Media Socials of the Brain, a Theory on the Nature of Thought


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The Universe was never prepared for the sugar and spice, the fire and vinegar, of the machine of brain-happy, brain-doomy machines, the social medias. It seems researchers are just now starting to look at the possible ramifications for such repeated social media actions on the overall human experience, be they engaged in this looping your feels stronger and stronger machine or actually conducting action in the flesh between flesh with flesh, sans the digital divide.
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What Happens To Your Brain When You Scroll Through Social Media For Hours
It won’t be known how the specific ways we’re using social media during the pandemic will affect our brains for years. But experts are toying with some theories.
On the basic level, social media activates several areas of the brain at once. Segil says that it tends to stimulate the visual processing areas of the brain, as you interpret the incoming information, and the auditory pathways to interpret any sounds or music. It also produces activity in your expressive pathways, the ones that control speech and language, when you want to respond to messages or write captions. And it affects your focus. “It activates similar brain regions to the ones used when focusing your attention on cognitive activities like reading or playing video games,” Segil says. You can end up scrolling for hours because your mind’s so tuned into your Instagram feed.
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Media Socials of the Brain, a Theory on the Nature of Thought
get to you. get to you.
Update Status.
get to you. get to you.
The brain takes me into the loop.
I love the loop.
Body flow. The self is the singular command. Digit. Insert.
All from the screen, the screen.
get to you. get to you.
I beg my life, do not deny the scene, she said,
I want to DM you, she didn’t just DM me.

The process.
The why.
Instant control of the possible outcome.
Relational exchange sans the coffee call, the sugar door knock, get me?
get to you. get to you.

Pathways inject funny fuel into the load, the body controls the outcome, locking you in a perpetual, ‘wait, a little longer’ spring, latched to the factitious shock and awe, expressive

I beg you for my life. get to you. get to you.
I beg you.
Notice my please.
I commented about the force of nature within me and the response was gifs challenging my status as a human being.
I was reduced to a meme.
my life controls the fabric when I explode no, desist, sever, the foul array nukes itself in my complete, and certain, wrath,
The digital castle withstands the replies as vapors gather behind blocked cells, invincibly destroyed.

I beg you.
My life.
get to you. get to you.
I could never come down.
Hold my body.
Hold me.
My page matures as the womb suffers the indignities of passing flows, unoccupied….settled in the letting go….

I could not hold you against or with me in this space so I made you into a meme where I am ALWAYS the smartest mother fucker in the room.
Mic drop.
I hope it doesn’t get to you.

Media Socials of the Brain, a Theory on the Nature of Thought

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