Destroying the Northern Savages – Freeqo Plays Rome Total War 2 in God Mode

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Field Battle- Call Your Allies – Yes – 1350 – 1770 – Battle of Navisos – Meat Grinder Strategy 6:09 – Battle of Navisos II – 4300- 3700 – Waiting for the reserves to arrive. – 6:58
Northern Kingdom Expansion Pt. 1
In an undisclosed time and place not unlike the time you are in right now, Freeqo Freeqosian found himself sucked in a time worm that transferred his mind, body and soul into one Antigones II, the King of Purple Power of Macedon in the year 199 BCE. He was tasked with one mission, unite the world, He has at his advantage God Mode Powers he will use ONLY for Good, to unite the world once and for all under the Benevolent Purple Power of Purple Power of Macedon. THIS is his tale.

Rome Total War 2 Purple Power of Macedon Campaign – Let’s Play in God Mode – S1 – Ep 1 – The First Taste of Blood

Freeqo’s Log – 199 BCE First Quarter

Today is the day that I prepare the armies for their first test in battle as we FINALLY deal with northern aggressors from Ilyria to Panonia. We will not allow these constant harrassers of our trade caravans to be so bold as to imagine they will NOT suffer the consequences of their actions. Their impudence shall not the more be countenanced. We mean to bring broken bones and flames to their very homes as we subvert these violent savages and preserve our great peoples. Ilyria will be the first to taste the fires of our crafted hells.

Season One – Rise of the Greek Empire – Episode One – Battle of Navissos (Purple Power of Macedon Strikes Ilyria)

Rome Total War 2 Purple Power of Macedon Campaign – Battle of Delminium

Rome Total War 2 Purple Power of Macedon Campaign Playlist

Season One

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