A Shock is All It Takes to Make Rats Love What Their Bodies Naturally hate

NewsPoem – Thursday, June 11th, 2020
From the show: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=osbUDUkl3fo&feature=youtu.be

Show notes: https://freeqo.com/2020/06/11/breaking-up-is-a-shock-to-the-pattern/

Amygdala, Amygdala excitation, Kent Berridge, University of Michigan,

Amygdala Broke the Lamp but She Satisfied the Shock

Fear is the shock of sugar

invading the agency of the agent, become
Amygdala, the swagger….

genetic force punched into the entropic nature of satisfaction.

In a loop.
I didn’t know, it was the excess, the brain flowed out of the needle and took the rat to the cube of sugar that would kill it…..eventually.
But cash.

dollar dollar. The sweet windchime jingle of the flow.
we bout a hundred sugar cubes and settled in for a night of death by overdose.

We liked it! We liked it.

Not against my will, cooperation. Do you want the sugar after the shock? Helz yes.

And the rats were happy, friends, happy.

Constant satisfaction of the great I AM within, tricked, maneuvered into satisfaction of all that is through the success, once again,
of the consumption, nevermind the cost, or the taste.

You get this scene? The dolly sweeps the camera into a new view. You sit there in the middle,

tapping on the screen, “I will remember the fallen and I will heal the land with love.”

The will is in the shock, not the action, but, then again, the rats, well, they were happy, and their grandest of grandest dreams

were constantly satisfied, with little effort, and only the cost, to some, of physical life.

A small price to pay for satisfying the shock that the experts administer, for the good of the knowing of how to make a soul your own, with merely but a shock to the proper piece of mind in your skull.

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