Jesus Christ Beheaded, Far left Suspected, And You Expect me To Believe Trump is LOSING??

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  1. Do they mean to imply Jesus had the same black skin as central African people? Are they being racist towards Northern-African/Middle-Eastern people again by denying they exist? Besides that, who cares what a fantasy person looks like? Everywhere the guy's pictured, he's pictured as one of the local people and that's a good thing. It means they all accept him as one of them. Inclusive. Good for them.

  2. My god Mr.. Timmy….. We do not worship the statues, we worship GOD… The statues, that get destroyed, we can always and will always rebuild them, if we so desire. That is what your small bubble activistic mind fails to understand… God clearly states that we shall not worship any other symbol or man other then GOD himself…. The destroyed statues do upset folks, but, means nothing. There is a couple citizens (just a couple, LOL) that sit back, and allow these nutcases to show their faces, through night vision, flair, facial rec, I.R. printing, etc., and have been doing this for several months. They have been watching where these nutcases go, every day, and every night. They have been tracking phones, I.P.'s., banking, vehicles, homes, jobs, employers… the whole lots… and when these folks decide to draw the line in the sand, well, I don't know what to tell you after that… I am supposed to be worried about a few statues that a skilled craftsmen and his people can make new, Nah… I am not worried about that.. I am worried about when those folks draw the line in the sand and these people are just private citizens, that simply just wanted to be left alone…. Mr. Timmy, take a few days vacation. you are reading to much into the NEWS. Yes, I understand that is your job, but, you lack faith, in people who actually love this land, and will protect it… You keep wanting folks to stand up… No you don't Mr. Timmy. Please allow me to express why you don't want that, Never mind that it is going to happen, but when those folks do stand up, you might want to hope that you, are not on their list… ("you" is speaking in general, and not "you" directly, as if I was making a verbal threat at Mr. Timmy, totally not the case) Be calm. November 4th, and days/months following after that is what I would worry about, for those folks to come out of the woodwork now, is purely a bad strategy to over come the nutcase communist's… I am not worried for myself, I have lived my life, I am worry for my children. I can only hope, they have the proper life skill sets to survive . I think any parent would have the same thinking. You keep telling the people in the woodwork to come out and preach, talk, stand up, fight, etc. But, you yourself, have even stated a bunches of times, there is no talking to these nutcases, so why come out of the woodwork? Look at how many of the progressive nutcases and political figures have shown their true colors in the past several months, due to feeling overly confident, LOL.. I am starting to wonder, if you actually hope for the slaughter type end of days crap. Do you not see, how impatient you are, that is how your mind is wired, due to how corrupted the instant gratification via the interweb and what it has done to you, that you demand action… LOL.. "But look at how many clicks I get, when I act really concerned"… Mr. TImmy, calm down. Just because you have anxiety over the constant flood of MSM dopamine, doesn't mean you need to convey that onto your sub base. Things are falling right in line, easy as pie, and required hardly any resources, money, time, man power, etc., the corrupted political figures, and progressive nutcases have done all the work, just by exposing themselves for the civilian population that protect this nation.. LOL… Why is that so hard for you to see, after all this time? either you are a dummy, or still an activist that is trying to ignite something that you don't want to imagine… You think you can imagine it, but sorry Mr. Timmy, you can't. Just because you watched a few Arabs throwing rocks at one another, or had a few teargas canisters lobbed at you, does not give you the foresight of the future of how this will all play out.. You are gonna give yourself a heart attack before you get married and feel the warmth of the woman (line from THE 300).. calm down. Go on vacation in your Feng Shui set up mini van and drive down to your river you keep talking about (I stole that one from styxhexenhammer666) LOL….

  3. To me, when someone tries to tell another what is happening outside the news is true is just like Christians trying to tell others that Jesus is real. We can only tell them and hopefully they will look into it and believe before it's too late.

  4. This has gone way too far. People died, important figures to millions vandalized, small businesses destroyed, everything's getting cancelled… ALL Americans MUST vote for Trump, or this is going to be the end. Literally.

  5. Jesus and his family didn't flea to "blend in". The fled so that Harod didn't have the authority to kill the child! Also, Egyptians of the time were darker skinned than the Jews. LEARN THE FACTS!

  6. Tim.. You can be Christian without belonging to a denominational church, Worship Jesus in your own way..
    King James Bible

    "For where two or three are gathered together in my name, there am I in the midst of them".-Matthew 18:20"
    All too often Churches try and placate the masses with "woke" politics.. or play at Christianity.. or are corrupted by money.. political influence.. But when You pray to God and the Lord Jesus Christ, you don't need a church's interpreter.. a middleman between you..
    I lost my way as a late teen.. but found my faith again in the near freezing mud of a ground combat training field in Texas.. a Chaplain, a real man of God came out to us in the field.. cold, wet, caked in mud and utterly miserable.. and stood there in his Blues, shined shoes.. no heavy coat shivering as he gave us a moment of respite from the miseries of this our training and the troubles of this Earth..
    He didn't have too be there.. could have stayed in a warm office.. but he came to us.. and made a difference by offering words of support and comfort.. THAT's how Christianity should be..

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