Neutron Stars Have Quark Novelty Bursting with the Possible

NewsPoem – Wednesday, June 10th, 2020

Neutron Stars Have Quark Novelty Bursting with the Possible

Neutron Star Quark Matter, Quark Matter, Associate Professor Aleksi Vuorinen , University of Helsinki,

The Finns have laid claim to the notion that the blitz of the unknown within neutron stars may not merely be of nuclear matter alone but almost certainly that there exists a novel matter built on quark matter within these neutron stars. The probability that it is NOT also comprised of this novel matter of quark matter is identified simply as ‘non-zero.’

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A new type of matter discovered inside neutron stars — ScienceDaily

Finnish research group has found strong evidence for the presence of exotic quark matter inside the cores of the largest neutron stars in existence. The conclusion was reached by combining recent results from theoretical particle and nuclear physics to measurements of gravitational waves from neutron star collisions.

All normal matter surrounding us is composed of atoms, whose dense nuclei, comprising protons and neutrons, are surrounded by negatively charged electrons. Inside what are called neutron stars, atomic matter is, however, known to collapse into immensely dense nuclear matter, in which the neutrons and protons are packed together so tightly that the entire star can be considered one single enormous nucleus.

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Non-Zeros Battle Neutron Stars with Spears of Quark

Will the wish survive the morning ponder?
The dangle of the bone in the meat that turns out to be glass sand burst to supernova flash over our dining room table, the likes of which….
the eyes,
flicker the lie dissolves the retina, the wires fuse to the rusted circuit-boards, loose, tangled in the gaps where risk breaks certain and the reward
is the flash of the jumped charge, crackle,
the star is the body is the eating of the dining room table under the loam of the sudden bone’s fusion….the decree.
“There shall not be not be no one, ever, the quarks,
that sing like a row of judges with cones for crowns, somber doctors and lawyers sitting on hands, waiting for the time to die.
die. decree. I decree:
“Neutron stars eat their young. Crowns of the jewels fit into matters quarked into the asymmetry that jumps out of the maths.
If it skips the maths, there’s a novel matter to expose.”
This is the design, is by.
Is design. The matter comes down to this.
Equals something that which to own, copyright, decree, the neutron star’s debris field now littered with virtual property claims from 18,000 paying customers of the “Littered Neutron Star Field 21, or the Dining Room Coalition of Space Enthusiasts of the American Council’s Republic (seriously, that’s what they named it, if they were real).”
I don’t own the neutron star, but I have papers, I have virtual papers I can print out and wave in front of the flickering flames of quark, the quark matter dancing in a supernatural green luminosity, eating, eating, light, light light. I couldn’t ask for a better turnout, folks, the stars are aligned tonight, and I feel it all coming together, I feel the new matter becoming the known and the trace of those patterns undoing the limits on science in delivering to us all the suns and all the moons we’d hope to pet in cubes, or walk in silent power with galaxies swimming in our earring’d affairs.
I love this place, this home.

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