WARNING! Universal Basic Income Gemany Experience to Go Live

Universal Basic Income in Germany is about to go live as a lucky few Germans will have access to getting 1,200 Euros a month, no questions asked, no strings attached.

Universal Basic Income Trials Set For Germany – truththeory.com

Universal Basic Income Trials Set For Germany – People Will Be Paid 1,200 Euros Per Month

A German research team plans to hand out 1,200 Euros each month to 120 people in order to test out universal basic income in the country.
A universal basic income funded by the government is seen as one possible solution to compensate for jobs lost to technology.
The study is being carried out by the German Institute for Economic Research. It will last for three years and will be funded by private donations.
The 120 people who will be involved will have their attitudes and behaviors monitored by the researchers.
They will not have to account for how their money is spent.
Universal Basic Income Germany

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