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123 individuals. April to September. Guests and rooms. Angel Creek Hillside and Winter Trail Angel Rocks Trail Angel Rocks to Chena Hot Springs Trail Chena Dome Trail. Number observed: 17. Lost some orange tent poles and a ground tarp on the Caines head trail this weekend somewhere close to north beach and fort mcgilvray. Once you reached the shore, the rest of the hike to Caines Head is on a black shale rock shore - you HAVE to time correctly to avoid the rise of the tide. This is a five mile hike along beautiful coastline of Alaska. We didn’t go all the way. It's amazing and worth every step! Location. Trail Condition Report Caines Head State Recreation Area August 15th, 2020 Overall Conditions: Caines Head State Recreation Area continues to see steady traffic despite Covid-19 concerns. New member. Since then, there are 3 things I want to add. Overall beautiful hike and a great time! 12 Dec 2020 - 13 Dec 2020. The first part of the hike along the west side of Resurrection Bay, offering fantastic scenery and … Dogs are also able to use this trail. Overall, amazing! Trail Description. By using this site you accept the risk and sole responsibility for your safety If this isn't enough to entice you, you get a beautiful view of Resurrection Bay, and the surrounding Kenai Mountains. Al the wood in the nearby area was soaked! Unfortunately this meant we did more rock climbing. Added by Christie Kay. Caines Head Coast Trail has been listed as one of the top ten coastal hiking trails in North America by Backpacker Magazine. The trail offers a number of activity options and is best used from May until October. Current Weather Forecast: Search for up-to-date info: Images of the Caines Head Trail; Videos of the Caines Head Trail; Maps of the Caines Head Trail; News of the Caines Head Trail; Blogs of the Caines Head Trail Thanks, Gusto Tags: None. We just hiked one hour and we went through a beautiful forest, cross a couple of bridges and saw salmon. Whew! Nothing major though. Caines Head Trail. it's a nice and relatively easy hike down to the shore. The trail is primarily used for camping and is best used from May until June. This was a very beautiful and unique trail along the coastline. Learn more about the trails and campsites at the Alaska DNR- Caines Head State Recreation Area. This was as tough as it gets for having very little/no elevation gain. I checked the tides and low tide is at 6:28AM, so what time would I need to leave Lowell Point? If anyone has found them please let me know. While in Seward, hike 4.5 miles along the coast (mind the tides!) It is a beautiful coastal and mountainous trail, with wonderful opportunities for photographing scenery and wildlife. The Coastal Trail, also called the Caines Head Trail, begins with an easy and wide uphill segment that then goes down to near sea level. If you go on a + low tide... Definitly recommend taking derby trail!! The following was added by the webmaster June 26, 2005: I didn't do this trail last year since I had done it 5 times and thought it needed a rest. then we walked to south beach without going to the fort. Chena River State Recreation Area. 9. Observations. For example, if the low tide peak is at noon, you want to be at the beach at 11 am. With lots of great beaches to land on and short hikes to enjoy, this combo trip provides a full day of adventure. I’d recommend rain boots of some sort, especially if you’re hiking above a -3. tide. Caines Head Coastal Trail; Caines Head Coastal Trail Hot. A great pre-season hike. Caines Head Kayak & Hike Lowell Point State Recreation Area to Caines Head State Recreation Area. Who would want to wait 12 hours for the next low tide? the particular trails you will be on as well as general wilderness safety and first aid. You can pick up a tide table book at any bank in Alaska. Head out to the beach (making sure you're above the high tide line). Set up camp on North Beach and the view was amazing. Snow melts quickly here and plenty of wood for a fire. You have a good chance of seeing otters, eagles, and an abundance of waterfowl. We only hiked to the second bridge across Tonsina creek then took the beach back to the first bridge. We ended up by the beach and then came back. Caines Head 05-26-2008, 18:01. Two things in Seward you may want to consider before or after this trip; sea kayaking with a guide and/or going on a boat tour. I don't know the name of the company or companies that provide this service but I'm sure the Seward Chamber of Commerce can help you out. Bring a flashlight as it is quite dark inside. The tide tables can be found here. We ate many berries along the hike! When I got back to my tent a black bear had ripped into it and was still around not bothered by the five people yelling at it to back off so we packed up and left that night we camped at Tosina point. If you hit the one edge at any time other than absolute low tide, be prepared to end up in the ocean. The Trailhead Parking Lot requires a $5 parking fee (bring exact amount). Caines Head Coastal Hike Hike Caine’s Head Marine Park The trail starts just west of Miller’s. Caines Head State Recreation Area is the scenic site of an abandoned World War II fort, can be reached by boat or foot from Seward. The trail to Tonsina Point is only the first short section of a much longer trail to destinations near Caines Head. The rocks are razor sharp and you will get cut severely. Trail Guide for the Caines Head State Recreation Area in Resurrection Bay.

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