US Virgin Islands Governor Orders Gun Confiscation Ahead of Hurricane Irma

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The Governor of the US Virgin Islands, Kenneth E. Mapp, just announced that he is authorizing the Virgin Islands National Guard to seize weapons and ammunition from citizens ahead of the approaching major storm, Hurricane Irma, which is now a Category 5 Hurricane.  The Hurricane is expected to reach the Virgin Islands Wednesday morning.
The Governor released an official State of Emergency declaration in which he said, ” In accordance with Title 23 Section 1522, Virgin Islands Code, The Adjutant General is authorized and directed to seize arms, ammunition, explosives, incendiary material and any other property that may be required by the military forces for the performance of this emergency mission, in accordance with the Rules of Force promulgated by the Virgin Islands National Guard and approved by the Virgin Islands Department of Justice. ”
Remember all those reports of national guardsmen going around and collecting guns from people after Hurricane Katrina?  If you check on Snopes, that oh so reliable progressive-run fact-check site (and I use the term fact-check loosely), you’ll be led to believe those reports are bogus.  After this recent Hurricane that hit the Houston area and parts of Louisiana, there are also reports of gun confiscation occurring, as well as calls by police departments for people to turn in their long guns.
Well, now you don’t have to take rumor’s word for it, the Governor of the Virgin Islands made it crystal clear that gun confiscation is now allowed.  This is a standard operating procedure for governments after natural disasters.  I suspect there are two reasons for this, one is their resources are stretched thin and their ability to herd people the way they think they should be herded is limited, and two, they don’t like the competition.  If people with guns can protect themselves after a disaster, what reason do we have for government anyway?
Just so you can judge for yourselves and not assume that I somehow took this quote out of context, I have included the FULL statement at the end of this article.
The government will not have the resources to protect you after a disaster from looters.  So, because they fear you, because they fear the competition, they would rather put you at risk by confiscating your guns at a time when you most need them for very basic, very direct protection from very real threats.  Just take that in and remember that the state is not here to protect you, it is here to exploit you.  If its interests happen to find it useful to protect you, congratulations, you might be protected, you might be rescued.  If its interests do NOT align with protecting you, rescuing you, then you’ll be left to fend with yourself, but only after it first takes your most effective means of protecting yourself from the dangers that emerge in the wake of natural disasters
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  1. Here's how they do it; "Rescuers" Kick down your locked and secured doors searching for "Victims" after these disasters. Nobody home? Well now… Look at al these firearms this person has… Then they claim that it would be "unsafe" to leave firearms behind in an unsecured house.
    How many are returned to their rightful owner? Can you prove that your granddaddy gave you that shotgun for your birthday when you were 12?

  2. Only a fool would give up their guns ! Never never do it. This is from the dark government's this is going to happen here. Soon. They have got to break you and control all of you DO NOT GIVE UP YOUR GUNS. FROM NOW ON THIS IS HOW THEIR GOING TO TAKE YOUR GUNS , Gun by gun by any mean's.

  3. In accordance with Title 23 Section 1522, Virgin Islands Code, The AcUutant General is authorized and directed to seize arms, ammunition, explosives, incendiary material and any other property that may be required by the military forces for the performance of this emergency mission, in accordance with the Rules of Force promulgated by the Virgin Islands National Guard and approved by the Virgin Islands Department of Justice. The trick here is "that may be required by the military forces"; I have a friend down there and he says they are not taking any weapons, he says that is fake news, lol, so far anyway.

  4. The law abiding citizens need their firearms more than ever after a disaster, this is exactly the time that the government shouldn't be interfering with their right to bear arms !!!!! I hear a lot of people on here talking shit about resistance, you better think about it and realize what exactly that means… you're getting ready to change your life if you resist the government and there hired thugs, if you're not prepared to pull the trigger and fight off the government agents whether there army, police or anything else you better not do it if you're not totally ready to die or be in prison for life!!! when they come they will come quick and try to intimidate you, in your face, if you're not prepared to fight or to hide your guns you will have them taken from you, if you're not ready to fight , you will be shot if you resist .hide your guns now in a safe space and tell them you have none, neighbors need to defend other neighbors that are being attacked by government forces like they did on the Bundy ranch and beat back the government forces this is the only way for us to stand !!! is together and defend each other !!!!

    TYRannical RULERS (this happeNed already in Venezuela ) — natch! —simple solution – ignore the
    stupid governor's orders and KEEP YOUR GUNS ( 2Nd AMENDMENT)

  6. Another reason not to register a gun. A career criminal doesn't have to. WTF should a law abiding citizen? "Right to bear arms" N.K. ? Do NOT listen to the propaganda rhetoric. N.K. has NEVER used a WMD on a civilian population and has the "Right to bear arms".


