Seed Patent Colonizers Granted Self Regulatory Powers

Headlines – Wednesday, June 10th, 2020

Seed Patent Colonizers Granted Self-Regulatory Powers

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US Regulators appear to be allegedly giving corporations the power to determine whether their latest patent-govgun-protected genetic alteration of seeds should be regulated or not. They investigated themselves and found they really need not be regulated.

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How a New Biotech Rule Will Impede Progress in Science

In May, federal regulators finalized a new biotechnology policy that will bring sweeping changes to the U.S. food system. Dubbed “SECURE,” the rule revises U.S. Department of Agriculture regulations over genetically engineered plants, automatically exempting many gene-edited crops from government oversight. Companies and labs will be allowed to “self-determine” whether or not a crop should undergo regulatory review or environmental risk assessment.

Initial responses to this new policy have followed familiar fault lines in the food community. Seed industry trade groups and biotech firms hailed the rule as “important to support continuing innovation.” Environmental and small farmer NGOs called the USDA’s decision “shameful” and less attentive to public well-being than to agribusiness’s bottom line.

But the gene-editing tool CRISPR was supposed to break the impasse in old GM wars by making biotechnology more widely affordable, accessible and thus democratic.

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