Cow Skins Shatter Dead Sea Scroll Assumptions

NewsPoem – Tuesday, Juen 9th, 2020

Cow Skins Shatter Dead Sea Scroll Assumptions

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Researchers have been able to figure out the animal DNA on various Dead Sea Scrolls that have led to them to discover that the cultural exchanges are much vaster than they imagined, and one culture more prevalent than previously believed. The findings are a poetical affair just waiting to be newspoem’d.

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Ancient DNA could reveal full stories on the Dead Sea Scrolls

Now, with deep-sequencing technology — technology that reveals the specific sequence of four chemical building blocks which make up an organism’s DNA — readily available, it’s possible to create a “fingerprint” for the creatures whose animal skins made up the scrolls

For the new study, Rechavi and his team spent years analyzing ancient DNA from 26 different fragments…..

….”Since the DNA is fragmented and contaminated, it’s typically very difficult” to tell whether the DNA belongs to one sheep versus another, Rechavi said. “We have to use multiple different and complementary analyses to confidently say whether two pieces belong together or not.”

In some cases, it’s more clear than in others, he added. They discovered that two fragments from the scrolls containing the text of the prophetic book of Jeremiah were made of cowhide. Before these findings, one of these fragments was previously thought to fit together with another from the book of Jeremiah made of sheepskin.

The fact that it would be difficult to raise cows in the Judean desert and the text found on these pieces were very different, likely means the cow fragments were processed elsewhere and then brought to the Qumran caves, according to the researchers.

“We can’t tell exactly where the foreign scrolls originated, but we can tell, owing to the DNA analyses, that it was somewhere outside the Judean desert,” Rechavi said. That likely means that Jews were “open” to reading different versions of the same biblical book that were circulating at the time, he said. That also likely means that they “cared more about the interpretation of the text than the exact wording.”

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Cow Skins Shatter Dead Sea Scroll Assumptions

Oh push….from the sky.
A letter intoned in cow.

Cow menage. As I wondered into the cave, the pure emetic quality of the affair
took my breath into the flow of death.

Despair, we might not ever see you again, our little epistolary bones.
Cow thought.

the dream decifers the torture of the whole scene, as the man ties the body down and prepares to fell the crown, the blood, the scissoring,

the precise beating and scraping that made the words hold to the skin.
In the beginning…..

the push, the mighty, loving push, as calories descended beneath their feet, trundling the pots one at a time into the back of the back where the words

would hold safety in the dark.
The dark. Cow tongues coiled around broken trees.


despair, the hope, the old, the genetic alphabetical that crushed the valley of darkness and placed Satan

under heel.

Do not despair, These children live in the cow flow, breathing as they come under digital construction, escaping the cow altogether and become

lithium pits scorging the land with Satan’s cleft chin,

I made my bargain, friends, I’ve supped with the bowels of the earth,

and I yet do not despair, for patterns fold out of the cave words that find themselves protesting on my phone screen about having too much

or too little of the promise or the curse that the patterns hold.

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