This Site Needs To Be Shut Down

Please report this illegal and exploitation of children to
Most wanted FBI list for child exploitation. | Sign the petition:

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  1. Sad thing is that this website could be hosted where this stuff is not illegal. Like some African countries don't have this law to protect children.

    It's a sad world we live in and people are finding loopholes like this is sickening

  2. The problem with pedophiles in this country, we don't put them in the guillotine in a public arena. There is no reforming them, no stopping them from acting on their impulses. And we feel it necessary to separate them for safety in prisons because the other prisoners do know how to deal with them. It's prison, people get shanked all the time. So what if some diaper sniper gets a broomstick shoved up his ass till it comes out of his mouth? I sure don't.

  3. This is sick. As if pedos have the gull to do this openly. Even on Twitter they are gettinf bolder. We should never normalise this. Children are our future. We must protect them. You know its a Dark time when even 4Chan speaks out against pedos and they are some of the sickest people on the planet with the shit they post.

  4. Ugh. This is abhorrent. I don't have any skills that can help with this, but I'll share it with my friends and hopefully, someone can do something. Thanks for making this video man.

  5. How the hell is a site like this even allowed to exist?!?!? I'm only 3 minutes in and I'm already getting pissed off about it! This is disturbing that this site was even created! It's disgusting!

  6. I’m so sorry for what you went through at a younger age. Disgusting and vile. I’ve reported too many Facebook groups that were sexualizing children. They think they’re smart and have their own lingo (I forget exactly what words they use. It was a while ago)

  7. This shit def needs to be taken down, but you should've just contacted the fbi instead of making a video since it can very easily make their investigation and ability to catch these people impossible if it disappears. They won't disappear, but catching them may deter some in the future. Im sorry for what you went through, all the best

  8. What the hell is wrong with these people?? I can't even fathom behavior like this. Preying on children is the lowest of the low on things you could do. Even hardened murderers and criminals on death row think its the bottom of the barrel.

  9. FBI where the hell you at?!?! Why has this site been up this long?? Wtf is wrong with the person to even create this garbage! Everyone keep spreading, Spam this news everywhere cause this site should not exist and everyone who has been hosting the site along with the people having an account on that site should be arrested!

  10. UUUUGH I’m already one to be on edge about this shit but now I’m scouring my Facebook for all my sons pictures. I hate that I have to feel this way and feel like I can’t post a simple photo of my own damn child! UGH!

  11. Why do websites like this exist? Why do people like this exist? Why? This is fucked up…
    The Přiklopil case reminds me a bit of the Fritzl case, where a woman Elisabeth Fritzl was held captive by her father in a concealed area under the basement of their house for 24 years, where she had been abused and raped daily and had been forced to lie in a letter to her parents that she had run away to join a cult. Josef Fritzl had abused her so much that she had had seven kids, one of whom died just days after being born, while three were raised for her parents (where her father lied that they were foundlings) and the other three were raised in captivity with Elisabeth and were abused. Luckily they all managed to escape after one of her daughters had to be taken to the hospital and Elisabeth had finally gotten to reveal what had happened to them and Josef Fritzl was arrested.
    Why are there so many messed-up people in this world? Just looking at those screenshots of all those freaks sexualizing little kids makes me sick.

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