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Press J to jump to the feed. For years, Simi Valley City Councilmember Mike Judge has publicly posted violent, sexually explicit, and racially-charged images, videos, and messages on Facebook and Twitter. Mayor Bob Huber nominated Scott Santino who was his Campaign Chair during the … Leaders who will represent California and fight against the Democrat’s socialist agenda. I agree to recieve emails and that my submitted data is being collected and stored. The town, he said, does not deserve the reputation for racism that has endured since the trial. Mike Judge is many things: Los Angeles cop, unapologetic conservative Republican, and member of the Simi Valley City Council, a largely conservative town 40 miles outside of the city known mostly for being where the police officers who beat Rodney King were put on trial decades ago. Mike Judge is many things: Los Angeles cop, unapologetic conservative Republican, and member of the Simi Valley City Council, a largely conservative town 40 miles outside of the city known mostly for being where the police officers who beat Rodney King were put on trial decades ago. Our community needs a fighter in Washington and who better than a former Navy Pilot who served our district and nation honorably. r/RepublicanValues: A look at the values expressed by the modern Republican Party. I understand that An example of that comes from the Simi Valley City Council, which could be on the verge of a social media code of conduct. He served He is also a lightning rod for controversy. Ventura County Board of Education Area 4- Incumbent Dean Kunicki What’s the science behind L.A.’s new restrictions? He is also a lightning rod for controversy. Thousands gather in Simi Valley for BLM protest as councilman comes under fire Saturday's rally and march comes after Simi Valley City Councilman Mike Judge … He has seen the world but has returned to his hometown. Moscow opens dozens of coronavirus vaccination centers, Thousands of doctors, teachers and others in high-risk groups have signed up for a COVID-19 vaccination in Moscow starting Saturday, a precursor to a Russia-wide immunization effort, Americans’ fixation on coronavirus cleansing can be overkill, experts say. Register to Vote. We need him fighting for us in Washington.”, “I strongly back Mike and I hope you guys do as well, we’ve got to take this country back.”, “I support Mike Garcia for US Congress for many different reasons. Taking measures to protect the City’s health, safety, and welfare. Now it’s being used to deny it. An apology he posted to Facebook on Thursday did little to quiet the furor. He realized he was in the wrong, he wrote, after speaking with a black friend. His apologies aside, Judge said he will not accede to calls for him to resign his council seat. With his outstanding Naval career, Mike understands the need for a strong defense and how best to care for our veterans. Newly elected Councilman Mike Judge nominated Kenneth Rice, long term Simi Valley resident. With my experience, I know what needs to be done and I wouldn’t be able to look my 2 young boys in the face and tell them I had the opportunity to make things right, but I chose not to. La Niña winters are often dry in Southern California, but there are no guarantees, L.A.’s new rules created lots of confusion. He is also a lightning rod for controversy. In response to an email from Foster, who invited him to join protesters, Judge said he would not participate and said she should call off the march, claiming inaccurately that protests across the U.S. after Floyd’s killing had largely been marred by violence. New Planning Commissioners were appointed this evening. He has a long track record of service, business growth and wanting to see his community remain the utopia it has been since its inception. The Ventura County Democratic Party on Tuesday called for the censure and resignation of Simi Valley City Councilman Mike Judge, a Republican, over material on his private Facebook page. This time around, Judge showed more regret. Social media posts calling the COVID-19 pandemic a hoax are misusing a Nevada doctor’s selfie to highlight a supposedly empty hospital facility. That deep-seated reputation was the backdrop for the march Saturday. And he fueled the anger further by arguing against a protest march planned for Simi Valley over fears that it would turn violent. But she says seeing them coping with the coronavirus “makes me feel brave.”, A struggling recycling industry faces new crisis with coronavirus, Still reeling from the loss of foreign markets, waste recyclers are facing new perils due to coronavirus and the falling price for new plastics, What Hollywood Boulevard looks like when COVID-19 drives the tourists away, Hollywood Boulevard is normally Los Angeles’ tourist strip. City of L.A. issues stay-at-home rules that mirror L.A. County order. He deleted the Facebook post. I know I can say that all day long and it just sounds contrived, but I was just trying to be silly and it went sideways,” he said. I firmly believe his domestic and foreign policies are sound.”, “We need to support people in the primary who can win in the general. Round of Trap: $8.00 ammo not included. Former President, Association for L.A. Deputy Sheriffs, American attorney, author, and radio program host. All Rights Reserved. Running Mate: Kamala Harris Democratic ... Mike Judge At-Large. Location CA. What’s the reasoning behind Los Angeles County’s new restrictions designed to stop the coronavirus from spreading? Establishing policies regarding the operation of the City. He is the leader we need now more than ever.”, “Mike Garcia knows service over self. But California might not have a choice, Stay-at-home is unpopular and it crushes businesses. The City Council is responsible for the following functions: 1. It’s hopeful.’”