am. Here are some common reasons that a dog doesn’t listen to you. Reply. … In most cases, it’s not that your dog doesn’t want to listen, he’s just so worked up over something exciting that it takes a lot to get his attention focused back on you. Fortunately, there are also some simple things you can do to solve this problem. If a dog pulls, stand still and do not allow them to advance toward whatever has caught their interest. I've had him since he was 7 months when I adopted him from a shelter and these are things he's always done. My dog is more aggressive towards my boyfriend. Every single day at our dog training facility in Northern Virginia we hear people say, “My dog listens to my husband (or wife), but he doesn’t listen to me.”. Stop your dog running off. If they resume pulling, stay still until they stop again, then move in the proper direction to lead them correctly. Thanks Brian ” I love my dog i know he will help me in the future and be as good to me as i am to him”. With the dog interactions the problem has been that no one has a yard so all the dogs are being walked and the sidwalk is only 5 10 feet from the door. He still has his balls im on a waiting list to get them removed. He tries to lick his face and than bite it. At home she's not too bad but if we're at the dog park she won't listen to me (I'm male) but she will sometimes listen to my (female) partner … When the dog stops to look around at you, reward that pause with a friendly word or small treat. The best way to manage your dog in public places, until you have trained him, is with a long line attached to a body harness. This involves practicing the behavior in a low distraction environment, with a high rate of reinforcement, so that the dog …

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