Terahertz Radiation Could Kill Cancer Without Killing You

Feature – Friday, June 5th, 2020

A New Radiation For Killing Bad Things in Our Cells

Terahertz Radiation Could Kill Cancer Without Killing You

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A type of radiation that has little damaging effect on living cells has been found to be able to affect the proteins in cells in targeted ways. Up until now, it had been assumed that this type of radiation, terahertz radiation, had no ability to manipulate proteins in cells, thus making it an assumed useless therapeutic medicinal tool.

Now, this research shows that not only can terahertz radiation affect proteins in cells, it can do so without killing the cells themselves.

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Terahertz Radiation Can Disrupt Proteins in Living Cells – Contradicting Conventional Belief

Researchers from the RIKEN Center for Advanced Photonics and collaborators have discovered that terahertz radiation, contradicting conventional belief, can disrupt proteins in living cells without killing the cells.

This finding implies that terahertz radiation, which was long considered impractical to use, may have applications in manipulating cell functions for the treatment of cancer, for example, but also that there may be safety issues to consider.

Terahertz radiation is a portion of the electromagnetic spectrum between microwaves and infrared light, which is often known as the “terahertz gap” because of the lack so far of technology to manipulate it efficiently. Because terahertz radiation is stopped by liquids and is non-ionizing — meaning that it does not damage DNA in the way that x-rays do….

One issue that has remained unexplored, however, is whether terahertz radiation can affect biological tissues even after it has been stopped, through the propagation of energy waves into the tissue. The research group from RAP recently discovered that the energy from the light cold enter into water as a “shockwave.” Considering this, the group decided to investigate whether terahertz light could also have an effect like this on tissue.

….they performed experiments in living cells, and found that in the cells as in the solution, the formation of actin filaments was disrupted. However, there was no sign that the radiation caused cells to die.

According to Shota Yamazaki, the first author of the study, published in Scientific Reports, “It was quite interesting for us to see that terahertz radiation can have an effect on proteins inside cells without killing them cells themselves. We will be interested in looking for potential applications in cancer and other diseases.”

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