. Mobilize the septic tank trucks, put a pressure cannon on em ... hose em down ... the end.”. Jun 4, 2020 #1 Uh, yeah. The march went off Saturday without incident as about 2,000 protesters marched to the town’s civic center, where young organizers spoke and participants kneeled in silence to remember George Floyd, the black man killed last month by a Minneapolis police officer. “I just think that in this current climate you may not like the outcome,” he wrote. “Mike Garcia’s extraordinary service to this country as a Naval Aviator reflects his longstanding commitment to public service and the depth of character we need in the 25th congressional district. Thread starter win231; Start date Jun 4, 2020; win231 Well-known Member. On Twitter and elsewhere, many people commented on the surprise they felt at seeing Simi Valley host an event and the town’s police chief encouraging it. California’s stay-at-home order allows essential travel only. Navy fighter pilot Mike Garcia is a perfect fit. Garcia’s decision to run for Congress in 2020 as the Republican nominee should come as no surprise to members of the 25th District. and millions of jobs while doing nothing substantive to combat the virus. As a newcomer to politics, in just a few months he has proven that he has a firm grasp of what it will take to make sure Nancy Pelosi’s top lieutenant, and a fifth member of “The Squad” is relieved of her duties as a representative of the 25th district. This new phase in the pandemic means new rules for hotels and other travel providers. Judge, who is white, made things worse days later when, on the Facebook page he has for City Council matters, he posted an email exchange he had with Mikiiya Foster, an 18-year-old black woman who lives in Simi Valley and organized Saturday’s march. Simi Valley City Council member Mike Judge apologized on Thursday night for a Facebook meme he shared earlier this week about using septic tank trucks on … He captioned the post with his own comment, writing, “This is brilliant, it will also enforce the mask rule!” — a reference to orders by county health officials that people wear masks in public to stem the spread of the new coronavirus. Across all of his social media platforms, Councilmember Judge publicizes women’s nudity, videotaped killings, and violence against black men and women to his hundreds of followers—on a daily basis. A peaceful protest has been planned by local high schoolers to which he replied this and refused the requests from local students for him to come spea “Almost all of the protests to date, have turned to violence and destruction.”. Lopez: We’ve quit ringing the bells each night, but frontline workers are still risking their lives, Ana Ivette Zacarias is exposed to people with COVID-19 every day in her job as a medical assistant. The Mayor is elected at large to a two-year term, and each Council Member is elected at-large to staggered four-year terms. Mike Judge is a serious threat to Simi Valley. Statement from Mike Garcia on Today’s Election Results, Garcia Makes Donation of Salary to SCV Sheriff’s Station Youth Activities League, Garcia Makes Donation of Salary to Circle of Hope. Amidst rumors of up to a dozen or more Candidates intending to compete for Simi Valley City Council seats and the Mayor’s office, Councilmen Keith Mashburn and Mike Judge took an early initiative by jointly launching their campaigns in a kickoff party at The Junkyard Cafe Thursday night. “I am not a racist. RAN Action Fund. and receiving information from Mike Garcia for Congress. In 2013 when attacks were launched on Councilman Mike Judge for his activities on his person Facebook page Glen Becerra was quoted in the Simi Valley Acorn:. I am very pleased to join many others in supporting Mike Garcia, and am confident he will serve his constituents with great distinction and honor.”, “Serving our community is the most important aspect of law enforcement. You may occasionally receive promotional content from the Los Angeles Times. Mobilize the septic tank trucks, put a pressure cannon on em...hose em down...the end". 2. Mike Judge is many things: Los Angeles cop, unapologetic conservative Republican, and member of the Simi Valley City Council, a largely conservative town 40 miles outside of the city known mostly for being where the police officers who beat Rodney King were put on trial decades ago. First, he has recently advocated violence against protesters, posting to his facebook wall: "Wanna stop the riots? This election is one of the closest races in the nation and will come down to a handful of votes. Our district and our country are at an inflection point. He shares the traditional core values I believe in, including Family, Country, and Freedom. As a former Naval Officer and combat fighter pilot who flew missions over Baghdad and Fallujah, he has witnessed first-hand the strength of this country at home and abroad. Use of his military rank, job, titles, and photographs in