The Dwindling Case for the Emergency Part of Executive Orders in the Times of Coronavilles

The Dwindling Case for the Emergency Part of Executive Orders in the Times of Coronavilles
Thursday, May 21st, 2020
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As of May 20th, 2020, 3,145 people in nursing homes have died from the Coronavirus.
As of May 20th, 2020, 4,624 are documented as dying from the Coronavirus.
As of May 20th, 2020, 63,666 Pennsylvanians are documented as having been infected with the Coronavirus.
68% of deaths in PA are from nursing homes, where people with the coronavirus were ordered to be cared for in Nursing Homes.
How many of these deaths were caused by that order?
How many more cases are there really? This is an unknown, but some comprehensive testing in California suggests the amount of actual infections compared to documented infected could be 9, 10, or more per 1. If we go for a conservative estimate of 5 to 1, the actual cases, on a VERY CONSERVATIVE perspective, 315,000+ cases. With 4,624 deaths. This puts the death rate at, by what I imagine is still maybe twice what we will discover are the actual numbers (if, for instance, the ratio of known and unknown infections approaches or surpasses 10 to 1), but, let’s go with 1.4 percent.
However, we must consider this, the nursing home factor, which accounts for 68% of the deaths and 13,813 DOCUMENTED cases. Factor of 5 would suggest, among the elderly set in general, that these cases account for 65,000 of the 315,000 conservatively assumed actual cases, only 20 percent of the total cases, but 68 percent of the deaths.
Let’s break this down.
Among the nursing home potential group, mostly the elderly with some underlying conditions, they represent a potential death rate of (dividing 3145 deaths with 65,000 assumed cases) of 4.8%, a figure that warrants significant safety considerations for people who fall into this group.
Even if my suspicions are correct, a death rate of half of that, 2.4%, would still warrant significant safety considerations, but not quite as much as the rate at 4.8%.
Now, outside of this group, we are left with 250,000 cases and 1,479 deaths. This group’s death rate is .5%, or HALF a percent, meaning 1 in 200 who are infected will die. Within this super group (everyone but the elderlies), there’s further breakdowns, but in the overall, we are talking about a death rate, based on Pennsylvania’s official numbers as of May 20th, 2020 (the time I wrote this feature), of a half of a percent, perhaps 3 to 5 times more fatal than the seasonal flu, a statistic that warrants some degree, but not SIGNIFICANT, considerations of safety.
If my suspicions are correct, and the actual numbers of known to unknown cases is closer to 10 to 1, then the death rates among this ‘everyone but the elderlies’ could be .25 percent, or one quarter of a percent. At this rate, if Pennsylvania’s numbers are playing out across the country like this, who can justify the ‘emergency’ qualification in the emergency aspect of Governors, or any government entity in America, orders that violate so openly and covertly our alleged ‘bills of rights?’
Until there are more comprehensive testings of people in concentrated population groups, the governments can continue to use vague appeals to visceral fear to continue to hold on to the newfound power to take shortcuts to redesign the huma-verse to more perfectly suit their particular factional interests.
We don’t have to wait. Private groups can come together and crowdfund mass testing in select sample areas to either prove these assumptions, that the death rates are significantly lower, and significantly more people are infected, or that we have reason to be so concerned as our ‘leaders’ and our corpo-state media want us to believe.

The Dwindling Case for the Emergency Part of Executive Orders in the Times of Coronavilles

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