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Dialectical – Monday, June 8th, 2020

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The real truth behind the activist backlash against Facebook for refusing to censor President Donald J Trump over his posts is that these activists are concerned that freedom is too free in America, and they demand justice through censorship and thought control, but this story coverage from Mercury News downplays the ACTUAL fascists in this story, the ones pushing for monopolistic corpo-state control over all thought, as well as centralized definitions by approved priests and priestesses of just what constitutes ‘correct thought.’

This whole Invasion of the Bodysnatchers vibe the American ‘left’ has going on is why Donald Sutherland is the unofficial mascot of Freeqo Talks the News, which aims, in part, to show just how pod-people-think the American ‘left’ has become (which now has far more in common with far right conservatism than it doesn any sense of ‘liberalism’).

Excerpt from www.mercurynews.com
He quit his Facebook job because of Mark Zuckerberg’s inaction on Trump’s posts

A Facebook employee who quit the company this week told CNN he is worried the platform will be used to further escalate violence in the United States.

Timothy Aveni, a 22-year-old Facebook software engineer, quit after Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg refused to take action on President Donald Trump’s warning last week that “looting” would lead to “shooting,” as protests gripped the United States. Aveni announced the move in a Facebook post that went viral.

“I’m resigning from my job at Facebook.

For years, President Trump has enjoyed an exception to Facebook’s Community Standards; over and over he posts abhorrent, targeted messages that would get any other Facebook user suspended from the platform. He’s permitted to break the rules, since his political speech is “newsworthy.”

“when the looting starts, the shooting starts.”

Mark always told us that he would draw the line at speech that calls for violence. He showed us on Friday that this was a lie. Facebook will keep moving the goalposts every time Trump escalates, finding excuse after excuse not to act on increasingly dangerous rhetoric. Since Friday, I’ve spent a lot of time trying to understand and process the decision not to remove the racist, violent post Trump made Thursday night, but Facebook, complicit in the propagation of weaponized hatred, is on the wrong side of history.

I cannot keep excusing Facebook’s behavior. Facebook is providing a platform that enables politicians to radicalize individuals and glorify violence, and we are watching the United States succumb to the same kind of social media-fueled division that has gotten people killed in the Philippines, Myanmar, and Sri Lanka. I’m scared for my country and I’m done trying to justify this.

My last day will be June 12th. If you have contacts in the San Francisco Bay Area looking to recruit a software engineer, please DM me.”


Zuckerberg’s inaction, Aveni said, proved the 36-year-old billionaire had abandoned one of his key principles to shut down calls for violence on Facebook.

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