Where Islam Promotes Libertarianism, the Somaliland Declaration

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I often talk on this website and show about not being afraid of just about any tool. Rather, what I fear are the ways that individuals choose to use these tools. I can also say the same thing about ideas, beliefs, which, for me, are forms of tools themselves, vehicles of power that pereceptively enable individuals to satisfy their preferences.
This is why I have little fear about the rise of Islam in America, or the rise of Atheism, or whatever other belief system you may or may not fear ‘spreading’ in these American lands. The ideas in and of themselves, be they Islam as a way of life or Christianity, be it social justice or classic liberalism. Granted, some beliefs might have more non-consensual assumptions built in them than others, but, on the main, most belief systems have a vast array of variations that run the gamut from ‘liberal’ to ‘authoritarain.’
Somaliland is a region I follow closely as they are a separatist movement (seeking to separate from Somalia) that is seeking to move their governance models away from the more coercive ones and towards consensual models (though imperfectly, at best, at least so far). Somaliland is attempting in many ways to preserve their centuries old traditions of governance that have little to no reliance coercion, enforcement, punishment, in general.
These people derived their traditions of individual stewardship (my phraseology, not theirs) not from Christ, not from Jeffersion, but, in large part, from Allah. This is not an endorsement of Islam, but rather a check on what your assumptions could be about the nature of Islam, the nature of tools in general, tools that, for the most part, are only dangerous when dangerous people use them for dangerous means. Here, Allah has given these people vehicles of power that produces consensual exchange.
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Somaliland: A Peoples’ Declaration | MENAFN.COM
Somalilandsun: Today marks the 29th anniversary of the day the restoration of independence of Somaliland was declared in Burao by delegates representing all the regions of Somaliland. The objective and goal for establishing a separate sovereign state were to found “a state appreciated by all, and which is founded on equality and justice” as enshrined in the Constitution of Somaliland. According to the Constitution, the statehood established by the people of Somaliland is built on the following principles:

• Islamic Sharia;
• Conclusions from various consultations;
• Separation of powers of the state as between the legislative, executive and judiciary;
• The decentralization of the administration of the government;
• Guarantees of property rights and the protection of the free market;
• Sanctity of human life through the entrenchment of fundamental rights and individual freedoms;
• Peaceful and proper co-existence with the states of the region and worldwide.
We recognize the sacrifice the people of Somaliland make to strengthen peace, stability, coexistence, and improvement of life and the huge achievements made which attracted well-deserved international praise. We also believe that it is imperative to examine if the government of Somaliland is functioning in accordance with the will and goal of the people as stipulated in the constitutional principles of equality, justice, democracy, checks and balances and protection of freedoms and human rights.
The delegates who declared the independence of Somaliland on 18th May 1991 and the people who voted for the Constitution in 2001 agreed the government to be free from the deadly deceases including clannism, favoritism, nepotism, and polarization. They also agreed on the protection of freedom of expression, equal participation in politics, and civil rights.
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Where Islam Promotes Libertarianism, the Somaliland Declaration

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