Palestinians Clear the Agreement Docket with US, Israel

Top Focus – Wednesday, June 3rd, 2020

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It looks like the Palestinian National Authority is set to start from scratch regarding its agreements between the United States and Israel. The move could be read to signal a shifting geopolitical circumstance where the Palestinians no longer feel compelled to so strongly consider American power in a region with increasingly competitive superpower presence from all three powers, the United States, Russia, and now China.

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Palestine Ends All Agreements with Israel and the United States

On May 19, Mahmoud Abbas, President of the Palestinian National Authority (PNA), declared an end to all agreements, including security agreements, with Israel and the United States. On May 22, Palestinian security forces withdrew from the East Jerusalem area.

The reason for this decision was Israel’s claims to annex about 30 per cent of the territories in the West Bank, also known as Judea and Samaria. This was announced by Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu on May 10 during the presentation of his government to the Knesset. According to him, the time has come to apply Israeli law to these territories and “write another glorified chapter in the history of Zionism.”

It should be noted that the territories mentioned are the Palestinian territories in West Bank captured by Israel during the six-day war of 1967. The United Nations defines these territories as occupied. According to UN General Assembly Resolution No. 181, they are “the area of the proposed Arab State.”

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