acoustic guitar with electric neck

Suitable for 19 frets, 20 frets, 21frets, 22 frets and 24 frets electric guitar or acoustic guitar. If you have been playing slim neck guitars but need a wide neck guitar to suit your fingers, then continue reading as we list some of the best wide neck acoustic guitars available in the market today. However, if your hand is giant-sized, then playing the thin neck guitar may become a nightmare. A peghead veneer is recommended. If its asymmetrical headstock and stylish bridge that adds a touch of class don’t excite you, then nothing will. Guitars are manufactured in slim designs with very little consideration for people with big hands or fat fingers. This acoustic guitar allows you to move from lower frets to higher frets with ease. The guitar has a classic shape, and it looks defy its sound quality. Whether you are a beginner or a pro, you can always tell that the lower the guitar action, the more comfortable the guitar … The guitar features a 46mm wide neck, which makes playing really easy and comfortable. This spruce top enjoys the support of solid mahogany and ivory IBS sides which hold the guitar together. It has a thin neck that makes it effortless to move your hand along. The guitar is made with Sitka Spruce wood at the top and Mahogany on the back and sides along with a Rosewood Fretboard. So, it is a case-to-case basis, depending on your needs and the size of your hands and fingers. Remember, even after acquiring the best guitar, you should consider setting it up correctly, or else your efforts will have been in vain. It also determines how easily a guitarist can access the frets and form those complex chords that necessitate stretched finger positions. At the heart of the best acoustic guitar is comfort (and ease of use), and for the best strumming acoustic guitar experience, you need an acoustic guitar with low action that has a thin neck. This guitar is great for fingerstyle playing and is most suited for acoustic blues music genres. Our “factors to consider section” will keep you in check as depending on your needs. When playing on a slim neck guitar with thick fingers, it is advisable that you stay at the top of the guitar as much as possible. These guitars will ensure you stay comfortable as you play. You will also feel its great playability, whether you are standing or seated. Moreover, the smaller the body of the guitar, the less volume it will produce. But if you ignore this flaw, everything else is great about this guitar. The more practical thing to do would be to learn how to play effectively on a slim neck guitar or else get yourself a wide neck guitar. Luthier tools, guitar parts, and supplies for instrument builders, repair shops, hobbyists, and players worldwide. The classic elegant appearance will probably lead you to believe it is worth more than its tag. First, the standard and the short scale ones come with tone difference. If you are a professional and can understand the fine art of tuning, then this guitar will play on your command. There are several thin necked acoustic guitars in the market, some being inexpensive, and some which will cost you an arm. This great looking instrument comes with an expensive price tag, and that might be an issue as there are other guitars with similar features available at a lower price. The following are some of the most common neck shapes from two of the bigger acoustic guitar manufacturers. It has a small body that makes it suitable for small people to hold. Sometimes our disadvantage can be an advantage to someone else. The thinness of the neck, of course, refers to the neck’s width at the nut. You will find the thin neck too tight for your fingers to squeeze in. Moreover, you can hear well its low tones. Nonetheless, the sound it produces at its price is more than satisfactory.

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