    These "Natural" Hurricanes are their perfect excuse to take away all of your constitutional rights in your countries. FEMA is a front to round up majority of the population. They claim they are helping victims of the disaster, but what they aren't telling you is that those "FEMA camps" are actually Internment (concentration) camps! They want to take away your guns so that you people won't cause rebellion against their agenda.

    Just go take a look at the masonic Georgia Guidestones … it blatantly says their mission is to reduce &I maintain the worlds population under 500 million. POPULATION REDUCTION!!!

    Mark my words, by the time Hurricane Irma, Jose, & Katia hits America, also the coast of California, America will be forcibly put in a state of Panic which will cause a domino affect that will lead to Lootings, food shortage, gas shortage, limited water supply, & chaos*. After the government gets their desired results, they will declare *NATIONAL STATE OF EMERGENCY or (Martial Law! 🚓 Police state) Just look at how police everywhere are becoming more Militarized!

    All of this will inevitably lead to the collapse of the U.S. Dollar*…. aka "economic failure". Now once they've lured most of the population into their FEMA camps, they will give you people *2 Choices:

    1: Accept/take their RFID Chips in your head or your hand.


    2: Remain imprisoned in their camps (some cases tortured or be put to death!)

    FEMA is also working with local WALMARTS around the nation to help detain & implement the RFID Chips!

    Due to the collapse of the paper dollar 💵 ,They will tell you that these Chips are to serve as your self-identification and also that it contains all of your banking, Medical, and financial information. Your money will be transferred into these Chips digitally….
    They will tell you that you CANNOT buy, sell, or trade without this chip inserted in you…..
    WHAT THEY AREN'T TELLING YOU is that these Chips are really their way of keep track & having precise surveillance on your every day life!!!

    Also, it is the MARK OF THE BEAST!!!!

    – The Bible tells that in the end days, man will be forced to receive a mark in his forehead or hand🤚…..

    Weak minded people will willingly accept this chip just so they can be able to eat and buy their temporary bullshit. Stand strong with faith that even in death, the Heavenly creator will redeem you for not taking the forbidden mark!


    A company in the state of Wisconsin is all of a sudden is now the first to make it mandatory for employees to have to have these "microchips" inserted into them in order to work!!!!
    Wisconsin is the first to showcase their mark of the beast chip. Soon it will be the normal way of living for the rest of the country.

    THIS is how Satan will achieve his New World Order Kingdom on Earth. America is literally the Great Whore Babylon🗽🗽🗽 Open your eyes!

    Keep your faith, for Satan knows he has but only a short time on Earth before the great 2nd coming of the Lord!

  8. To bad this Governor does not know the law. They will be spending a lot of time in court if any firearms are seized. Suggest he reads 42 USC 5207 & Public Law 109-295.

  9. HARVEY WAS A MILITARY STRIKE A CULLING OF WARRIORS IN AND AROUND HOUSTON… IRMA IS NEXT… WE ARE BEING ATTACKED AND ARE AT WAR AND DON'T KNOW IT YET Convention on the Prohibition of Military or Any Other Hostile Use of Environmental Modification Technique
    Convention on the Prohibition of Military or Any Other Hostile Use of Environmental Modification Techniques

    Signed in Geneva May 18, 1977
    Entered into force October 5, 1978
    Treaty Text
    Signatory List
    Use of environmental modification techniques for hostile purposes does not play a major role in military planning at the present time. Such techniques might be developed in the future, however, and would pose a threat of serious damage unless action was taken to prohibit their use. In July 1972 the U.S. Government renounced the use of climate modification techniques for hostile purposes, even if their development were proved to be feasible in the future.

    Both the U.S. Senate and the House of Representatives held hearings, beginning in 1972, and the Senate adopted a resolution in 1973 calling for an international agreement "prohibiting the use of any environmental or geophysical modification activity as a weapon of war…." In response to this resolution, the President ordered the Department of Defense to undertake an in-depth review of the military aspects of weather and other environmental modification techniques. The results of this study and a subsequent interagency study led to the U.S. Governments decision to seek agreement with the Soviet Union to explore the possibilities of an international agreement.

    During the summit meeting in Moscow in July 1974, President Nixon and General Secretary Brezhnev formally agreed to hold bilateral discussions on how to bring about "the most effective measures possible to overcome the dangers of the use of environmental modification techniques for military purposes." Three sets of discussions were held in 1974 and 1975, resulting in agreement on a common approach and common language.

    In August 1975, the chief representatives of the U.S. and the Soviet delegations to the Conference of the Committee on Disarmament (CCD) tabled, in parallel, identical draft texts of a "Convention on the Prohibition of Military or any Other Hostile Use of Environmental Modification Techniques."

    The Convention defines environmental modification techniques as changing — through the deliberate manipulation of natural processes — the dynamics, composition or structure of the earth, including its biota, lithosphere, hydro-sphere, and atmosphere, or of outer space. Changes in weather or climate patterns, in ocean currents, or in the state of the ozone layer or ionosphere, or an upset in the ecological balance of a region are some of the effects which might result from the use of environmental modification techniques.