uniform does not imply endorsement from the Department of Defense or the Department of the Navy. Watch for an organized outrage calling for the removal of Simi Valley City Councilman Mike Judge, a … Simi Valley Mayor- Councilman Keith Mashburn. To avoid any traces of the coronavirus that might be lurking on surfaces, Americans have been scrubbing everything in sight. Mayor Pro Tem Mike Judge Mayor Pro Tem Mike Judge was elected to the City Council in November 2010. previously He served a oneyear term as - Mayor Pro Tem in 2013 and 2017. Councilman Glen Becerra reappointed Mary Bibb to the Planning Commission. They had previously even discussed whether to continue with the Tea Party label. Both were unanimously voted in to the Planning Commission. User account menu • Simi Valley Councilman Mike Judge at center of controversy for suggesting using septic tanks amid protests. A… Challenger (Won) Democratic. Need to cancel your holiday travel plans amid COVID? Together, We Will Move Our District Forward! I think that says more about his character than anything.”. In the last year, Mike Judge, a Simi Valley councilman and Los Angeles Police Department officer, has been scrutinized for posting links on his Facebook page to racy and suggestive websites. Political Candidate. Here’s the latest on changes and refunds. Mike is an intelligent, dedicated father and husband, and a small business owner. Mike Garcia will honorably represent us in Washington and I’m proud to endorse him.”, “Our nation needs more leaders who know the sacrifice of serving their country. It all set off a firestorm as people took to social media to pillory Judge. Does a dry fall in Los Angeles always lead to a parched, fire-prone winter? Simi Valley City Council- Councilman Mike Judge. Mike Judge is many things: Los Angeles cop, unapologetic conservative Republican, and member of the Simi Valley City Council, a largely conservative town 40 miles outside of the city known mostly for being where the police officers who beat Rodney King were put on trial decades ago. “I couldn’t be happier I was wrong.”, Judge, 56, began last week by sharing on his personal Facebook page a posting with the words, “Wanna stop the riots? Simi Valley Councilman and LA law enforcement officer Mike Judge talks about the Second Amendment. Mike Judge, Councilman, City of Simi Valley; R.J. Kelly, Director, Santa Clarita Valley Water Board; Dennis Koontz, Former Councilman, City of Santa Clarita; Dean Kunicki, Former Member, Board of Education, Ventura County; Elaine Litster, Councilwoman, City of Simi Valley; Gary Martin, Vice President, Santa Clarita Valley Water Board ... Mike Judge. Simi Valley Councilman Mike Judge at ... - Los Angeles Times What does that mean? Simi Valley, Ventura County ... Mike Pence Republican Joe Biden, Jr. Mike Judge, Simi Valley councilman; Bob Kellar, Santa Clarita councilman; R.J. Kelly, Director of Santa Clarita Valley Water Board; Dennis Koontz, former Santa Clarita councilman; Dean Kunicki, former Member of the Board of Education of Ventura County; Elaine Litster, Simi Valley councilwoman; Keith Mashburn, Mayor of Simi Valley Joel Rubin covers federal courts and agencies for the Los Angeles Times. Jump to. 3210 Thousand Oaks Blvd, Thousand Oaks, Ca Phone Number: 805-852-8214 Hours of Operation: Mon-Fri 10-5, Sat 10-4, Sun 12-3 not be used to track your ballot. Sections of this page. Lockdowns are depressing and economically devastating. The clear reference to police violently cracking down on civil rights protesters had been lost on him, he said. More than 8,000 people added their names to two online petitions demanding he resign from the City Council. Judge, who has served on the Simi Valley City Council since 2010, is facing pressure to resign after sharing a Facebook post that suggested blasting rioters and looters with raw sewage. I can’t imagine this happening growing up,” said Jacinda Dougherty, 26, who grew up in Simi Valley and joined the march while home visiting family for the summer. Steven Sojka At-Large. About 40 people showed up for last week's monthly meeting. We asked the experts. 4. Mike Garcia has exhibited this quality as a patriot and is conducting his campaign with the utmost of integrity. Thousands signed petitions calling for Judge to resign from the City Council seat he’s held since 2010. Mayor Pro Tem Judge has been employed by the Los Angeles Police Department for years, spending the majority of his 30 career in the northwest San Fernando Valley area. Santa Clara County Republican Party of Silicon Valley. They left comments, calling him a racist, “an embarrassment,” “sewage,” and “a threat to Simi Valley.”. He had shown the gruesome video, he said, in hopes of helping to find the killer. Nonprofit Organization. They saw him as promoting the use of water cannons on protesters, a ruthless tactic police used to quash civil rights protests in the 1960s, and trying to stymie a lawful expression of the fury over police abuses of blacks that has erupted in the wake of Floyd’s killing. Shotguns will be provided if you don’t have your own. By submitting this form, I agree to my information being collected by Mike Garcia for Congress But it might be California’s only option, This doctor took a selfie to show the gravity of the pandemic. 2020 ELECTION HEADQUARTERS... NEW LOCATION! © 2020 Mike Garcia for Congress.

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