UN Accuses Rojavans of Using Electricity as Political Weapon

Freeqo talks about consensual sjw versus non-consensual sjw as he also talks about the UN’s recent accusation against the anarchistic feminist ‘state.’
Rojava denies weaponizing electricity, after UN… – Rudaw Media Network – www.rudaw.net
Autonomous Administration of North and East Syria (NES) authorities, known to Kurds as Rojava, deny having cut electricity from the Alouk pumping station in northern Syria as a weapon against pro-Turkey militia groups in the area, after a UN statement released Friday mentioned the allegations.

“We have provided electricity to Alouk station. The electricity normally goes to Sari Kani and Gire Spi towns as well but the [pro-Turkey] militants have damaged the lines so we cannot provide electricity to these towns. However, the line to Alouk Station is not harmed, so we have provided special electricity to the station,” NES spokesperson Lukman Ahmi told Rudaw English in a phone call.

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