    Intensive negotiations held in the CCD during the spring and summer of 1976 resulted in a modified text and, in addition, to understandings regarding four of the Treaty articles. These were transmitted to the U.N. General Assembly for consideration during the fall session.

    Article I sets forth the basic commitment: "Each State Party to this Convention undertakes not to engage in military or any other hostile use of environmental modification techniques having widespread, long-lasting or severe effects as the means of destruction, damage or injury to any other State Party." An understanding defines the terms "widespread, long-lasting or severe." "Widespread" is defined as "encompassing an area on the scale of several hundred square kilometers"; "long-lasting" is defined as "lasting for a period of months, or approximately a season"; and "severe" is defined as "involving serious or significant disruption or harm to human life, natural and economic resources or other assets."

    With regard to peaceful uses of environmental modification techniques, the convention provides that the parties shall have the right to participate in the fullest possible exchange of scientific and technological information.

    In addition to the provision for mutual consultation regarding complaints and for resource to the Security Council, the revised draft establishes the framework for a Consultative Committee of Experts, which would meet on an ad hoc basis when so requested by a party, in order to clarify the nature of activities suspected to be in violation of the convention. Responding to the suggestion of many delegations, the revised text incorporates a provision for periodic conferences to review the Conventions operation.

    During the 1976 fall session, the U.N. General Assembly held extensive debate on the draft Convention, including several resolutions relating thereto. On December 10, the General Assembly adopted a resolution by a vote of 96 to 8, with 30 abstentions, which referred the Convention to all member nations for their consideration, signature, and ratification, and requested the U.N. Secretary-General to open the Convention for signature.

    The U.N. Secretary-General officiated at the signing ceremony in Geneva on May 18. The United States joined 33 other nations in signing the Convention. The Convention entered into force on October 5, 1978, when the 20th state to sign the Convention deposited its instrument of ratification. President Carter transmitted the Convention to the Senate on September 22, 1978.

    The Senate gave its advice and consent to ratification on November 28, 1979, by a vote of 98-0. The President ratified the Convention December 13, 1979. The Convention entered into force for the United States on January 17, 1980, when the U.S. instrument of ratification was deposited in New York.

    Treaty Text
    Convention on the Prohibition of Military or Any Other Hostile Use of Environmental Modification Techniques
    Signed in Geneva May 18, 1977
    Entered into force October 5, 1978
    Ratification by U.S. President December 13, 1979
    U.S. ratification deposited at New York January 17, 1980

    The States Parties to this Convention,

  10. Anybody comes to your door or on your property with guns un holstered and rifles pointed at your face regardless of their reasoning or what uniform they are wearing are the Bad guys and targets to be Eliminated, they are Not on your doorstep to help you, they are there to take your means of self-defense and/or take you away. Stop them at the first sight of them with Lethal Force, there is No other choice or you'll be going someplace you definitely won't want to be.

    Just as "They" orchestrated 9-11 to Police State the entire country, their manufactured "Natural Disasters' like Katrina, Sandy, Harvey and Irma are causing the devastation to disperse Police/National Guard/Military to track people, disarm them and roundup those who resist under a Martial Law 'light" till the Big One happens where their Agenda will be no longer a Theory but a actual End Of America program they've planned for decades.

    Bring ALL Lethal Force against them NOW, you will not have the opportunity later.

  11. I'm not real sure on the law but with it being a territory and not a state but I don't think they are covered by the same rights we have. They govern themselves and have there own laws. Will do some checking in on it though.

  12. sounds like a recipe for someone getting shot! Busting into homes and taking law abiding citizens weapons…seems like a BAD IDEA….just say'in

    I haven't met many LE that can out shoot me… so how about you take care of your weapons and we will take care of ours.

    I hope someone sues the dickens out of that idiot government official and the National Yahoo's I mean guard

  13. why you people posting that bullshit the Virgin islands is totally destroyed St John,. St Thomas no one posting the Damage the people in need of food shelter water and nothing nothing is been said it's sad im.mad at the media nothing is said about the VI it's a shame totally neglicted. People lives are destroyed all you can hear is puerto Rico which did not get much damage I'm appalled at the media

  14. The Governor knew the hurricanes were coming, all of them, and when, how powerful, etc., that Geoengineering created these.
    The Governor also knew about the FEMA Camps, and their purpose in UN Agenda 21/30 (officially UN Agenda 30 now)
    de-population, that's well underway in us, and other selected countries. These are scheduled to be complete by 2025.
    Should the people of Puerto Rico to get word of this action, (genocide) they'd go literally "up in arms" in the original meaning of the term) armed people are difficult to load on FEMA barges, boxcars, settled in FEMA Camps, and other places they do not wish to go.
    Disarm the people, and operations go reasonably smoothly.
    Puerto Rico, don't give up your guns.

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