Amazon Power Triggers Musk Call for Breakup

Feature – Thursday, June 11th, 2020

Amazon Power Triggers Musk Call for Breakup

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Elon Musk has found himself the inadvertant champion of another breakup call echoing across the land almost in counter to the blood and bone Coronaville reality of even greater consolidations of wealth, resources, and power than there were BEFORE Coronavilles (when breakup talks had already begun to enter ‘mainstream’ discourse), He’s laid down the gauntlet on Amazon Inc over its decision to remove a book on Coronavilles because it didn’t match the accepted orthodoxy of state and corporation.

The more these corp0s push increasingly narrower standards of accepted orthodoxy onto their terms of service, the more they will require protection from the state when the consequences of their decisions to destroy other people’s lives over tos violations with a partisan ideology built into the terms.

In this case, they have chosen to adopt a particular moral supremacist ideological construct. and to utilize their monopolistic power advantage over any potential agents of dissent from the particular current accepted worldviews AND demonstrated actions to prop up the narratives that favor their constructs and destroy the narratives AND the people that dare share the narratives that might expose the lie that all certaintarian revengetarian ideological constructs necessarily are, given humanity’s incapacity to know with certainty even the most basic question about human governance, why do humans act?

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Elon Musk calls out ‘insane Jeff Bezos’ over ‘censorship’ of COVID lockdown book & says Amazon should be ‘broken up’ – The Sun

ELON Musk has called for Amazon to be broken up and dubbed the company’s actions as “insane” after the tech giant censored a journalist’s book on the coronavirus.

Former New York Times reporter Alex Berenson’s tweeted that Amazon has refused to sell his book on its site as it did not “comply with our guidelines”.

“THEY CENSORED IT!” he fumed. “It is based entirely on published government data and scientific papers.

“It doesn’t say coronavirus isn’t real or doesn’t kill people (in fact, the worst-case death toll is likely to be striking to people). And Amazon won’t run it.”

The Tesla founder backed Benson, saying the move was “insane”, tagging Jeff Bezos in his tweet.

He then added: ”

Time to break up Amazon. Monopolies are wrong!”
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