Micromanaging Diminished Life for the Good of the Whole, Dreams of our Future Priest King Queens

Tuesday, May 19th, 2020
Experts Call for Degrowth, Degrowth UN Human Control, Degrowth Communism, World Communism Degrowth, Central Planning Diminished Life,
A bunch of academically privileged elites recently sent a letter to the UN demanding that the UN, with magic, enact a one-world central-planned communist empire that is licensed to define the good and the bad of life and of humanity and enforce that moral construct with bombs and tanks which won’t exist because we can’t imagine that people might not agree with our interpretation of good life.
Oh, and also, they want the UN and everyone else to diminish our quality of life, for the good of the whole. It’s the only way, they tell us, writing from their protected tenured cells. I( interject my opinions, in red, in between the major 5-step ‘let’s murder half the freaking planet and call it justice” plan these Ecumenical Pol Pots would wish to execute on your family, your friends, your favorite barber.
Excerpt from thewire.in
1,000+ Experts From Around the World Call for ‘Degrowth’ After COVID-19 Pandemic
We, the signatories of this letter, therefore offer five principles for the recovery of our economy and the basis of creating a just society. To develop new roots for an economy that works for all, we need to:
1) Put life at the center of our economic systems.
Instead of economic growth and wasteful production, we must put life and wellbeing at the center of our efforts. While some sectors of the economy, like fossil fuel production, military and advertising, have to be phased out as fast as possible, we need to foster others, like healthcare, education, renewable energy and ecological agriculture.
Rainbows and Lollipops shoot out of these folks’ proverbial buttocks as they imagine a world devoid of violence, devoid of nation-states, devoid of human beings, only paper people they can fanfic into existence, because that is the only way you can begin to TALK about ending military production, let alone advertising, and the basic drive of humans to keep living better lives….

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Micromanaging Diminished Life for the Good of the Whole, Dreams of our Future Priest-King-Queens

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