The Morality of Likes and Subscribes

Dialectical – Friday, June 12th, 2020

Social Media Morality, Social Media, Social Media Wiring, Social Media Rewiring, Gord Hotchkiss,

The moral certaintarian supremacism that is taking an ever-strangling hold on the reality of Coronavilles this June 0f 2020 can be laid at the feet, in large part, to something that is referred to as the “watching eye.”

Being in the perceived CONSTANT public square, where everyone is a performer, a commentator, a political activist, a leader, compels us to constantly demonstrate our rightness before others, and CONSTANTLY look for reassurance from our followers and subs and any innocent bystander about the absolute RIGHTNESS of our very existence.

We perform and we develop methodologies for cutting off dissent, including any manner of sub-humanization and demonization as a means to defend yourself from claims that might shake your rightness in the public eye.

We battle demons every day. We become heroes and our neighbors increasingly fall into categories of villain, categories we MUST support if we are to hold favor in the public eye. We become easily manipulated towards extreme positions that make it easier for us to avoid messy facts that might deny our certain rightness in the public eye.
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