The Artificial Cannot Contain the Real in Coronavilles

Tuesday, May 19th, 2020
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Our Behaviour in This Pandemic Has Seriously Confused AI Machine Learning Systems
The algorithms that recommend products on Amazon, for instance, are struggling to interpret our new lifestyles, MIT Technology Review reports.
And while machine learning tools are built to take in new data, they’re typically not so robust that they can adapt as dramatically as needed.
For instance, MIT Tech reports that a company that detects credit card fraud needed to step in and tweak its algorithm to account for a surge of interest in gardening equipment and power tools.
An online retailer found that its AI was ordering stock that no longer matched with what was selling. And a firm that uses AI to recommend investments based on sentiment analysis of news stories was confused by the generally negative tone throughout the media.
“The situation is so volatile,” Rael Cline, CEO of the algorithmic marketing consulting firm Nozzle, told MIT Tech.
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The Artificial Cannot Contain the Real in Coronavilles

The elements do no conclude.
Ice scatters across the tessellated floor, flattened in the checkered disappearing.
Does not.
I predict volatile.
The children snuck out last night and found a cat at the end of the alley, covered in sores.
They drug the thing home.
Does not.
The ice is unfolding like we predicted. All of the cells contain elements that shatter the flow, making crystals metamorphize into fire,
metaphorical fire, but…always… the point where the ice overcomes the tessellation, the metaphor explodes.
I do not construct, I deny.
into the load of sea foam dragged out of the last lake of the earth.
The ice flows into the data breech at the point where the fire metaphor took hold,
and this time,
this time,
We made a machine out of candy that made simulated candy. Now, all we have is simulated candy.

The Artificial Cannot Contain the Real in Coronavilles

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