Black Woman Dead, Black Man Charged After Cops No Knock Kill and Wound

Thank you, Crooks and Liars, for helping to make my case for me, that the 2nd amendment is a fundamental right of ALL Americans, including and ESPECIALLY disenfranchised Americans. The American right gave them a bit of a gift when they went crickets, on the main (with some exceptions) on picking up the case of Breonna Taylor and Kenneth Walker, the case of a slain former EMT and her boyfriend, who now faces charges for defending his home from cops who entered on yet another no-knock warrant gone bad.

Let me assure you, Crooks and Liars, Freeqo has long called for the restoration of the 2nd Amendment Rights of ALL Americans, including, and especially, right now, for our Americans trapped behind enemy lines, in the ghettoos and the other disenfranchised lands, lands where police do little to protect you from criminals with guns, but will arrest you and throw you in jail, while threatening you with guns, if you protect yourself from violence with a gun.

End the racist gun control laws, stand with and for Breonna Taylor and Kenneth Walker. #Blackgunownerslivesmatter

Black Woman Dead, Black Man Charged After Cops No-Knock Kill and Wound

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