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Biden still slidin’ – Fox News


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IBD:Elizabeth Warren has taken a narrow lead over Joe Biden in the race for the Democratic presidential nomination, the October IBD/TIPP Poll found. Both candidates continue to lead in a head-to-head matchup against President Trump, though Biden had a more comfortable lead, outside the margin of error. Elizabeth Warren had the support of 27%, with…

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Transgenders ‘Detransitioning’ on the Rise. And the LGBTQ Community Isn’t Helping. – Louder with Crowder

Sit down for this one, the detransitioning transgender community is on the rise. A woman in the UK, Charlie, who has been living as a boy since she was 13 (she’s now 21), and was scheduled to have both of her strapped in ta-tas chopped off, is making a big change: back to herself. But she’s discovered some interesting little bumps along the road. One, she’s found a lot of transgender people who also regret transitioning, and a supposedly tolerant group of people, the LGBTQ community, telling Charlie, and others like her, to talk to the...
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Newsweek Doing the Serious Reporting? ‘Tanning Salons Could Be Targeting Gay Men’ – Newsbusters

The latest brand of anti-gay hate crime is sinister in its stealth, as reported by Kashmira Gander, features writer at Newsweek: “Tanning Salons Could Be Targeting Gay Men by Opening in LGBT Neighborhoods, Putting Them at Risk of Cancer.” “Targeting”? Homophobia has certainly had to adapt in this day and age; instead of committing hate crimes, gay-bashers are apparently investing in tanning salons.